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Public sex in les Jardins de Luxembourg.

All around him were rows and rows of the highest quality marijuana to be found anywhere. It was his passion product.

He stopped by a table in the middle of the room. Three beautiful women, naked except for collars, trimmed piles of buds with small, sharp scissors. The buds were placed neatly to one side, the trimmings scraped into big bags to be made into hash. This was the heart of Jake's operation. There was a certain segment of people, limited to be sure, but wealthy; who would pay large sums of money for the highest quality marijuana prepared by naked slaves. It was overly specific marketing for sure. What they could not sell with the special slave-handled premium, he could still unload for a nice profit elsewhere. But it was that premium, some would pay double for the pleasure of smoking buds handled by pretty slave hands, that drove his business.



Lida watched from her window as the small Cessna carrying Hunter landed on the farm's airstrip. Hunter hopped out of the plane carrying a couple of bags then the plane turned around and took off, leaving him standing alone facing Jake and Brazzy. She studied him, he was wearing a camouflage rain jacket, but she could see the broad shoulders, the strength and confidence in his movements. She tried to imagine that body on top of her.

She was going to do this.

She and Jake had agreed that it was best for her to stay out of sight until he met her as a slave. Jake had the last minute thought to quickly take down all of the wedding and other pictures of her in the areas of the house Hunter would see.

Lida locked the door to her room. She looked out the window once more. Hunter and Jake were now walking towards the main part of the farm. She closed the curtains and undressed. There was a box on the bed Jake had brought to her earlier. In it were a half dozen slave collars of various styles. She was going to pick one out. She modeled each one in the mirror, seeing how they looked, how they accented her neck.

She found one she liked, functional, about an inch and a half thick cloth lined leather.

She put it on, got it sized then clicked it shut. She realized that she did not have a key. She looked through the box, but Jake had not brought any keys. That made her choice final.

The door to the house opened and Jake led Hunter in. Lida could hear their voices through the walls of the old farmhouse, could feel their footsteps. Jake's nasal accent was easy to pick up, but she concentrated on the other voice, the rich baritone with the slightly clipped vowels, Hunter. She could not make out words, but just the tones and sounds.

She lay on her bed, naked and collared and listened to his voice. She imagined him giving her commands, ordering her to do things to him. Her hands snaked down her body and she began touching herself. She slowly masturbated to the sound of his voice, thinking maybe this would be enough.

It wasn't. It just made her hornier.

She finally dressed and had her dinner in her room. Jake and Hunter ate and talked downstairs. The two men had been talking for hours. Jake had even given him the grand tour of the farm. Lida could only assume that since no one had shot at anyone else that things were going well. They wanted Hunter happy and she was ready to do her part.

She watched out the window as Jake walked Hunter to the guest cabin. She knew her husband would be up in just a few minutes. She had spent the entire day waiting for this. Jake came back alone. The door banged shut downstairs then his booted feet clomped up the stairs.

He knocked on her door.

Lida took a deep breath, then walked over and opened the door to her spouse.

"Give him about an hour then bring some snacks. Then, stay if you want. Otherwise come back and I'll have Brenda sent over."

Lida nodded and looked at the clock. 7:30pm. She had until 8:30. This was going to be a long hour.

Clouds had moved in and the rain was starting to fall.

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