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A sub's submission to you.

"Now, this feels so much better." said J-Lo with a smile. Jasmine sat down on my other side, but a little more closer to me. "So Tony, how about you tell me a little about yourself?" asked J-Lo.

"What would you like to know?" I asked. "Well, Jasmine tells me that you are 21, single, and all that. I want to know more about you. A lot more." she replied. The three of us talked for a little bit in a fairly comfortable manner. It was cool learning more about the both of them beyond all the media-related bullshit. After about an hour, J-Lo stood up and stretched, arching her back while showing off that beautiful butt encased in those very tight pants. She looked down and saw my eyes focused on her butt.

"You're right Jasmine. He is definitely a full-fledged ass man. You like what you see Tony?"

"Yeah I do. I don't care what the media says. You look sexier than ever." I said eagerly. My dick was so hard at the moment that it began to hurt from trying to push out of my shorts.

"Really? That's sweet of you to say. For that, I will reward you with something that I bet you've always wanted to do. What do you think Jasmine?" she said.

"I totally agree. In fact, I never rewarded him for complimenting me earlier. I think Tony deserves a reward from the both of us." said Jasmine in that throaty voice of hers. She stood up in front of me and stuck out her meaty ass. "Enjoy yourself."

I pulled her ass to my face while palming every inch of it as if it would be the last thing I could ever touch. Jasmine pushed against me while J-Lo started kissing her on the lips.

"I thought you were always beautiful Jasmine. I've never seen a woman quite like you. I'm going to make you come nice and hard. Then I want you to do the same to me." said J-Lo. I don't know what was going on since every inch of me was enjoying the cushion that was smothering me face and completely white-washing my vision.

"Squeeze my ass Jasmine! Harder! Squeeze my fat ass!" said J-Lo, whose mouth seemed to be full. I looked up and saw that J-Lo was sucking hard on Jasmine's round breast while massaging her pussy through the pants.

"Ohhh...this feels so good. Fuck!" moaned Jasmine. She reached grabbed my head and pushed it deeper against her ass, wedging my nosed between those two massive globes of flesh. Although I was loosing air, it never felt so good to be out of breath before in my life. I tried to pull back, but Jasmine, caught up in the moment, would not let go of my head. This should do it, I thought. I gave her ass a hard slap, which echoed throughout the apartment.

"Oh! Sorry Tony!" said Jasmine. After taking a couple of breaths, I stood up pressed my hard dick against her ass cheeks while using my hands to find J-Lo's.

"You like my beautiful ass booty Tony? I bet you want to fuck the shit out of it don't you? I want it too! Your going to love feeling my fat ass slapping against you while my tight ass gets stretched by your dick." said J-Lo with a fiery look of lust in her eyes.

"I want you too Tony. I feel that big dick against my ass. I've never felt one this big before in my life. Is my fat ass making that big dick strain against your shorts Tony? Pull it out so that we can all see it." said Jasmine.

"Both of you show me those big booties and I'll show you what you want to see." I said back knowing full well that Jasmine had never seen a guy that was well endowed.

"Alright baby. Let's do it then." said J-Lo. She turned around tugged hard at her pants, which struggled to get over her ass. Jasmine followed suit and had the same problem as J-Lo. A few seconds later, I saw Jasmine's big pasty ass and J-Lo's tanned cheeks, which exhibited a tan-line that had been acquired recently. At the sight of both of their butts, my eyes jumped out of and back into their sockets while my lungs failed to produce any air for a couple of seconds.

"Damn!" I said.

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