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A friend of Rose's stops by to take my picture.

He picked Leslie up by the bottom, and carried her, straddling him, to the bedroom. Screw dinner; that could wait until he had a taste of her. The first time they had sex after the big news of the pregnancy, he was afraid that he would hurt Leslie, or the baby. It wasn't until she said, "Honey, your cock isn't so huge that it will get past my cervix" that he lost that fear and just enjoyed her, pure and simple. She tasted different now, sweeter. There was a scientific explanation from this, they read in a pregnancy guide. It was something about the lining of her vagina and uterus becoming more alkaline and less acidic to accommodate the growing baby. Whatever the reason was, she tasted great, and he loved to lick her.

Laying her gently on the bed, he kissed her passionately, tongue darting in and out of her inviting mouth. He loved that mouth, loved to put his cock in her mouth and watch her suck and lick him. He stiffed at his arousal, and could see desire in Leslie's eyes. Donny was sure that his eyes were glazed in that crazy kind of way as well, because before he knew it, she was off the bed and kneeling in front of him, easing his penis out of his trousers. Her hands felt amazing, stroking him and cupping his balls. He could feel himself ready to explode, and she hadn't even put her mouth on him yet. Grabbing her hands he said,

"I'm not ready to come yet sweetheart, why don't you lay down and have a turn?" Leslie just smiled at him and obeyed, lying down innocently on the bed, legs closed tight together. He was going to have to play games was he? He undid his trousers and let them slip off, while at the same time loosening his tie and unbuttoning his shirt. Pulling his shoes off, he climbed on the bed. He leaned over Leslie, and forced her legs open with one of his. He could feel the leather under his naked body, it was warm and supple. He didn't want to take it off.

As Donny was kissing his way through her erogenous zones, Leslie could feel herself getting more and more wet, her leather thong getting slippery as she writhed around in a sort of ticklish pleasure. Whenever he touched or kissed her there, she would get goose bumps and would make her whole body shake. She just wanted him to touch her, to please her. He finally got to her inner thighs when she couldn't handle it anymore, and, grabbing his hair, she nearly screamed in his face,

"I want you to fuck me; I can't wait for this foreplay shit. I just want you, inside me, now." His eyes opened wide, like a child caught out doing something wrong, and he started to speak. She cut him off with a viciously passionate kiss, biting his lip in her urgency to be filled.

Donny, with a sadistic sort of pleasure, liked to make her beg. He was going to tease her, keeping her from what she wants until the last minute. So instead of obeying Leslie, he did the exact opposite. He kept kissing her calmly down her neck, to her breasts. Unzipping the vest, he let her breasts spill out, firm and impeccably perfect. He took one nipple in his mouth and teased her with his tongue, flicking and sometimes biting, hearing her moan with pleasure. His hands roamed down her exposed body, resting on her belly, his now favourite part.

He tickled her, making her giggle and moan. She was pulling his hair, trying to get her on top of him. Donny wasn't going to give Leslie that satisfaction quite yet. He loved exploring her curves, watch her get bigger everyday and feel that fill his hands. She was so small still, only 3 months in, the fear of miscarriage over, and the morning sickness with it. For now, it was all fun, and not at all awkward. He found her incredibly sexy, and a feeling of deep arousal washed over him. He wanted to make her beg, but he wanted to beg her and feel her wrapped around his cock, riding him with breasts bouncing.

"Actually babe, I've changed my mind, and totally agree. Get your arse on top of me; I want to see you bounce up and down on my cock."

He lay down and she straddled him, pullin

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