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Marcus finds relief from a Nymph.

As a result the sex between them had inevitably suffered, leading to more time masturbating, and while normally just Alex could do the trick thoughts of Alex and their Mom all together help Haley cum quickly in the bathroom at work, and quickness was always good if she wanted to get away with that.

So those fantasies were more powerful now than they had ever been. They were also more distracting than they'd ever been, although luckily after years of fucking her baby sister Haley was an expert pussy licker, and was able to slip into autopilot for quite a while.

Although when she woke from it she was a little angry with herself. After all, this was literally a dream come true for her, and even though it wasn't perfect because Alex wasn't here, encouraging her and helping her fuck their Mom she was here in spirit, and Haley knew she would approve of the fucking, but definitely not the daydreaming.

So she decided to make it up to imaginary Alex, and more importantly to their mother, by rewarding the older woman for her patients.

Claire whimpered pathetically upon receiving that reward, namely Haley's tongue beginning to linger on her clit. The little devil had spent the last few hours mostly ignoring it, but over the last few minutes she had begun stroking it with every other swipe of her tongue.

And then every swipe. And now she was lingering on it, and it felt so good that Claire forgot her self-hatred and moaned loudly in approval. Then she was rewarded for that by Haley's tongue lingering against her entrance, making Claire's heart race.

Haley wasn't about to do that, was she? She wasn't, she wasn't about to fuck her? Right? Because yeah, that's technically what she was doing now, but to have her own daughter literally tongue fuck her, God, Claire just didn't see how she could come back from that.

After a few more minutes of this teasing Haley lifted her mouth, looked her mother in the eye and firmly said, "Just tell me when you want to cum."

With that Haley eagerly returned her mouth to Claire's pussy, even taking her clit into her mouth and sucking on it for a few long seconds when Claire almost felt like she could have said something. Even though she had no idea what she could possibly say. After all, she had allowed this to go for far too long already. And the worst part?

She really wanted to go all the way and cum in her baby girl's mouth. Fuck, she was so disgusting. Although at least she wouldn't do it. Would she? No, she couldn't. She wouldn't. She absolutely wouldn't. But... she just needed to cum so bad, and Haley was so good at this, how did she become so good at this, and Claire's body was betraying her and... and... and...

"Please?" Claire whimpered.

Grinning into her mother's pussy Haley lifted her head and pushed, "What?"

There was a long pause, and then Claire whimpered, "Make me cum."

Another pause, then against her better judgement Haley teased, "You wanna cum Mommy? You wanna cum in your baby girl's pretty little face? Huh? Cum in my mouth and make me swallow all your yummy juices? Do you want to cum for me? Do you wanna cum on your own daughters tongue? Do ya? Mmmmm, then do it!"

Those words were easily enough to bring Claire to tears, but as soon as Haley was done the older woman found herself crying out in pure pleasure as her treacherous body got exactly what it needed.

Namely Haley shoving her face back into her pussy and slamming her tongue as deep inside the hole she had once entered this world, the thought that this was indeed the child she had given birth to and raised pushing Claire over the edge just as much as the penetration itself.

To make matters worse it was easily the best climax of her life, and it was quickly followed by another, and another, and another as Haley relentlessly worked her wicked magic against her.

At some point in the debauchery Claire reached out with both hands, grabbed onto the back of Haley's head and shoved her baby girl's face as deep as it would go into her cunt.

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