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How I stopped worrying and fucked the DEMON SPIDER Ushi-Oni.


Her face wound up even further in the dancer's cleavage and her hands ended up on Crystal's ass.

Guys were scrambling to get a better view of the action... and Elle... having no idea how to react to this situation... decided to do what she figured Crystal wanted... and started to lick, suck, kiss and orally assault the girl's chest... all the while generally fondling Crystal's ass!

The music ended with the two of them locked together... surrounded by dozens of audience members... who were quickly dispersed by Anthony and a couple of the other bouncers.

With a space cleared around them, Crystal stood up, took a step back and then placed her foot between Elle's legs while pulling on the garter that circled the top of her thigh.

Elle, despite everything that had just happened, remembered my instructions... and instead of slipping the bills into the garter, pushed her hand past Crystals and pulled open the top of her g-string... slipping the money into the tiny garment.

Crystal's mouth fell open and she dropped her foot onto the floor. Taking a half step backwards... she slowly made a "Cross" with her fingers, as if to ward off a "Vampire" and the leaned forward, throwing her arms around Elle again, the two of them sharing an even more passionate kiss, before she bowed to everyone, pointed an open palm at Elle... both of them gleaming at the thunderous applause for the crowd.

It took her a full two minutes to round up all of the money that had thrown at both she and Elle, guys all around the stage more than happy to help.

Elle, in the mean time, was walking back to our table, her blouse nearly falling off her shoulders, her chest completely exposed and... with every step... she was receiving an invitation to sit at one table or another... or a proposition to allow some guy or another to, "... let me suck your tits... let me lick your ass... let me fuck your brains out...," and even one from a wild eyed kid who wanted to... "Please let me suck your toes!"

All of that in the ten or so steps it took her to get back to our table!

When she finally arrived, Harold was still sitting in her seat, so she plopped herself into my lap and gave me a very sloppy... and a very, very passionate kiss.

Waiting for her to settle, Harold stood and bent forward to introduce himself.

I made the introduction for him... and in a moment of unusual coyness, Elle wrapped her blouse around herself, before reaching up and shaking his hand.

With a smile that was a mile wide, he slowly shook his head and stated, "You are totally breathtaking... an absolute wonder and I'm awed to be in your presence."

She and I were both speechless... and that's a damn near impossibility for me!

Now turning to me, he shook my hand, smiled once more and said, "As I previously stated... she is amazing!"

"Do you know him?" Elle asked as Harold walked away.

I was still thinking about his last statement.

Looking at me, she asked again, "Honey... is he a friend of yours?"

"What...?" now realizing that he'd been talking about Elle... and not Crystal the whole time. "... What... no... I just met him. He's the guy with the red tie, the guy who looked up your dress when you were talking to those two guys before...."

I felt her relax... and then she sat up and looked in the direction that Harold had walked.

"Oh... when you introduced him I thought he was someone you knew... that's why I covered up. If I knew he was... and why was he sitting with you?"

Looking for him as well, I then told her, "He came over when you went to the stage and he was telling me how "... amazing" and how "... remarkable" you are... but I thought he was talking about Crystal the whole time."

"Nice!" she snorted.

That was when I spotted him sitting at the bar.

"Had enough?" I asked.

"Well... I thought we'd stay and I could talk to Crystal..."

"We can do that anytime... and after watching YOU perform for the last fifteen minutes... I want to get you to the motel!"

"Okay," she be

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