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A slave wants an encore scene from her Master.

He took the razor, and made sure that he got all my hair (not that there was much there in the first place.). He got up, and started the shower. He helped me off the floor, and we both jumped into the shower.

Billy was rinsing off all the extra shaving cream on me, then he inserted a finger in my pussy. I was hanging onto him, and grinding my pussy into his hand. We started kissing, I reached down, and wrapped my hand around his cock to jack him off.

I was on the verge of an orgasm, when I heard the front door. I pulled away from Billy to listen.

He looked at me oddly, and started to say something. But I shushed him to listen. Then I heard my name "Missy?" Oh, shit it was Tammy again. I turned off the water, and hollered out to her. "Just a minute, Tammy I am finishing up in the bathroom." I jumped out of the tub, and dried off quickly. I threw a towel at Billy to get himself dried off also.

I got dressed, and turned to Billy. I whispered to him, "Stay in here! Until I let you know the coast is clear." Billy sat down on the toilet nodding his head.

I walked out of the bathroom, and closed the door behind me. I went out to the living area. "Hi what's going on?" I asked Tammy.

Tammy was stammering, then just blurted out, "Missy, I made a huge mistake. Can I move back in here?"

That is not what I expected to hear from her. "Tammy, I told you my brother moved in yesterday. So, I don't have a spare room any longer." I told her. She sat down, and started crying. I was stunned so I sat next to her. "What is going on?" I asked her.

She sniffled, and looked at me. "I was so wrong, I don't like it over at his place. It's not home to me. This is home." She then told me, "I want to come back please. I will sleep on the couch!"

I heard the door in the back of the apartment open. Billy had come out of the bathroom. Tammy had her head on my shoulder, so I was looking at Billy over her head. "Tammy, like I said I don't have the spare room any longer, I'm so sorry." I told her.

Tammy lifted her head, and sniffled. She said, "Okay I am sorry to bother you about this. I better go." She got up from the couch, to leave but Billy stopped her.

"Hey Tammy, stay for dinner at least." He told her.

She turned to him, and smiled "I would love to stay, and eat." She replied.

I got dinner out of the oven, the three of us sat around the table eating, and making small talk. After dinner was done Tammy helped me clean the kitchen. "I want to thank you for dinner, it was delicious as always." Tammy told me. "I better get going, if you could think about me moving back in I would truly appreciate it." Tammy said to me as she was walking to the door.

All I could say to her was that I'd think about it. As soon I shut the door, I turned and looked at Billy. "Well this is quite a predicament." I said to him. I walked over to Billy, and wrapped my arms around his waist.

Billy kissed me, and asked me, "Well I guess you want me to move out?"

I was startled by the comment. I looked at him suddenly, and before I could think about it I blurted out. "Hell No!" I then told him, "I want you here I don't want to lose what we have found in each other!"

Billy squeezed me tight, and told me, "I don't want to lose it either. But she is your best friend." He then added, "I don't want to cause problems between you two."

"I am not worried about that. I am living with you now so end of subject." I told him, then kissed him hard, and passionately.

We went to the couch to watch a movie. We sat together snuggling. I had laid my head on his lap, and he was rubbing his fingers through my hair. I could feel that Billy had an erection under me. I started rubbing my cheek against him. He shifted to get comfortable, so I turned my head, and kissed his dick through his jeans. He unbuttoned his jeans, then I pulled the zipper down. I could see the tip of his dick sticking out over his boxer briefs. I stuck my tongue out, and licked the tip. I heard Billy suck in his breath, and shiver. I smiled to myself, and continued licking his dick.


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