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Younger man and older woman.

He nuzzled his nose under her ear and kissed her gently on the neck. Slowly but surely his hands moved down until they were stroking her ass-cheeks. A few strokes later, he cupped them forcing Aiko to press more tightly against his body. She felt his hard-on press against her belly.

Aiko found the situation to be both new and erotic. Her body responded. The butterflies in her stomach spoke to her nervousness; the hardening of her nipples and the moisture in her pussy spoke to her sexual excitement. Knowing that a stranger lusted after her, and feeling his hard cock press against her, made her feel attractive and sexy. At the same time, having been faithful to her husband for all the years of their marriage, she also felt a pang of guilt in allowing another man, a stranger, to take liberties with her body.

While Stan's hands roam up and down her back and bottom, Aiko began to wonder what it would be like if they were naked, bare skin against bare skin. She sighed. Her thoughts became even more lascivious as she wondered what it would feel like to have Stan's hard cock deep inside her.

Up to this point, Aiko had not resisted Stan's advances. Encouraged, Stan went a little further. With Aiko still in his embrace, his hands lifted the back of her short dress. He wanted to put his hands on her cute heart-shaped ass. He was mildly disappointed, but not surprised, that she was wore panties. He slipped his hands under the strap, allowing his hands to slip underneath and roam freely over the skin of her now exposed nether cheeks.

Gerald watched his wife. He saw the sparkle in her eyes that told him she was enjoying Stan's caresses and liked the way he explored her body. Gerald saw Aiko slowly overcoming her shyness. He knew her to be a very sensuous woman.

A thought flickered through Gerald's mind. 'Would she want to switch to a green wristband?' He would wait and see.

Stan and Linda wore green wristbands. They were not allowed to ask for a sexual encounter except from persons wearing a green wristband. If they wanted to talk about exchanging partners for sex with any other couple, they had to persuade the couple they were interested in to exchange their wristbands for green ones.

Once more Gerald glanced at Aiko. She was snuggling into Stan. She was responding to his caresses and squeezes with some of her own. Obviously they were enjoying each other. She put her head on his chest and teasingly pressed her pelvis against him. He could tell that Stan was sending a thrill through her body. She was getting into the spirit of the club.

While Gerald was watching, Aiko turned her head to look for him. As soon as she caught his eye, she smiled as if to say that everything was okay. Aiko remembered wondering how he would react if some other man were groping her. She got her answer. He nodded. Apparently, he didn't mind.

Gerald returned his attention to Linda.

"You can feel my tits if you like," Linda said.

She unbuttoned her blouse to allow him easier access. Her very large breasts flopped out. She wore no bra.

Gerald took one hand away from her ass and reached for a massive mammary. They were soft, almost gelatinous. Her nipples were large and fully erect. He suckled on one and then switched to the other. He had a momentary urge to bury his face between her enormous orbs.

"Ah, that feel's so good," Linda moaned. "Please don't stop."

Both Aiko and Stan saw what their spouses were doing.

"May I?" Stan asked reaching toward the buttons that kept her dress in place over breasts.

"Yes," she breathed.

He unbuttoned the buttons at the top of her very sexy, slinky dress. Her breasts peaked out. He was pleased to see, and feel, that she wore no bra. The firmness of her mammaries stood in sharp contrast to his wife's. It was like comparing pints to gallons, all good, only a difference in size.

"That feels so good," Aiko breathed again as Stan fondled her perfect peaks.

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