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Jay opens Clare's world up to Sex. Or does He?

He used them when there was a problem with finding an outlet for his electric razor, mostly in second-rate hotels. He flipped open the cap to the container and pulled the safety razor out of the sheath by its head and put a new blade in. He did not want to hurt her with a dull blade that would knick her. Then he took them to the shower stall together with the unread Japanese newspaper the hotel had hung on the doorknob. Then he thought for a moment, left everything on the counter, and went back to the shower to towel her off. He was almost dry himself just from dripping. He wrapped her in the big hotel towel and patted her down, then hugged her, as if to comfort her for what he was about to do, and then spot-dried her under her arms, between the legs, and down her crack. When she was dry, he quickly dried himself in the places he was still damp and draped the towel on the cool floor to sit on. The stool in the shower was a little low to work from so he put the toilet seat down and had Masumi sit on it.

Naoko saw and felt how he ran his fingertips through her thatch while she sat forward on the toilet seat, making a furrow in the middle to expose her labia so he could see and wouldn't hurt her. With one hand he gently pulled on her hairs and with the other he snipped them down to less than a centimeter all around and dropped the cut hairs on the newspaper. Every once in a while the scissors pulled on her but overall it felt interesting to have him pulling the short hairs, especially on her labia, because she had never felt that sensation before. It didn't take him long before he had trimmed her down to a little longer than fuzz and for the first time she saw her own mound. Her groin felt prickly and she knew that she would have to endure the same feeling when it grew back but she thought it would be worth it.
Then it was back in the shower for Naoko, a thorough soaping again with Lucian's fingers, which seemed to take longer than necessary, and then he led her by the hand, still dripping soap, back to the toilet seat. Naoko put her hands behind her head, so she would not be tempted to grab his hand while he shaved her with that sharp razor. While she sat there, leaning back, she felt a thrill and a surge of wetness. She was giving to him complete control of her genitals, she thought, and he would use them the way he wanted. This strong man was going to change her body. Mark it. Maybe not marked forever but she would wake up next week and remember that a man had done this to her because he was hot for her. Those silly girls paid for tattoos in Takeshita. They marked themselves so they could attract men who wanted them. But she found a man who had wanted her first and then marked her himself, for his own pleasure. Who was more desirable -- a woman who changed her body to get a man or a woman who a man made his own by changing her body himself? This man -- he was handling her so gently. He was being so careful not to hurt her. He was treating her like a national treasure. As these unusual and unformed ideas went through her mind she fell into a dreamy state, enjoying his ministrations.

Lucian worked carefully and concentrated on what he was doing.

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