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19-year-old girl gets her older stud.

What with one thing or another Jude had kept her in a state of arousal for days. She had been allowed no relief and this evening in particular she had spent the entire time with both the vibrator and the dildo deep inside her. She would have had to have been made out of stone not to have been hot and bothered. Mel making out that she was some sort of hussy was so unfair.

"Yeah, beneath all that 'Little Miss Prim and Proper' she's a right little shag monster. I had her trying to hump me in the shower earlier," Jude said. "That's why I had to fit her with the belt."

Karen was horrified that their intimate moments should be shared so freely and worse, that they should be so distorted so as to portray her in such a bad light. She felt that Jude had betrayed her. This was turning out so much worse than she had thought.

"Humping you in the shower, little slave 'k', who'd have thought it. I'd love to have seen that." Sarah laughed.

"Get her to do it now," Jude urged Mel. "Hold your hand out, get her to hump that."

Mel leaned further forward and cupped her hand under Karen's crotch, even slipping her forefinger between the slick folds of flesh and poking it inside, touching the vibrator that was still thrumming away.

"Come along, girl," Mel said firmly. "You heard your Mistress."

Karen simply couldn't. This was a step too far and she was on the verge of simply refusing. She stood there with her mouth open, frozen, unable to speak, unable to move.

"Perhaps she needs more encouragement, " Jude said, taking the vibrator remote control out from her pocket and turning the intensity up. For Karen this just made it worse, just made her out to be some sort of mechanical doll who would work if you just pressed the right buttons.

"The only encouragement slaves need or understand comes from a riding crop," Andy said. "I tell you, you're far too easy on her, you give her far too many decisions. No wonder the poor girl is confused."

"Maybe you're right," Jude agreed. "'k' you have until I count to three to start humping or I'll get the crop. After that you'll get a thrashing and you'll still have to do it. One... Two...."

The threat of the thrashing brought things to a crisis; if she were going to run away now was the time to do it. She glanced about her; the mood of the room seemed to be amused anticipation, everyone, slave and Mistress, was watching her, waiting on her. Only Beth seemed to have picked up on her fears and she gave her a little encouraging wink. That was enough to calm her. This acknowledgement that her fears were understood pulled Karen back from the brink and, from here, her desire to fit in took over. If she stopped, if she said no, she would be a wet blanket, spoiling the mood, spoiling the fun. If only Jude didn't push her so hard. Why couldn't she understand how she felt?

"Three!" In desperation, to avoid making the decision as much as anything else, Karen pushed her hips forward, rubbing herself on Mel's hand, feeling her forefinger slip inside her. As she felt the friction of Mel's hand against her oversensitive flesh, she felt the rush begin, the drug take hold. Despite the humiliation and the conflicts inside her, Mel's touch was just what she needed. She hated this, she hated being forced to perform like some sort of circus animal for the Mistresses' amusement but, for all that, her body sang a very different tune and, if she were going to play along, the only thing she could do was close her eyes and ride it.

Maybe Jude wasn't so insensitive to Karen's mood as she got up out of her throne and came to stand behind her.

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