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When he took Timmy home Tim had no idea how different.

After about 30mins her shift must have been over and she grabbed her jacket and bag and left.

Sad I was that she was gone I decided to get back to the show. I made my way down the convention centre checking out all the cars once again when something I never expected happened.

I was walking past the Alfa Romeo exhibition when I saw the Blonde chick standing next to the mirrored Alfa Romeo stand. She crooked her finger at me and motioned for me to come to her. I was a bit bewildered for a moment and looked around to make sure that it was me that she meant. No one else near me had seen her so I walked to her. She walked inside the Alfa stand and held the door open for me to follow. When she closed the door and I was standing in the booth I noticed that what I thought were mirrors were actually one way glass so while I could see all the people walking around they could only see themselves.

I turned my eyes back to the blonde chick WHO was smiling at me seductively. I once again felt a stirring in my pants but kept my self from getting hard. She finally broke the silence when looking at my camera still in my hand she said "I saw you before taping me. Did you really think I didn't notice you? My ass was burning"

My heart was now beating hard I was scared that she brought me in here to take the tape and have me thrown out but I was also extremely aroused by the situation. I kept silent not knowing what to say.

"So you like to watch do you?" She asked with the same smile playing on her lips.

"Well, yeah" I replied "doesn't everybody?" I felt more confident now that she probably wasn't going to have me thrown out.

"Would you like to watch me right now?"

I was shocked I couldn't believe that this was happening to me. I looked down at her breasts and noticed that her nipples were rock hard. "Shit" I thought, "she is getting as horny over this as I am!"

"Would you let me?" I replied smiling now myself.

She answered by lifting my camera arm saying "Only if you tape it". She stepped back towards the one sided glass as I pressed play. She started by slowly taking her shirt of and unveiling her two luscious tits as she wasn't wearing a bra. She slowly started to move and dance to unheard music pinching her nipples and thrusting her pelvis. The she slowly and seductively removed her pants. When they were down at her ankles she turned her back on me and bent over to pull them off giving me the best shot of her g-stringed ass.

My dick was now so hard I thought that it was about to explode. She turned back around and continued to dance until the moment that I had been waiting for when she pulled of her g-string and revealed a nicely shaven pussy.

"Do you want me?" she said looking directly into the barrel of my camera and then at my own barrel.

"Oh god yes!!" I exclaimed and went turn the camera off.

"No!" she said firmly "leave it on"

I placed the camera on a nearby table and checking in the viewfinder that I had us in shot. I walked back to her and the fun began.

With the same seductive smile that I had seen when she first beckoned me in to the room she lowered down to her knees and pulled my jeans off and then my boxers with her teeth, revealing my pounding cock to her. She gasped at the site of my huge member. Grasping it tenderly, and much to my excitement, she placed the head of my dick into her mouth and began to suck me off. Moving her tongue over my helmet while stroking my shaft I was after a few minutes in ecstasy.

"I'm gunna come" I warned her so that she could pull out but to my surprise and satisfaction she swallowed every last drop of my come.

"Now" she said licking her lips "its your turn" She shuffled back and rested her back against the glass where I could see all the people moving around the cars with no idea of what was going on inside this booth.

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