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Raising a new baby alone, my little sister needed help.

"Freddie, go in the other room." Then, she'd turn to her sister, "Don't put your nylons on in front of him, he'll get thoughts." She always said that like I was incapable of getting thoughts until I saw my aunt's panties.

My favorite part of the day was going in the bedroom to wake up my cousin for school. She was older than me, just turned 18-years-old and she never slept with the covers over her. Every time I entered her room, her nightgown was up around her waist and I always had a wonderful shot of her panties. One time, she was not wearing panties and I saw it all. Man, did she have a bush. Well, I paid for that sight, but it was worth the screaming, kicking, punching, and pinching to get a look at my cousin's pussy. I told all of my friends. I was the first kid on my block to see a pussy. Boy, those were the days when seeing your first pussy meant something. If I had a Polaroid camera back then, I could have made a small fortune showing that photo to all who wanted to see it for a dime a peek. (Back then, ten cents bought two full sized candy bars or a Coke and a bag of chips. Today, the same costs a buck fifty.) Now, Britney, Paris, and Lindsey have their pussies plastered all over the Internet. Pussies are no big deal, anymore.

As I grew up, my fetish for panties developed like a hunter develops a drive to hunt bigger game. That is not to say that I was into seeing the panties of obese women or was searching the planet for granny panties, which I was not. Yet, if I did happen to catch a glimpse of full size women's panties, I would look, of course. I could not help but look, young, old, thin, or not so thin, if the opportunity presented itself, I looked. Looking at all and every panty that displays itself goes along with the territory of having a panty fetish. After all, I was looking to see as many panties as I could see. Not that I was keeping a log, journal or a notebook of all the panties spotted, but I tucked away the good views in the back of my head for reference later when I was home alone and horny. You guys know what I mean.

The subway and bus were two of the best places to hunt panties and still are. First, allow me to write that I am not into panty sniffing, used panties, wearing panties, or touching panties that are in a lingerie department. The only panties that I am interested in seeing are those that are on that gorgeous woman who is sitting across from me with her legs parted just enough for me to steal a peek. Perhaps, if I concentrate and focus my thoughts on her knees, she will psychically receive my thoughts and part her knees just a little bit more for me to see..."There! Perfect. Panties."

I always wondered if women flashed their panties on purpose because every day was a panty field day and, maybe, because I was looking, but I managed to see, at least, half dozen panties a day. So, with the above comment in mind, do women accidentally on purpose flash their panties to a guy that they are interested in meeting? I figure that some do when we know that we are looking and if we look normal and do not have drool hanging off our lip. Most, I figure, are unaware that they are flashing their panties, especially, back then, when all women wore very short skirts ala Twiggy. Some skirts were so short and some women's thighs were so thin, that even when they sat with their knees firmly pressed together, there was always a triangular opening just above her thigh that revealed a great look of her panties. Some women, probably, uptight women who believed all men are perverts (she has a point there) sat with their hands in the laps denying me a view of her panties.

"Pardon me, miss, but there is a spider over your head."

Whereupon she would remove her hands from her lap, cover her head with her hands while looking up and turning in her seat. Bingo! I saw the flash of her panties.

"Sorry, Miss, the spider is gone now. You are safe."

Another good place to see panties is anywhere women gathered to sit outside and eat their lunch.

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