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Husband gets wife to indulge in his fantasy.

She's gone from my grandmother to a total milf, like a killer porn star in her late forties that only gets cast in roles as the slutty step-mother. Damn. Her blouse isn't flowery or bulky. It's smooth cr__me-colored silk with sleek lines and enough undone buttons to let me know she has no bra on. Her black pencil skirt is tight and has a slight slit on the right leg. She has beautiful, fuck-me stilettos on to top it all off. She's clearly had her hair done. It's not colored, still slightly greying, but it's not puffy. It's straight and up in a tight ponytail. She's also learned to lighten up on the makeup and accentuate her eyes instead of her lips or cheeks. Damn.

"Sarah," she says with a smile on her face as she approaches. She spreads her arms and wraps me into a hug. I reluctantly accept, but I'm then delighted to feel how soft her blouse is. This must be incredibly expensive.

"Diana," I mumble into her shoulder while she rocks me back and forth. "What happened here?"

"What?" Diana breaks the hug and looks around the dark room of abandoned cubicles. "Ah, yes. Downsizing, unfortunately."

"Is the company in trouble?" I ask.

"Oh, not at all. We have a new CEO that is taking this specific division in a new direction."

"Is that why I haven't been getting paid? Am I being laid off?"

Diana looks confused for a moment and then laughs. "Oh no, nothing like that. Your situation is special, which is why I've called you in here."

"What's special about my situation?"

"Come," she says and takes my hand. I tense. Why is she grabbing me? This isn't just unlike Diana, this is unlike any employer. "Come into my office." She guides me around the corner towards her office. Her grip is tight on me, not allowing me to slow down as I try to get a better look at the office. Some cubicles and offices do have lights on, but very few of them. All of them are women, and few of them are ones I recognize. Most of them are clustered around Diana's office, which is in the back-right corner of the floor. Her office has glass windows, so normally anyone can see inside of it, but the blinds are drawn and all I can see is a dim light from inside. Thankfully, the sight of the other women present and working relaxes me. This isn't a zombie movie, and I'm not about to be killed. All of the women appear perfectly normal. They're working at their desks, reading a manuscript, or typing at their computers. This is business as usual, but with less people and less lighting.

"Kathy, come," says Diana as we pass Kathy's tiny desk in front of Diana's office.

"Why is Kathy -" I start, trying to figure out how Kathy is relevant.

"She's been learning about payroll," says Diana hurriedly.

Kathy gets up and goes ahead of us, to open the door to Diana's office. Diana keeps holding my hand outside the office as Kathy opens the door for us and steps inside. I can't see fully into the office. I can see Diana's desk and a standing lamp in the corner that is lit with a lacy shawl over it to give the whole room an orange glow.

Kathy enters the darkness and starts to unbutton her blouse. I look to Diana, confused, but Diana smiles at me. I try to step away, but Diana keeps a tight grip on my hand and pulls me into the office. Kathy continues to strip casually, without explanation. Diana lets go of my hand, but I don't move. I stand, transfixed as Kathy peels off her bra and panties without hesitation. Her body is incredible, and I can't help but wonder if she's ever eaten a woman out or if she wants to eat me out. Then I see her pierced nippled and feel a surge of panic, breaking the fantasy.

I turn around to look at Diana, and I see a couch in the corner of the office. On the couch, in a simple blue dress, is Reyna, lounging comfortably. The strange orange light brings out the light in her amber eyes and I feel my mouth go dry and my legs get weak.

"Ah, little Sarah," says Reyna. "I've missed you."

I turn and try to open the door, but it's locked.

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