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A woman who makes fantasies come true.

As Liz walked across the room to the bar I could see cum running down her thighs. She opened the cabinet to get glasses out. Eric, Amanda and Tyrone all headed for the bar.

John moved across the room toward me. He looked back toward the bar where everyone was gathered and asked, "Should we let him out or leave him chained up?

Liz spoke first. "I think he deserves a reward for doing so well with Tyrone. Not just anybody can handle that.

The group gave John thumbs up. John leaned down and unlocked my wrists, but did not take the restraints off. Then he unlocked both ankles and helped me stand up. Before moving toward the bar, John attached the leash to the cum stopper cock ring that Liz had put on me earlier and he led me to the bar.

As we reached the group John smiled and handed the end of the leash to Amanda. She smiled back at John, then me and gave the leash a bit of a jerk. I turned so that I was directly in front of Amanda. My cock was still rock hard and it was easy to see the loop made by the keeper which disappeared into the end of my cock. Amanda took a sip of her martini.

"John, what kind of cock ring is Gary wearing? It look's kinky and very naughty."

John responded, "Let Liz explain it. She's the one who found it."

Liz continued mixing drinks as she made her explanation. Amanda now had my cock in her hand and was fingering the cock ring and the tiny rod that went into my pee hole. I felt like I could cum at any minute.

Liz began, "It's called a sperm stopper. There is a tiny ball, about a quarter inch in diameter that is down in his pee hole about an inch. That little ball is attached to the loop that then attaches to the cock ring. The little ball is actually below the cock ring and the ring kinda keeps everything in place. It's the first time that I've ever used it. I thought Nicky would be the perfect guinea pig."

Amanda kept fingering my cock and said "It feels really nice. I wonder if it'll really stop sperm from coming out?"

Liz winked at Amanda and said, "Well we're definitely going to find out tonight won't we?'

Liz continued mixing drinks for everybody and we stood at the bar enjoying our beverages and making small talk. Amanda stood next to me and played with the cock ring and my dick. She seemed fascinated by the cock ring. The guys asked questions about the sensations the ring caused and what I could feel. I told them that Amanda's fingers felt wonderful, especially when she squeezed my cock enough to feel the little ball on the inside.

Eric had been listening and asking questions as he idly played with Amanda's nipples. Then he got down on his knees and took the head of my semi hard cock into his mouth. Eric's tongue was exquisite. He only had the head of my cock in his mouth and was running his tongue around it in circles. He was playing with my leather covered balls with one hand and was stroking his cock with the other. Liz walked up behind me and rubbed her bare tits into my back and reached around me with both arms rubbing my stomach and pulling on my nipples. I knew I wasn't going to be able to last long with the treatment Liz and Eric were giving me.

I think Liz sensed that I was close and asked Eric to stop sucking me. He pulled his wet mouth off my organ and left it standing straight out. Liz slid around me and into Eric's arms and kissed him with her tongue. She reached down and fondled his balls.

She broke their kiss and pulled her head back slightly from Eric. Then she cooed, "I loved watching you suck his cock, but I want to make sure his balls are really full before we give him any relief tonight."

Eric smiled at Liz and she mashed her huge tits against him and he hugged her affectionately. Liz continued to stroke his long cock as it came to life again. Eric definitely enjoyed Liz's attention.

Eric looked at Liz and said, "I'm glad I'm not your guinea pig tonight. You're too good at being a tease."

John had disappeared again and the big black chair from the pictures was now in the room somehow.

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