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I get to join in for the threesome.

Her skirt was up and her legs were spread showing her Uncle Ken what an 18-year-old pussy looked like. Sure looked good enough to him to eat! When he returned to his seat, Ken heard the doorbell ring. It was Officer Bob Brown from the afternoon get-together. He was not alone. With him were his wife Marie and their 18-year-old daughter Jill.

"Thanks for inviting us for drinks and dessert Ken. This is my wife Marie and our daughter Jill." Bob said as they came in. "And I am sure you will love Jill as dessert later", he whispered to Ken as they entered.

They all entered the living room. Everyone quickly had a glass of wine and started chatting. Cindi was sitting between Bob and Marie, while Bob had his arm around her. He was getting a good look down the front of her dress and liked what he saw! Bob asked if he could get a tour of the house. Ken suggested Cindi give him and his wife a look at the house. That left just Ken and Ellen with Jill. What a treat that was. Jill was a younger version of Vanessa Williams. Same great ass and pouty lips that just said "Stick it here!"

"So, would you like to do some of the things Daddy likes to do?" Jill said with a smile.

"Well tell us about some of those things!" Ellen said as she watched Jill's breasts jiggle every time she moved.

"Well Daddy said you like some of the same things he does. When Daddy gets home he always likes to shower and likes me to come in and watch. I love finding my Daddy in the shower. I watch him soup up working his hands around his great big cock. He likes me to open the door like I am surprised to find him. He grabs me and takes me into the shower getting my dress soaked and then strips me. I get so hot having him touching me like that. He uses his fingers to touch my ass and pussy. Love how Daddy fingers his little girl! I end up on my knees sucking him and being sure his cock and balls are clean. He really likes watching his little girl take his big cock in her mouth and suck it. Would you like me to do that for you Daddy Ken?" she asked as her hand ran over Ken's crotch.

Ellen unzipped Ken's pants and pulled them down. Jill got between his legs and started sucking his cock. She sure liked the taste of white meat, her first! Ellen reached between Jill's legs and found a wet hairy pussy waiting. She crawled under and started eating the young girl's pussy. She got wetter and wetter knowing this girl her sister's age. As she was eating Jill, she realized that Cindi had been gone for a while. Ken was to busy being swallowed by Jill that he did not notice Ellen leave the room.

Ken could not believe that someone this young could take all of his cock right down to his balls.

Jill looked up." You like me chewing your big cock Daddy? You know how naughty it is to be doing this? You have turned you little girl into a slut! I think of sucking and fucking all of the time. You get so hard watching me Daddy. Here Daddy, watch me use this wine bottle. Oh Daddy, its SO long and thick! Here Daddy, you pump it into me! Oh Daddy, fuck me!!

Ken ran the bottle in and out. It was going in deeper and deeper. The bottle spread her wide; her lips stretching over it as it widen. Jill was just moaning, her mouth full of cock. Ken could do this all day! Loved being a Daddy fucking his daughter!

Ellen went to the back den and could hardly believe what she saw. There was her baby sister stuck on Bob's cock. He was slowly pumping it deeper and deeper into her from behind. Cindi hands were behind her back, handcuffed. Marie was in front of Cindi, pulling and sucking on her nipples. Ellen was instantly wet!

"Oh god, its so long! Oh Daddy Bob fuck me, I love that black cock of yours! Do me like you do Jill.

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