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Rescuing a friend leads to romance.

I could feel this liquid fire coursing through my body! he'd been fantasizing about me in the same way I'd been fantasizing about him!! suddenly I felt so grown up and so in control, "you mean you've fantasized about seeing me naked" I whispered, "Yes" he groaned, "and you've fantasized about touching my breasts?", again he groaned "yes!", I licked my lips, feeling the heat almost bursting from my skin, "and did you fantasize about having sex with me?" I asked, this time it was a half groan, half sob, and he hesitated for quite some time before he croaked, barely audibly "yes, yes, I've fantasized about fucking you!" I let a long period go by without responding, and his hands fondling my breasts seemed to hesitate, but I could still feel his hard cock nestling in between my ass cheeks, then folding myself more firmly into his embrace, and giving an exaggerated shiver, I said in a sweet, little girl voice, "daddy, the water's getting awful cold!"

My words seemed to jerk him out of a dream, and with a mumbled apology he released my breasts and stooped to place his hands behind my knees and lifted me up and began carrying me back to the beach, I nuzzled his neck as he carried me along, feeling so safe, so secure, and so incredibly horny! when he reached the blanket he leaned down and deposited my body on to it and straightened up, and it was then I saw it for the first time! and a gasp was wrenched from me that could have been heard two counties away!! oh, I'd played with a few boy's cocks over the last couple of years, and had even got around to sucking one of them off, so I'd seen aroused cocks before, but this one was like nothing I'd seen or even imagined! it looked enormous in the bright moonlight! rock hard, jutting straight out and a little upwards, it had to be at least 9 inches long and as thick as my wrists!! a moment of fear flashed through me, but as quick as it came, it disappeared, and left in it's wake an even greater horniness than I'd had before! then I looked up at dad and smiled, and I almost heard the release of the breath he'd obviously been holding as he wondered at my reaction to his huge cock, "would it shock you if I told you that I'd dreamed and fantasized about you too" I asked softly, and I saw the surprise - and excitement - rush through his face, "Yes, I've fantasized about seeing you naked, and about touching you like this" I said in a slightly strained voice, and sitting up I brought my hands up to grasp and stroke his huge cock, amazed that my hands wouldn't even fit around it! I saw his knees buckle and h

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