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Trinity has other motives for a nice day out.

"Don't worry, they are safe. I just wanted to make sure you didn't run off on my while we're having some fun."

The man placed his hands on Marcus' hips and continued "You are enjoying this right?"

"I... uh..." Marcus couldn't get the words out but nodded.

"Good, now try this one." The man handed Marcus another dress. This one was a tight white dress with a zipper up the back.

He managed to just barely get himself into the dress. It was very tight and fit him like a glove but he couldn't reach the zipper.

The man came in again and took a moment to examine Marcus before speaking up.

"Turn around so I can help you with the zipper."

Marcus did as he was told. Marcus felt like the air was being pushed out of his lungs as the zipper slid up his back. What started out as a tight dress seemed to mold itself to every contour of his body once zipped.

The man's hands moved from the zipper and explored Marcus' body. He watching in the mirror as the two masculine hands moved slowly and gently across every inch of the dress. Marcus felt his cock throbbing in his panties.

The man's hands progressed down his body to his legs and after gently massaging his thighs they moved back up and under the dress caressing his cock through his panties.

The man moved his face in close to Marcus' neck and spoke softly into his ear.

"Much nicer. I have an idea."

Although the man returned in a matter of moments, it felt like an eternity for Marcus. The man entered the stall with three different shoe boxes.

He had Marcus try on the shoes and found that size 10 was perfect for him. He was now wearing a pair of bright red high heels, which contrasted perfectly with the pure white dress.

The man turned Marcus around to face the mirror and again his hands moved to his body. He massaged his ass, pulling the hem of his dress up slightly revealing a hint of his panties in the front. Before long the man's right hand has moved around and cupped his cock again. The man began to slowly massage Marcus through his panties.

"Do you like this?" The man whispered into his ear.

Marcus felt his legs getting weak and leaned back into the man for support.

"Uh huh" His voice was faint and distant.

The man turned him around again.

"Now you try."

Marcus reached out and felt the bulge of the man's cock in his pants.

"Pull it out." The man's voice was firm and direct.

Marcus felt compelled to do as he was told. He unzipped and unbuttoned the man's pants, pushing them down with his boxers.

Marcus marveled at the man's cock as it sprung out to reveal its length. It appeared to be at least twice the size of his own cock. He nervously wrapped his fingers around it. Feeling the pulsing beat of the organ in his hand hypnotized him.

"Do you want to kiss it?"

Marcus looked into his eyes and nodded without a word.

"Say it."

"I.." He tried to find his voice but had difficulty.

"I want to kiss it." His words were slow and deliberate.

Marcus felt the other man's hands on his shoulders, pushing him down. Marcus knew what was expected of him and kneeled before the man.

The tip of his cock brushed against his chin as he lowered himself. Marcus could feel the heat radiating from the rock hard cock before him.

The man inched forward, pushing his cock against Marcus' lips.

"Kiss it."

Marcus pushed his lips against the tip of the man's cock and planted a soft, sensual kiss on it.

"Lick it."

Marcus opened his mouth slightly and pushed his tongue against the soft flesh.

"Do you want to suck my cock?"


"Say it."

"I want to suck your cock."

"Open your mouth."

Marcus had barely opened his mouth when he felt the pressure building against his lips as the man thrust himself into his mouth.

"Mmmphh.." His words were muffled by the cock in his mouth.

"That's it, now suck my cock."

Although Marcus had never been with another man before he found himself wanting to please the man in front of him.

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