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Julie & Sarah heat up the night.

None of the roommates are there yet, so she decides to take the bed on the left. Her handler follows her in and begins placing her bags at the foot of her bed.

"I am not supposed to speak unnecessarily, but I must say that I am a huge fan of yours. I loved watching you in the Athens Games."

"Well, thank you, it is nice to know I have a fan!"

"I must be off now. You should know that all the handlers for your team will be on the first floor in our quarters should you need anything at all."

"Thank you. I will remember that. Oh, what is your name?"

"You can call me Chu," he says as he turns and walks to the door.

Paola smiles as he leaves the room and looks about to get familiar with her new home. It is comfortably warm, so she decides to take off her sweatshirt she had been wearing for her flight.

Chu had forgotten to inform Paola of the meal schedule and stepped back around the corner as Paloa pulled off her sweatshirt. The static caused her t-shirt to pull up, revealing her taught abdomen. He gets lost in the moment and just freezes, staring at her body.

Paola pulls off the sweatshirt and looks up at Chu.

"Yes? Chu?" she smirks as she realizes he was staring.

"Oh, so sorry, uh, the meals will be served at 17:30 in the dining room downstairs. I forgot to tell you that earlier."

"Thank you Chu," she says as he blushes and quickly disappears down the hall. About this time her two roommates come in. They each get settled quickly, receive their information from their handlers, and flop onto their beds.

The three women drift off quickly, as the fatigue from the flight and time change are taking their toll on them.

A few hours later, a mild bell sounds, marking 15 minutes until dinner. Paola awakes to see that one of her teammates has her head buried under a pillow, hiding from the sounds of the people in the hall. Her other roommate, from the far bed, is no longer in the room. No doubt she is out meeting people, as this is her first Olympics.

Dinner is good and the evening is relaxing as she winds down her first day in China. She doesn't see Chu again that evening and decides to return to her room for some rest.

Opening the door she sees the middle bed is occupied by her roommate who is listening to music while she reads a magazine. The other bed is vacant.

"Where is she?" asks Paola as she drops her tired body onto her bed.

"Uh, not sure. She said she was going for a walk or something."

"Rookie, she should know better than that. Going out alone."

About that time the door opens and her other roommate walks in.

"Have fun out there?" asks Paola.

"Yes, this place is amazing!"

"Just don't do anything stupid, we are here to compete!"

"Oh, I know, don't worry about me."

"Yeah, I'll see what I can do."

Paola lays back and closes her eyes. She attempts to fall asleep, but the roommate with the music is just making too much noise.

"Hey, I don't intend to be mean, but can you listen to that in the lounge?"

"Sure, Paola, no problem. I doubt I'll be sleeping much tonight anyway."

"Well, try and get some sleep at some point, the Opening Ceremony is only 2 days away!"

"I'll be ready!" says the roommate as she heads out of the room. She hits the lights on her way out, leaving the room with just a lamp on near the doorway. Paola drifts off quickly.

Some time later she is awakened by voices. She lays still and just looks towards the door and then her roommates' beds. The one immediately next to her is still vacant but the far bed is occupied.

"Shh..." says her roommate to the figure standing near the bed.

It is a lanky, but muscular man. Judging from the emblem on his shirt, he is a runner from Kenya. Her roommate turns, looking across the dark room to make sure Paola is till sleeping. Paola doesn't make a move and appears to be sleeping soundly.

Her roommate quickly turns back to her companion and pulls down his pants.

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