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Lexi's life changes completely after but a single spell.

That hand was drifting lower and lower; in fact she could feel his hand exploring how her breast was pushed up by the little half cup bra she was wearing.

Then his hand was slipping all the way onto her full, firm breast; he began rubbing his hand in a circular motion against her pulsing tit mound, her nipple hard against his palm. Anne breathed heavily - every part of her was screaming at her to get up and storm off, to push his hand off of her breast and slap him, to call the police and have him arrested!

Instead, she found herself wishing that the guy on her right would not notice. She glanced at Tom, and asked him quite politely to stop what he was doing. He bent and kissed her - that took her by surprise. His hand began squeezing her firm breast in earnest, and his lips pushed against hers, silencing her soft protestations. His tongue licked her lips, and then her teeth, and then he was slipping it inside of her panting, softly protesting mouth.

What the fuck is happening? Anne thought. Her body was in turmoil, and her nipple was itching crazily as the man squeezed and rubbed her super soft mound. Anne could not stop panting into the guys mouth - he was quite a good kisser - and tried to remember that she was in a movie theater making out with a guy she didn't even know.

Somehow the kiss ended - there was nothing subtle now about the way Tom's hand was working at her breast - he had bent down, and now started licking and kissing the side of her neck. Anne bit her lip and shuddered softly, then started when she felt a hand on her leg from the other side of her. "Ma'am, I'm Jim, is this guy bothering you?"

His hand squeezed her slim thigh through the thigh high stockings she had on. She swallowed, and then breathed a sigh of relief when Tom quit rubbing and squeezing her breast. Thank god, he had stopped! Then he smoothly reached up and unfastened the top button of her dress.

Jim's hand squeezed her thigh again, and started rubbing up and down her leg. Anne's breath burned in her throat, and Tom began exploring her shell like ear with his hot, nimble tongue. Anne's eyes rolled up into the back of her head slightly; she felt his hand unfastening another button.

"I don't think he should be unfastening my button's," she said softly - she felt something against her hand, and blinked down to see Jim's hand now rubbing up and down her slim legs, from her knee up to the edge of her skirt - what she felt against her hands was the skirt; each time he slid his hand upwards, it would go just a bit higher, gradually bunching her skirt up higher - her hands were helping to hold it down.

"You - you seem really nice," she said in a trembling voice, and finally unclasped her hands, and gripped the two armrests. She tried to act casual - these guys were just being a bit naughty, that's all. She looked down, and saw the Jim's fingers were disappearing routinely beneath her skirt now as his hand slid deeper between her thighs; she shifted, and her thighs spread just a bit, her skirt rode up a bit higher.

She saw Toms hand more clearly now; he was unfastening the sixth or seventh button, and this one began exposing her well defined cleavage. He had done two more before she had the nerve to say in a steady voice, "OK, I think that is far enough now, Tom!" and somehow pushed his hand away from her dress.

"OK," he smiled, "I'll go back to feeling how soft it is, shall I?" he said, and then was cupping her other breast, now through the loosened dress. Anne sat shocked, and turned to Jim.

"What - what do you think I should do?" she whispered. Tom began pinching, twisting and tugging on her nipple as she looked up at Jim, her mouth sagging open slightly. She dimly felt his hand, pushing her skirt higher, slipping off the top of her stockings.

Jim bent and kissed her too, and Anne lost herself in this kiss as well; her body twisted, and at some point his hand come in contact with her p

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