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The bitter end.

I mean, anything having to do with sex does.

Jen asked, "How long will you keep us under the spell?"

As long as you like. Whether it's one-minute, ten minutes or one hour you will be completely satisfied in the end. You girls have been so very nice to an old man; I'd like to be able to do something nice in return. It's now going on three minutes for Stacey. Come on. What do you say? You're falling behind her.

Ok, I'd like to be put under next to Stacey and how about, lets say for ten minutes.

Jen snuggled up on the couch next to Stacey. Mr. Jenkins waved his fingers and hands and just like that, Jen instantly found herself in a surreal cloud like atmosphere floating right there next to Stacey. They were hugging each other and looking into each other's eyes. No words were spoken. They did however sense a strange but somehow so right sort of feeling.

Their bodies felt weightless. Their arms and legs were entangled within one another. They were rubbing and squeezing each other's soft supple flesh. Hard nipples. Wet lips. Wet pussies. Hot flesh. Extreme overpowering arousal. An aching feeling deep within. Then...orgasm.

Wave after wave washing over their excited flesh. The peak of each wave climbing higher and higher. The intensity increasing more and more until the peak of ecstasy climbs to that highest of highs and just...hovers...just remains.

The most concentrated orgasmic sensation taking hold throughout every fiber of their clenched bodies and just holding on. Holding at the peak of pleasure. Muscles tightly flexed. Lips moaning then screaming out the joy of ecstasy. Until finally, finally, the orgasm releases.

Upon release, the orgasmic waves begin to flow again but now as they pass through their bodies one after the other, the orgasmic sensations decrease in intensity. The waves continue to wash over their relaxing bodies until finally the orgasm subsides. How utterly incredible.

But before any sensible consciousness can return to their orgasm induced numb minds, it starts all over again. Arousal, aching, then orgasm.

Then again. Arousal, aching, then orgasm.

Over and over this series of emotions, feelings and sensations went on and on. Both girls floating and lost inside this erotic balloon. Inside a blissful container of seemingly ever lasting sexual gratification.

Then suddenly, eyes fluttering and slowly opening. Back to reality. Back inside Mr. Jenkins' living room. As the two girls awoke, they instantly knew where they were and what had just happened to them.

It was true. Everything Mr. Jenkins had claimed he could do was true. I would have bet the farm against it. But, both girls were now believers.

The experience left Stacey mentally drained. She told Jen that she would really like to go home. She was quite spent from the experience and just felt the need to relax. They said their goodbyes to Mr. Jenkins and thanked him. Jen let him know she'll probably be visiting more often.

As Jen made her way back into her own house, she too felt somewhat "mentally" drained but she was more disappointed in the fact that her and Stacey wouldn't be having any further fun this evening. Jen was indeed mentally satisfied but, physically, her body was still hot. Still very, very hot as a matter of fact.

Jen's body, her pussy and her clit needed actual physical release. Jen ached for an orgasm. A real orgasm. Jen wanted to orgasm. Jen needed to orgasm. Needed to orgasm real bad. When Jen was like this, there was only one thing that would quell her crazy lust.

So, Jen ran up the stairs to her bedroom, grabbed the Hitachi and her latest and best dildo. The latest one is always the best one until the next one.

With vibrator and dildo in hand, Jen laid back and spread her legs wide. She gently caressed and rubbed up and down the insides of her thighs with the dildo. Then Jen turned on the vibrator and pressed it to her clit. No more fooling around.

With one hand she held the vibrator firmly to her clit.

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