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She decides to fulfill her husband's fantasy.

" Seeing the scared look on his face, she bent over and kissed his forehead. "Don't worry, sweetie, it's not nearly as bad as it sounds."

Richard could only nod in compliance as the sound of leather slapping against the man's bare flesh continued.

It was late for dinner so they ate lightly. Cold cuts, deli rolls and milk was on the menu for the night. The cook had already retired so they helped themselves to whatever could be found in the fridge. Sharon giggled as she found an untouched piece of pound cake that she complimented with a dollop of chocolate fudge ice cream. "I know I shouldn't but I really deserve it," she teased him as he searched for anything to spice up his sandwich.

They sat together in the empty kitchen, quickly eating after the long day. Sharon read a stack of papers as she ate that Richard couldn't identify. When she caught him straining to see she told him it was his medical report and confirmed all she had suspected.

"Your sperm count is very high," she explained. "Greater than most males even at your age. Emily will be glad to hear that."

He took a bite from his roast beef sandwich and listened.

"In other areas you excel." She trailed off, reading the packet detailing his medical history. Richard craned his neck to look but she made sure it was out of his view.

The night she turned down his bed and tucked him in. He loved the scent of her and her warm breath in his ear. Despite the day's proceedings he felt himself begin to stiffen and hoped Sharon didn't notice. She placed a warm hand on his bare chest, urging him to close his eyes and sleep.

With a kiss on his forehead and a wish for a pleasant sleep, she turned off the light by his bedside and stood to leave. From the light of the moon coming in the window she noticed the erection he did his best to hide from her. Fumbling between his thighs to camouflage its presence, she sighed softly. Emily was a very lucky woman. Sometimes life can be unfair.

She retired to her room adjacent to Richard's and flopped backward onto the bed. Watching over him had been the most difficult assignment she had ever been given since she gained her position with the Burkes. Though she watched over all the Burke husbands at one point, she found Richard to be the most alluring. The first day she had seen him naked she was impressed by his beauty, a mixture of charming, boy next door shyness with the soft sensuality of a model and the rough edges of a musician. All her life she'd fallen in love with men that possessed such traits but never found them all in one man. She found him innocently na__ve as to be endearing, smart and sweet but not above talking back when she found it appropriate. He was what they would call a heartbreaker, a boy that girls noticed the moment they were of age, someone that never knew how easily women fell for him, how easily charmed they were by his smile.

Rolling onto her stomach, she slinked back onto her feet and began prancing in front of the mirror over the bed. With an exaggerated flourish, she slipped the straps of her gown from her shoulders where it fell in a ring at her feet. She swiveled her hips, pleased with the body, enjoying the affect it had on men, and one in particular.

She loved being a woman, loved the fullness of her hips, and loved the ritual of shaving her legs. She loved feeling her long hair resting on her bare shoulder, thrilled to the sensitivity of her breasts, how her nipples tingled when she grew aroused.

Bending over, she studied the firm heaviness of her breasts and pressed them forward, presenting them to the copy in the mirror. She parted her legs, seeing herself as a man would the moment before they embraced. One solitary finger slid gracefully through the thick curls of dark brown hair, finding her wetness and entering her. The other hand joined the expedition, petting her tingling clit as her finger parted her opening, gently stroking her crevice.

She moaned and kept her eyes half closed, imagining Richard asleep in his bed.

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