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Brian fills his hot date with his cum.

She stepped in front of me and I got up the nerve to pull the bow on the other breast. It took a little tug and then the stings fell away and her other nipple popped out. She moved to a couple more people and then a girl reached up to the crotch of her panties and pulled another bow string. The strings fell away a little bit of brown hair poked through the exposed slit. The next women pull the next string and the slit opened up far more and much of her pubic hair was visible to us. The next women pulled the last bow on her panties and the slit opened fully and her vagina lips became visible. Her inner lips were longer than her outer lips which made them visible. I had never really seen another female other than myself this up close. She was a very pretty woman and acted so natural even though she was almost naked.

She tried on two more bra and panty sets. One of them had bows similar to the other one. The other one she came out in had snaps on it. I could not believe that the girls undid the snaps which were much harder than the bows. This caused them to touch all over her breast and her crotch opening them up. The next pair of panties was crotch less with only little straps on either side of her vagina leaving her crotch completely exposed with big slits over her breasts leaving them completely exposed as well.

The next time Kim came out she was wearing the came crotch less panties and bra set but she was wearing something that had elastic straps that held a little butterfly directly over her vaginal lips. I did not understand this at first until Jan said that thanks to modern technology that their husbands would love this. She pulled out a little box and turned the knob on top.

We all heard a suddenly little buzz and Kim jumped. We all realized at the same time it was a wireless little vibrator. She handed the controlled to the girl next to her. She looked at it a few seconds and then slowly turned the knob and Kim jumped again. She took her hand and actually placed if over the butterfly and smiled when she felt the vibrations. She turned the knob up and Kim placed her hand on the girls shoulder. She giggled again and then turned if off and handed it to the girl next to her and said "I'm getting one of those." Everyone cracked up laughing. I have to admit that I felt the butterfly as well and thought I had to try this for myself.

Well that was the last thing that Kim modeled for us that evening. I could not believe that when the evening was over she had over 2,000 from what everyone had purchased. Kim had made $300 dollars modeling. When Jan mentioned what she gave Kim I joking said that in a couple of week I might have to try and be her model. Jan just said that would be great. She said that she did shows in another city every third week for four days in a row. She told me that Kim could never go to the other town and that sales were always better when she had a model. I laughed and said I was only joking that there was no way that I could ever do that.

Jan laughed and told me of coarse I could that that I had the perfect body. Jan said that she first used a model that was really skinny and shaved her pussy and the parties did not go that well. Jan said that she thinks everyone thought of her as a porn star not someone like them. When she changed to Kim she said that she thought women looked at her and saw themselves. Jan said it doubled what people would buy at the parties. She asked me if I shaved and I laughed embarrassed and said of coarse not. She said perfect. I laughed and told her that I could never do model and she said she bet I would be great.

Two weeks later Jan called me during the day when I was working on my r__sum__ and she told me that she would pick me up at 4:00 and drive over for her business meeting in the city close to us. I told her no way and she said "oh, come on". She indicated that I did not have to model if I did not want to but she asked if I would come along just to make the trip more fun since I was not working.


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