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It was only moments before my daughter was as naked as I was. I could only stand there and stare at her naked body in awe. She had shaved herself and her pussy looked as pristine to me as it did when she was an infant.

Then Cassie moved forward and gently pushed me down onto the sofa, using her hands to urge my legs apart. Kneeling onto the carpeted floor, she placed a hand on each of my knees then looked up at me, that glazed look still in her eyes. "You want me to go down on you, Mommy? You want me to lick your pussy for you? You have to say it. If you want me to do it, you have to order me to do it!" Everything seemed so surreal and dreamlike at that moment in time. Yet in a burst of clarity, I understood what my daughter was asking. What she was pleading for. The words came easily to my lips.

"Yes, you little bitch!! I want you to eat my pussy for me!! I want you to stick your tongue in my cunt! Do it!! Do it now!" Her eyelids fluttered and she groaned loudly as she dipped her head forward and buried her entire face into the hollow of my crotch. She began to lick me and fuck me with her tongue and I surrendered myself to the incredible sensations that her mouth and tongue were creating in my body. I draped my legs over her slender shoulders, and putting my hands on the back of her head, I pulled her mouth even harder into my crotch and ground my pussy against her face, my heels beating a tattoo on her back as an intense and nerve-shattering orgasm caused my insides to convulse rhythmically...

Still naked, we sat side by side on the sofa, my arm around my daughter and her head nestled against my shoulder. Speaking softly, but with concern in my voice, I turned to kiss Cassie on the temple. "What about you, honey? I mean...do you want me to...to return the favor? You must still be...shook up." She chuckled softly and tilted her head to give me a fleeting kiss on the lips.

"I'm okay, Mom. Doing you was enough to get me off! Wow!! I thought you were going to smother me there for a minute, you know?" I could feel my face flush with embarrassment. "I'm sorry, honey. I don't know what came over me! I've never felt like that before. Not ever! But I want to ask you something, darling...and please be honest with me. You said that you wanted me to order you to...to do what you did. Were you trying to tell me to be dominant with you or what?"

Cassie sighed and nestled her head against my shoulder again, as if embarrassed to look me in the eyes. "Yeah," she said, hesitancy in her voice. "That's what really turns me on, Mom. I know it sounds weird and all, but it's what I like. I don't mean I like pain or anything like that, you know? I mean I wouldn't want anyone to really hurt me, like burn me with cigarettes and stuff like I read about on the Internet. I just like sexy stuff, you know? I mean...heck...I guess I'd do almost anything as long as it didn't hurt! I can remember when I was just a kid and you'd get mad at me and yell at me and make me go to my room and stuff. I liked it. Lot's of times I'd go to my room and play with myself."

As if remembering it was titillating her, she languidly reached over and began to play with my breast. "You got really great tits mom, you know?"

I think this was the very first time that my daughter and I had ever really talked to one another. I was seeing a side of her that I never knew even existed. Then a sudden thought struck me. "Cassie? Who took those pictures of you and your friend Barbara?" Her hand paused in its exploration of my breast and I heard the tiny intake of breath she made.

"I..I can't remember," she said, the lie obvious in her voice.

I waited a long moment, then raised my voice.

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