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Guy has fun with gorgeous dental assistant.

A few more inquiries and then she contacted Catherine, who set this dinner meeting up.

I still wasn't clear what she wanted from me and I told her so.

Laura set her flute down, and grabbed my left hand and holding it, leaned into me, looked me in the eyes and said "I need a partner to get my new Las Vegas based brokerage business off the ground. I'm leaving New York and starting over again. I can buy and sell with the best of them, and I can negotiate properties for you to buy better than anyone else you know or will get to know. The bankers love me because my deals are clean and profitable. I've done all my research Jack. You're my first choice to partner with."

She was so serious, so intent on selling me that maybe she didn't notice (or maybe she did) but her right tit was very firmly pressed into my left upper arm and I could feel a taut nipple through my suit coat.

A vision ran through my head of seeing her out at the pool, topless, that afternoon.

To this point I hadn't seen a pokie but now I was feeling it.

The pupils of her eyes were fully dilated so I knew she was very attracted to me.

I sensed she wanted me to kiss some more but I held off.

For the moment.


When she finished talking she stayed close to me and in fact, pulled my left hand down to her right thigh.

I didn't resist.

Her dress had ridden up (or she had pulled it up) and my hand was on her toned tanned thigh, about ten inches above her knee.

It felt nice. Warm.

Lauren asked me in a quiet voice "Can we talk about how we can work together?"

Her left hand pulled my right hand up a little further up her leg.

I now had two fingers on her bare leg above the top of her stockings and three fingers on her stocking.

I liked touching her and she liked it too.

Her pussy couldn't be far away, maybe an inch or so.

Laura smiled and said "I want to work closely with you Jack; very closely."

Taking the initiative, Lauren kissed me softly on my lips.

I returned her smile and replied "How will that work, exactly?"

She sipped the champagne as her right hand continued to rest on my left hand.

"I was thinking that I would be based here in Las Vegas but maybe it would be better for us if I was in LA. What do you think?"

Friends, at this point my little head was thinking more clearly than my big head and the alcohol did not help.

I smiled and said "I can accommodate you either place. It depends on your preference."

With her tiny right hand she sort of tickled and teased my hand on her thigh and said "I need to be near you Jack. You're going to be my partner on these deals and we're going to be interacting with one another almost daily."

If she moved her right hand just a little bit further to her right she'd find out my definition of working closely because I had a huge erection in my slacks.

She knew it too.

She hadn't touched me but she knew. Women like Lauren knew exactly what they were doing when they wanted something ... big.

Lauren had planned this whole thing out for months.

I was her prey; she had found me, stalked me, tracked me, enticed me and she wanted me.

I nodded and took a sip of champagne and Laura pulled my left hand further up her leg so that my entire hand and all five fingers were on bare skin.

All my fingers were north of her thigh high.

Her promised land was close.

My pinky was on the crease of her thigh and was next to the promised land.

So close I could feel the furnace of her pussy on my pinky finger.

If she opened her legs, I'd be there.

I sure if I moved my pinky just a bit it would get wet.


If anyone had been watching us, they would think Laura and I were lovers.

Cindy our server did.

Now five hundred dollars richer, she wisely kept her distance and left us alone.

Laura was sitting so close to me she was practically on top of me.

My left hand was below the table, so was her right hand.

Something had to be going on down there.

I didn't want to push things; I wanted this to be her deal; let her pursue me.

Our heads were close together; she and I were talking softl

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