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Son might finally have what he wants: power over mom.

"What the..."


"You shut your damn mouth bitch! Bitches talk when they told they can talk and I didn't tell you a damn thing! Keep your trap shut until I say open it!" the large pimp said as he kicked the gun into the gutter.

Deloras nodded a yes, and then quietly waited while the pimp looked her over like she was a piece of meat. Part of her was raging at her to get the hell out of there, but another part, a much bigger part overrode that and said "bitches do what the man says to do."

DC looked over the Assistant DA with a smile. Oh shit yeah! This bitch was a natural hottie. Chinese American, about 5 foot 8 inches, toned, muscled, long jet black hair (in a bun right now), dark eyes, and a nice 36 inch rack. She definitely fit the nickname "Princess" that the criminals had given her.

"Nice. Don't even need to take you to see HAL. I can put you right to work with just a change of clothes and attitude. Bitch, I'm DC the Super Pimp and I am taken back Sassy Street. You are going to help me do it and you are going to love every minute of it. Normally I'd fuck you senseless and break you like I did Suzie here, but time is short. So first the attitude, then the fucken!"

With that DC stepped forward and jammed a syringe into her ass. Deloras Chen gasped, and seized, and then her eyes rolled back in head. Her head lolled about for a few seconds and then she blinked and looked at DC.

"Ohhhh, damn baby! Me so horny! Me wanna fuck you! Fuck me in da ass, in da face, in the pussy! Fuck me wong time and make me bitch!" Deloras said in a now very pronounced slutty Asian accent. She strutted up to DC and ran her fingers over his crotch. "Oooooo, baby. For me?"

DC grinned as Suzie sauntered up and grabbed Chen's ass. Suzie licked the former assistant DA's ear and they both giggled.

"Don't worry bitch, I got plenty for you. Your crime fighting days are done, time to embrace your destiny. Shit, there we go. You're Destiny from know on, dig?" DC said with grin as he grabbed his new bitch by the arm and led he down the alley.

"Destiny? Me wik dat! Nice and swutty, wik me!"

DC led Destiny into a back door of a seedy hotel and up the back stairs into a room. There the other three pimps waited. The look on their faces was classic.

"Holy shit! You fucking turned the Princess!" G Standard nearly shouted when the hot asian slut strutted into the room licking her lips.

"God Damn! I have been dreamen about tapping that tight ass!" Sammie added as he started to undo his pants.

"You fucks get seconds. I ream this bitch first then you. Now get out and wait in the hall." DC ordered. The other pimps looked irritated for a second and then after getting a glare, dropped their eyes and headed out the door.

"On your knees, put dat tongue to work. Make me like it or you are out." DC said as he dropped his pants.

Destiny smiled and licked her lush lips. She ran her tongue up and down his whole shaft while she fingered his balls. Then she winked at him and started to take him inch by inch. DC watched with a smile as she proceeded to show her hooker serum injection worked perfectly as she was able to deep throat his entire 14 inches. She hummed and was able to make her entire tongue vibrate as she took him entirely in and out in a slow rhythem. DC's eyes rolled back as he nearly lost himself to the pleasure.

"MMmmmmmmm, if I wasn't Super Pimp this would knock me clean out from the pleasure. You are doing good bitch!"

Destiny increased her speed and DC blew his load in her. Her cheeks ballooned out, but she swallowed the whole load without missing a beat. She then stood up and stripped out of her clothes and bent over the bed wiggling her ass. She looked over her shoulder and said "Mmmmm, baby, come fuck Destiny in ass. Break me in, make me your bitch!"

DC strode over and without further ado, rammed his huge cock right up her ass.

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