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Gym friends decide to go on a vacation together.

The first guy who fucked me is back and hard again. He slaps my cunt hard, and then laughs as he watches me cum again, and my pussy squirt all over his hand. He takes his cock in his fist and jams it up my ass again, along with the equally huge cock already fucking me there. You hear me cry out fresh, just like I did for the very first cock up my ass that night. You settle back at the bar and watch as every guy who wanted a second shot at my ass takes it, only this time they go two at a time. I'm screaming and thrashing around as they double fuck my already destroyed asshole, loving every sick fucking second of it. It goes on for more hours, two at a time up my ripped up ass. They're fucking me every bit as hard as before and whipping my red, raw nipples with their wide leather belts as they do it. Finally, after many hours of pure hardcore sodomy of the most violent kind, every man is drained. Next to me on the floor is a beer pitcher filled to the rim with what must be thousand of shots of cum.

One guy stands up and says that he wants to see the skank drink the cum. The crowd cheers, but you raise your hand and calm them down. You take a look at me, completely fucked out and barely conscious. You've never seen any girl look as completely slutty and nasty as I do right there.

Nearly fucked to death up her pain-loving whore-cunt ass hole. Your mind races back to the shit I gave you just hours ago and smile an evil smile. Wait!" You yell out to the crowd. "We still have to settle the matter of who gets these $50!"

The bar erupts again in arguments about who thinks they fucked me up the worst. You decide that to settle it, everyone gets one chance to abuse me and make me scream. I feel my cunt tighten again just imagining what they're going to do to me, the limitless slut that controls me having hours ago replaced any trace there might have ever been of the normal me.

They all take their turn. Some grab my nipples and pull until I'm lifted up off the ground, crying out as they slowly tear off of my body. Others whip me with their thick leather belts. My ass, my tits, even my messy slut cunt get lashed and beaten. Some ram their huge rough fists up my already destroyed asshole, stretching it out even further, tearing it up past anything even I have ever imagined. The bikers torture me over and over again, biting my clit, ramming pool cues up my ass three or four at a time. I'm screaming and crying, but every time I'm asked if I want them to stop, all I can say is "Please! NO! Don't fucking stop!"

All the bikers give me the sickest and most painful tortures they can imagine, until only two are left. You can tell these guys are the sick one of the bunch just by looking at them. I lay there on the pool table, my legs bent back by whoever is nearby at the time, exposing my asshole, cunt and tits to everyone. The next to last biker walks over to me and pinches both my nipples between his long fingernails, then my clit the same way. I scream again, but no more than before. He then reaches into his pocket and pulls out three safety pins. My brain cries out, but can't distinguish between need and terror anymore.

Taking my left breast in his hand, he squeezes the bruised flesh hard, making my rock hard nipple stand out that much more.

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