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Greyhound coach trip will never be the same.

I reached your crotch and started rubbing and squeezing your semi erect cock, while Zuzi began nibbling on your earlobe. At this point you were extremely horny, and very much encouraged to take control. You took off my tank top, unzipped Zuzi's dress and pulled it down while I was kissing your tummy underneath your shirt. I successfully drew your attention - you started caressing my head, rubbing my neck and my boobs. In the meantime, Zuzi was taking off my pants and getting rid of her own dress which was until then wrapped around her ankles. I turned around and Zuzi and i started making out really passionately, pressing our bodies against each other. her hand went down my back and grabbed my ass, while my hand caressed her stomach, then her tits and headed down toward her pussy. Your eyes were on my hand, your cock was throbbing and you wondered why the hell you were still completely dressed.

You quickly took it all off and by the time you were done Zuzi was on her back and i was lying in between her legs licking the inside of her thigh and playing with her clit. You went to make out with her and her her boobs for a little bit and then you came behind me, squeezed my ass with one had, grabbed my pussy with the other, and kept your eyes on my fingers and tongue, which were now all over Zuzi you were getting super horny, so you were extremely pleased when Zuzi called you to go over to her. She lay on her side, while still making space for me, and without losing any time in teasing started licking the head of your cock, at first very softly, just with the tip of her tongue, then putting more and more pressure and finally sucked it all in. Long awaited.. and reeally nice...

To be continued ;o) its getting really late now, so i need to go. but i will most certainly finish my story!!

Zuzi part 2

Oh.. did I have to finish anything?? Oh yes, i remember. where was I.. oh yes, Zuzi had just gobbled you down, which felt extreeeeeemly nice since you were already super horny from watching us make out and touch and lick each other. You closed your eyes for a bit, to enjoy the sensation. In a while, Zuzi let you be, as I crawled upwards towards her, kissing her tummy, licking her nipple and then finally making out with her. Meanwhile, in an effort to get my attention, you were rubbing my ass and the back of my thighs, coming closer and closer to my pussy. I looked up to you, you pulled my head towards yours and started kissing me all over - my lips and my neck and my chin and my lips again.

You pushed me flat on my back, I put my ankles on your shoulders. You started doing me slowly, putting a lot of pressure, one hand on my ass and the other on my clit, making me bite my lips with pleasure. Very soon, though, Zuzi came along, we started making out and she kind of pushed your fingers away and started rubbing me instead. Your now idle hand rubbed its way up my belly, to my boobs, and, as it pinched my nipple, I gave out a moan enjoying the hot orgasmic waves crawling up my body and down through all my limbs. Sensing that I'm just about to come, you stopped, smiled, and said "it's not time for you yet babe".

As you pulled your cock out of me, Zuzi slowly crawled down and started licking me and fingering me quite intensely. Her round nicely-shaped ass, up in the air, drew your attention. You fingered her from behind for a little bit and then got your dick in her with a quick thrust and started banging her straight away. She started moaning with pleasure and loosing focus from my clit more and more often. So I started crawling on my back, downwards, underneath her and towards you, kissing her on my way down. At one point our boobs rubbed against one another, which you thought was really hot! ;o)

Now my head was in between Zuzi's things, by your cock and her pussy, while my lower body was sticking out right behind you.

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