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Jack passes up an opportunity he shouldn't have.

You still want me inside of you, the fact that I just came doesn't worry you, you ask me to get your rabbit out of your drawer, I reach over for it and place it on the bed next to you, I reach back over to your drawer and take out a vibrating bullet, you like the thought of having two toys used on you at the same time, I turn your bullet to full power and start running it over your body, first I run it up your stomach, from the bottom to the top, I then move it over to the side of your body and move it down to the top of your hips and across your stomach just above your clit, you are so horny right now, you want me to use your rabbit on you as well, I turn off your bullet and start to walk out of the room, you wonder where I'm going but I don't say a word to you.

You're spread out on the bed lying in a pool of your own come and wanting to come again, I come back in the room holding some thing behind my back, you wonder what it is but I want it to be a surprise for you, I place something on the floor, you are trying desperately to see what it is but before you can move your body I have grabbed your legs and put my head inches away from your hot pussy, I can see your come running down onto your bed and decide you have been teased enough, I gently start blowing your warm pussy which makes you start moaning, I reach for your vibrating bullet and take it off your body, I turn it onto the lowest setting and gently rest it on your clit, the gentle vibrations make you moan even more, I only leave it on there for a few seconds then I gently lick the tip of your clit with the tip of my tongue, I slide my tongue down the outside of your pussy making you ask me to slip my tongue inside you, I ignore you and put the bullet back on your clit the gentle vibrations send shivers up your spine making you arch your back, I can tell you're about to come, I push the bullet down on your clit, you like it so much that your legs start to spasm out of control with the pleasure of your third orgasm, I keep the vibrator on you making sure every last drop of your come drips out of your hot wet pussy and onto your already wet bed sheets.

I start to kiss your left leg, firstly kissing the soft flesh on the back of your knee, moving my lips up the back of your thigh then across to the side where I slowly move up towards your hot dripping pussy, I can taste your come on your thighs, as horny as I am I resist the urge to slide my tongue in to you, I am still holding the vibrator on your clit which is making you moan with pleasure, I move my mouth across to your right thigh and start to kiss your leg down towards your soft warm knee, just as I start to kiss the back of your right thigh your back arches and you start moaning louder now, I can see your whole body quivering as the gentle vibrations bring you to an explosive orgasm, your come is running down your tired pussy and soft thighs onto the bed, the sight of you in extreme pleasure starts to make my cock rise.

I take the vibrator off your clit and let it fall onto the bed.

The thought of pleasuring you again makes my cock get harder, I start to lightly slide my tongue up the front of your wet pussy tasting your hot come, you have been waiting for my tongue to be licking your tight little pussy, you want me to put my tongue inside you, I reach for your rabbit that you so badly

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