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Catching up with old friends.

"Buffy, calm down... I guess I'm just being a little over protective... If Spike makes you happy, then that's all I can ask for." Joyce said, reaching over to cup her daughter's chin, "I love you Buffy!"

"I love you too mom!" She replied.


The next morning, Buffy met up with Giles at the magic box to document the details of the Bolvarga demon, and do some training in the back workout room.

After a few hours, Buffy was getting bored. She was getting restless for her vampire. Looking at the clock, it was 2 hours before sundown,

"I guess it wouldn't hurt to go see if Spike is awake..." She said to herself. Toweling herself off, she headed to the cemetery, and to her lover's crypt.

Buffy quietly opened the door to the crypt and didn't hear any noise, she noticed that Spike wasn't watching TV, so she crept downstairs. There he was... sleeping like a baby... Of course he was naked underneath the sheets, she could tell by the outline of his sculpted body beneath.

Buffy silently removed her clothing and got on to the bed, trying not to wake Spike. Unfortunately, he knew she was there from the moment she walked down the steps, but he was going to play her game the way she wanted to... For now...

Buffy peeled back the sheets to discover her theory was correct - he was naked. Getting adventurous, she took his semi-hard penis in her hand and started massaging. After a minute, it was hard as a rock, and funny enough, the vampire didn't stir...

At that moment, Buffy took Spike's manhood into her mouth and gently started sucking. It was at that point that she felt a hand at the back of her head gently caressing her... She looked up to see Spike looking at her with sleep and lust in his eyes. He moaned as Buffy continued her work, licking and sucking up and down his length, going deeper with every downward action. Grabbing his balls delicately, she massaged them to increase his pleasure. Circling the tip of his hardness with her tongue, she nibbled the head, making Spike growl with desire.

"Oh god Buffy! Keep doing that!!! AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!" He hissed.

Buffy obliged until Spike couldn't take anymore. He grabbed Buffy up to his mouth for a searing kiss. Their tongues entwined, hands roaming, bodies writhing. Buffy was grinding her pelvis against Spike's; she slowly inserted him inside her womb.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!" They both moan into each other's mouths. Buffy started to rise her hips to begin the pleasure that they both know so well.

"Why does this always feel like it's the first time when we are together?" Buffy said in ecstasy.

"God luv! I don't know... I just think our bodies are meant for no one else but us." Spike replied, as he kissed her neck lovingly.

"Mmmmm, that gives me goose bumps... I soooo love that.... Mmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!" She said, then nuzzled his neck as well.

The pace quickened in their lovemaking, Buffy was on the verge of cumming, Spike wriggled a hand between their bodies to play with her clit, he knew it was all she needed...

"Oh my God!!! Sppiiikkkeeee!!! AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!" Buffy rode Spike hard as if the waves of her orgasm took her.

Spike wasn't ready to cum; he flipped Buffy over doggy style so that he could pound into her from behind, since he always had a thing for her beautiful ass.

Buffy liked the feel of Spike having the control this way. She knew that if she positioned her hips just so, Spike's balls would slap her clit... God she loved fucking her vampire! She thought to herself.

Spike pumped and pounded her with all the passion he could give; he squeezed her firm globes of her ass as he drove into her.

"Ahhhhh Buffy!!!!! I'm cummin'!! I'm gonna cum so harrrrdddd!!! Ahhhhhh!!"

Spike collapsed on to her back... kissing her skin, across her shoulder blades, up her neck, nibbling with his blunt teeth.

Buffy's breathing returned to normal as Spike pulled out of her. He settled down beside her, taking her into his arms kissing his beloved with a tender kiss.

"That was so wonderful.

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