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He plots his escape.

He let nine guys fuck him, while I watched, and got turned on again. Porn might get boring, but seeing cocks of all sizes reaming him out and seeing his pleasure again and again, was so sexy, I got hard-a shock at my age. I assumed that we was hard too, but he was pressed into the arm of his chair so I was not sure. He was excited and happy and pleasured though. That was clear.

When the last guy was done, wiped the lube off his legs and up his crack, like his valet. I made sure to get his balls and then turned him to clean off his cock. It was stiff. I got onto my knees and sucked him again. He moaned, held my head and then said "Done."

The other pervs were playing with themselves and each other. I tried to be like a massage girl and pulled his pants up and gave him his jacket. He shooed the other guys out of "our" room. "Can I see you? Can I fuck you?" he asked. I was stunned. "Not here, but can we go to your apartment, or get together tomorrow." I needed to work the next day and needed to head back to the hotel. But, I was in town two more days.

"Sure, can you call me?" We exchanged cell phone numbers. "Give me a call after 8:30 tomorrow night if you want," and I left.

As I was leaving the bookstore I made a pass through the shop, and got some condoms, lube and saw the rubber cocks. Well...could I do this? I bought two cocks and headed out with a black bag of goodies.

My evening in the adult bookstore had provided a great time the evening before. I hoped that my new friend would actually call me for another evening. I got a quick meal on the way to the hotel, picked up a Texas mini-brewery six pack, called the wife and claimed to be in the room working the rest of the night.

I had also purchased an four pack enema box on the way to the hotel and administered one. Damn thing worked! I showered off. I put on the same red pants I wore to the theater, was sitting ready at 7:30, with my plush black hotel robe keeping my nearly naked body warm. I had purchased two different rubber cocks, and thought, "Well, am I ready?" Not sure, I opened the two dongs, cleaned them with my toy cleaner (another first experience). I got a towel laid it on the bed and laid back. I fingered my asshole with some lube and inserted the smaller diameter cock. It was a little uncomfortable at first, and then as I ran it in and out, it felt more comfortable. I played with angles of attack, tried to find the prostate, and generally just fucked my ass. After a while it was really relaxed and not all that exciting. OK, let's go up a couple of sizes. This one popped in with a real pop, and I could feel my asshole strain. It was tight, sensitive (no, it stung and hurt). I gently moved it in and out, and got more comfortable. As I pulled it out the dong I noticed there was a little shit on the end. So, I administered another enema, lost the last bit of my bowels fills and settled in with the tablet for some porn.

Ring! I checked out the caller and it was my wife. Oh No!! But we chatted about the news, and events and she let me go back to work.

After some good porn, Ring...this time it was my new friend. I had mentioned I was staying very close to the bookstore so he said he was there, close and looking forward. I gave him the address and room, and waited.

He showed up in loose running shorts, his long cock almost to the edge of the shorts, and evident as a hanging sausage. He had a t-shirt on and boat shoes. He smiled, and held out a rose? I was shocked, and he laughed. I always give a rose to a lady before I fuck her, and guys too. We both laughed and I shut the door. I felt submissive, and reached for his arm, gently traced along it and leaned in to kiss him. He kissed back and I felt his cock stiffen under his shorts. We broke lock and I helped him take his shirt off, dropped his pants off (no underpants again), and I took off my robe.

He was sweaty, looked a little dusty.

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