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First the father, then his daughter.


"Well, just what did you have in mind then?"

"Let's just get down to it then, since you're so tired. Strip."

He was startled at her forwardness. He'd not ever experienced a woman that forward in all his road warrior days. Well, at least not one so beautiful and forward. The locals were always trying to get into your pants in the restaurant and the other road warriors almost always wanted half a dozen drinks before they passed out naked in the bed next to you. They just wanted a warm body to lie next to. Tracy was a rare one indeed. She was doing all the pushing on this one. And with all my pressure at work, I didn't mind one bit.

"Okay my little man, now that you've gotten yourself almost properly undressed, let's get you on the bed then." He stood in front of her in his underwear, not having had the chance yet to remove them. He wasn't too worried, as she'd get them off me if she really wanted them off. He lay on the bed as she instructed and waited for her to come over. She finished off another slug of the bourbon and got up onto the bed, kneeling over me. "Well then, let's see what kind of training this boy needs."

From somewhere she pulled some nylon cord out and quickly tied his hands above his head to a hole in the headboard. She reached over to the nightstand and pulled his Leatherman tool out from its pouch and flipped it open. For a moment he feared for his life, thinking that perhaps he'd found some psycho who got off on cutting up her victims. He exhaled as he felt the blade under his underwear and the knife sliding through the fabric as she half cut and half ripped the underwear off his body. She pulled the top section down and just let is lay between his legs. This exposed his cock, now expanded to over half its full size and getting bigger by the moment. She smiled as she caressed his thighs, running her hands up and down them just barely grazing the flesh. And then he felt something wrapping around the base of his cock and balls, but it wasn't her hand. He looked and saw her lacing something black around the base of his genitals. He wasn't sure what it was but then felt tightness as she pulled on it. Some kind of rubber band thing was being wrapped around him. She looped it around his cock and balls and then another loop to separate his balls from the rest.

"I think you need a little bit of training in control my boy, so I'll use a little training device on you." She leaned down over him, her breasts hanging into her shirt and barely grazing him through the fabric as she kissed him deeply. Her warm mouth covered his and her tongue probed his mouth deeply. She explored him with her tongue and kissed him passionately. Her mouth was on hers so tightly that he couldn't even breathe in when her hand finally touched his cock. She wrapped her hand around it and slowly started pumping him. She broke the kiss and he finally inhaled. She again smiled and looked at his face, then looked down at his cock. Blood slowly moved into his cock past the rubber bands strapped around him - where the blood was stuck and wouldn't be leaving until those bonds came off his cock.

She left the bed for a moment and pulled off her t-shirt, allowing her breasts to swing freely. He guessed them to be a C cup. Regardless, they were very beautiful, a slight tan line around them, her hair coming down to just cover the tops of them. He wanted so much to reach out and stroke the sides of them, to caress his hands over her nipples. He pulled at the bonds holding his hands. A moment later and her sweat pants also came down, accompanied immediately with her panties. A small patch of pubic hair adorned her labia at the top, the rest clean-shaven. He inhaled her scent as it wafted freely into the room. His cock surged again, somehow getting bigger.

He felt it was immense from the pressure of the rubber band.

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