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Niki chooses her fantasy, but is it too much?


He was about as naked as it was possible to get. Kelly wasn't a big dude like Jamie or I, coming up to only our shoulders in height, but he had a dense compact muscularity that a lot of girls really liked. And he was funny as hell, doing stand up comedy at some of the clubs downtown. The girls loved his fiery red hair too. And watching him stand there balls naked, it was confirmation of his Irish heritage that he was pretty much red everywhere. Not that I needed it. I knew Kelly was pretty au natural, we'd seen each other naked before. He didn't keep his pubic hair trimmed. Jamie stood behind Kelly, leaning against the doorframe, still wrapped in his towel.

"Hey," Kelly continued, "We just stopped by for a poke and a cup of sugar. If you don't have the sugar we'll settle for the poke."

"Hope you don't mind babe," Jamie said to Nikki.

She sort of shrugged, leaning back on the bed, and said, "Not as long as they're all like Marc here. That was one wild ride."

She patted my cock for emphasis, as I smirked, leaning back on the bed, still lying next to Nikki.

"Hey, c'mon," said Kelly, "We're not all hung like a horse like my man Marc, but some of us make up for it in other ways."

"Really?" she asked him, gazing as his crotch, where his dick hung limply.

"You want to suck my dick and find out?" he inquired, grabbing his balls, "My girlfriend says it feels pretty good in her ass."

Nikki crawled over to the edge of the bed and Kelly brought his dick over to her. She took his limp dick in her hand, putting the soft flesh in her mouth a couple times until he started to get hard enough for her to suck on like a lollipop. Kelly was being modest earlier. He wouldn't have gotten in our frat if he wasn't a real man in every sense of the word, including when it came to his dick size. But that was my man Red. Everything was a surprise, and Nikki soon found out that despite his smaller build he was a bigger dude down there than Jamie was.

"Oh, fuck," groaned Kelly, lovingly cupping his hand against Nikki's face, "I don't know but you sure can suck cock."

She moaned admiringly, then pulled her mouth away from his and said, "I sure can."

"Well," I suggested, "Why don't you bring that mouth over here for a while so my boy over there can have a turn in that pussy?"

She looked behind her and smiled at me, but she didn't waste a lot of time considering the proposition before she turned round and went for my dick again. I had risen like the Empire State Building and she grabbed me with both hands like a joy stick and went to work, her tongue making tantalizing circles around the mushroom head of my cock poking up above her two fists. Meanwhile that left her ass waving in the air and I knew that Kelly wasn't going to let an opportunity like that go to waste.

"Where are the rubbers man?" he asked with his cock in his fist.

"In the drawer there," said Jamie pointing.

Kelly reached in and pulled out one of my Magnum XLs.

"Jesus, dude," he said to me, "Do these actually fit that horse cock of yours?"

"Barely," I grunted, grinning at him while Nikki was going down on me.

"Fucking hell," laughed Kelly, "You're a super stud Marc, no doubt about it. My hero. Biggest dick in the West. Well I need something a little smaller. This will slip right off."

He was looking for one of Jamie's and he pulled one out of the drawer.

"If you don't hurry up, man," I told him, "I may just fuck her again myself."

There was a pleasant moan at that from Nikki as she continued to suck me off.

"No need to be hasty," said Kelly, "I'm worth the wait."

Then he tossed me one of my Magnums and said, "Save that for later big guy."

With that out of the way Kelly the Red then focused his attention on that well rounded ass waving in the air in front of him.

"Now as I was saying," he continued, and as he spoke he rubbed his cock once up and down her pussy slit, quickly finding the hole that Jamie and I were now intimately familiar with.


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