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A man measures what age and time has taken from him.

Mum said as she left, "I'll be back Wednesday, if you need anything call me."

I said, "Yes okay, I'll be fine, say hi to grandma."

I just hoped Kev doesn't try and contact mum before Tuesday.

I hoped to be more than fine, I hoped to get laid and proper fucked. If Kev was fine for mum, then Kev would be fine for me, till I can find a way to get Gary.

I never did see Kev's cock, but mum seemed to enjoy it. I wanted to test it, I wanted to see if it could make me cum. I wanted his cock to make me cum.

Monday I concentrated on my school work, it was difficult but did manage to do something. But then on Tuesday I just could not wait till one o'clock. In the morning I shaved my pussy and took a long shower. I didn't wear a bra; I never did out of school. I had nice firm tits the kind that point upwards.

I wore my red thong and a short skirt with a boob tube to show off my abs.

It was midday and I was ready, I did not really want anything but I had a bite to eat. I drank some water, my mouth felt so dry, I drank more. I kept looking at the clock on the wall. My heart raced, I could hear it in my chest as it thumped away.

I looked out of the window and then back at the clock, it was ten past one. I thought 'Shit,' he's not coming, 'Fuck.'

He must have contacted mum and found out she's not at home, 'Fuck it.'

I went into the kitchen and drank more water. I had just put the mug down and the doorbell rang. My heart stopped 'Fuck,' he's here. I tried to keep calm as I walked to the door. I opened it and there was Kev.

He looked surprised, he said, "Oh, hi Abby... err... you're at home are you?"

I opened the door wider and said, "Hi Kev, come in."

He stood there and asked, "Is... your dad... or your mum home?"

I said, "No just me, I'm on study leave."

He just stood at the door and said, "Oh... never mind... I'll come back later... some other day."

I knew if I had let him go then he would have rang my mum and found out that it was me who had answered his call a few days ago, I couldn't let him leave.

He turned halfway round, I said, "What did you want? Can I help?"

He turned back and said, "No it's okay. I'll call your dad later."

I asked, "Did you have some tools to give him?"

He looked confused and said, "What, what tools?"

I said, "Never mind, it's just that mum said last week you had brought some tools round for dad."
He turned back to go and said, "No, no tools. I'll call him later."

I had to get him back, I couldn't let him leave.

He took a step away and I said, "I saw you."

He kept walking and I said a bit louder, "I saw you and mum!"

He froze, turned around and stepped back and said, "What! You saw what?"

I said, "Come in and I'll tell you."

Although there was a panicked look in his eyes, I could tell he did not believe me. He said, "No I'm not coming in, I don't know what you saw or what you think you saw!"

He stepped backwards, to go. I said, "Well let's see what you make of this, you and mum both naked, your cock in her mouth, you blow and she swallows it all down. Tell me what would you make of that?"

He stepped closer almost in through the door, he said, "Look okay, it was a one off, you can't tell your dad."

I stepped backwards away from the door and said, "It's not up to you to tell me who I can and can't tell. And I know it was not a 'One off,' it could remain our little secret."

He walked through and closed the door behind him. The panicked look disappeared and an angry look took over as he said, "Okay little girl, let's not beat around the bush, tell me what you want for your silence?"

I tried to be coy, I lifted a finger to my lips and I said, "I don't know."

He said, "By the way you look, I think you've got a good idea of what you want."

I walked up to him very close, I stroked the side of his face with a finger and said, "What sort of idea do you have to keep me quite?"

He grabbed my wrist and said, "Let's not play games little girl, I haven't the time nor the patience."

I forcefully released my hand from his grip and said, "Don't call me a little gi

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