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Virginity is lost in three days of passion.

She chuckled knowingly, and replied that her lover was no longer home, he'd left on an errand. He stood dumbfounded for a moment then recovering himself bid her a goodnight, and left saying he'd send the bill in the mail.

As CJ walked to his truck, his previous memories of Sherri returned, now accompanied by a picture of the lovely young woman. He started thinking of Sherri, whom he would see shortly, and what she'd say. He knew that she'd enjoy hearing about this job.

Feeling extra horny now, he stepped on the gas, and turned tail toward home. He thought once more of how he'd felt when he had seen, and experienced, his forbidden love cum. With his dick rock hard, and no longer able to fly under the radar, trying to calm down became his focus since he preferred not to get out of the truck, and be seen walking into his home this way.

But his efforts to avoid fantasizing about fucking Sherri senseless did not cease. CJ was pleased to see nobody else was around, on either the street, or in his home when he arrived. The shower would feel so good, and it occurred to him it would be the opportunity he needed for release.

He headed straight for the bathroom, stripped off his clothes, turned on the water and jumped in the shower with one goal. Cumming was priority number one. He felt himself moving very fast in an effort to get to her sooner, and it filled his mind with pleasure just to think of where he was going when he finished cleaning up.

The feel of her, the sight of her breasts heaving up and down as she panted with pleasure, the sound of her groaning and then the look on her face as she came. Speaking of cum, he had shot his load and was still rock hard. He began to clean himself up, and slowly his control returned.

Well, I think that'll do, he thought to himself, temporarily at least. He just couldn't wait to see her. "Then, dry and dress." he murmured aloud because she is waiting, he finished the thought in his head.

In no time at all, his thoughts consumed with desire and his body still aching for her, CJ had arrived where they agreed to meet.

The mental coaching began as he slammed the car door. He told himself not to slip. He told himself she was wonderful in every way, but married. He was also very aware of the fact that she often lost control, and tried to seduce him, even though she knew how he felt, and honestly wanted to respect his feelings.

CJ believed it to be his fault that she had a hard time honoring his request to be just friends. He had made the mistake of letting his feelings for her show a long time ago when their friendship blossomed. Even though she chastised him for it, and refused to let him shoulder all the blame, he couldn't shake his guilt.

So now here he was..... in love with her, and she with him. He told himself to hug her, be a good listener, offer encouragement, support he in every way possible to leave her marriage, and then be on his way.

He told himself to be strong and remember how it had felt when his now ex-wife had cheated. He felt that wasn't exactly a good comparison, but still it hurt. Although CJ didn't intend for any of this to happen, neither of them had, he didn't want to anybody to get hurt.

Sherri's husband had already treated her, well quite badly, in his opinion. He didn't want to do wrong, yet there was no denying their connection because it was so much more than a sexual one.

All this was running through his mind as he climbed the steps, and knocked on the door. All of it left his mind an instant later when it opened.

Sherri was wearing a white lace cami under an open button up shirt, a G-string, an absolutely hungry smile and nothing else. Her chest was literally glistening, and the idea of her playing with herself while she waited on him made CJ all the hungrier for her.

He had a strong desire to see her naked as soon as possible, and he knew no resolve to behave remained.

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