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Can love be recycled? Or, can true love be salvaged?

When I got home he and Jason were already in my house. This was no big deal since he has a key and lets himself in all the time. I walked into the kitchen and they were just putting beers in the fridge and shuffling the cards. I wanted to take a shower after my workout but they talked me into playing a couple of hands first. I sat down and we started our game. We cracked open some fresh beers dealt out the cards. Before I knew it a couple hours and many beers had passed. I checked the time and noticed the game was going to start soon.

"Hey I am going to go take that shower I will be back in 10 minutes. Go get the game on, I don't want to miss it!" I said.

"Alright," Nick said.

I opened a new beer and walked away. I walked to my room and downed the fresh beer as I went. I was really feeling a good strong buzz at this point. Anxious to see the game, I showered quickly and threw on some shorts and a t-shirt.

I heard the TV on but I went straight to the kitchen to grab another. Grabbing a cold one, I walked into the TV room and stopped dead in my tracks. I saw something I never ever thought about. I knew they were lovers so it had to happen occasionally. But right now? My brother in law was naked from head to toe sitting on my couch with his hands behind his head, eyes closed. Kneeling right in front of him was Jason still fully dressed vigorously sucking and stroking his cock.

"What the fuck are you guys doing?" I asked.

Nick opened his eyes and Jason stopped sucking. They looked at each other and laughed.

"What's so funny?" I asked. Not really sure whether I should leave or what.

"Jason told me he wanted to suck my cock. He bet me he could do it before you finished with your shower. Obviously, he didn't win the bet. Your shower was faster than we thought." Nick said.

As he was talking, Jason kept slowly stroking Nick's slick wet cock up and down. He noticed me looking at him and smiled.

"Do you mind if I finish or should we stop?" Jason asked.

I honestly didn't know what to say, these were my friends (one my brother in law) and I never thought of them as gay. Seeing this really had a weird effect on me. I always thought of them as regular guys but I would never get this sight out of my mind. I slowly took a sip of my beer and said fuck it.

"Don't stop on my account, I just live here. I'll just watch TV while you guys finish up." I said sarcastically. I walked over to the sofa chair on the other side of the room, sat down and grabbed the remote.

They watched me and didn't move as I sat down. They obviously didn't detect the sarcasm in my statement so I was going to tell them to go into the other room and finish. But, before I could do this, Jason dropped his head back down onto Nicks cock and started sucking again. I wanted to tell them to stop but I was so shocked I was speechless. I didn't know what to do now. They knew I was here and they didn't care. Maybe I was too buzzed from the beer or what but I just sat there and watched. I was mesmerized by what was going on in right front of me.

I took another sip before I felt my cock stir in my pants. This surprised me since I was not gay. It wasn't until now that I realized how horny I was. To this day, I blame my wife for being gone the past week. I hadn't jerked off since my wife left so my cock hasn't had any release this past week.

Nick was really enjoying himself and so was Jason. They were both making low moaning sounds filled with pleasure. I kept watching Jason work the head of Nick's cock while he gently stroked the shaft. The intensity of the blow job I first walked in on was gone. Now it was a slow sensuous action by 2 people very familiar with each other.

I kept sipping my beer and just watched what was going on in front of me.

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