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Eve has it bad for her Uncle. Will she ever get him?

The professor watched stunned as Romy herded the other girl into her dorm.

Wasting no time Zarina bolted for her office, slamming the door closed behind her by leaning against it. Still picturing Julia's face she shoved her hand into her pants not bothering to open them first. She wormed the hand into her now weeping pussy and began to drive two fingers in and out.

The position didn't offer her digits much room but she was so primed that the first touch was enough to bring Zarina to her knees. Rocking her hips she envisioned what those two were doing now. Her body shook as the short and sharp climax overtook her.

This time, Zarina did notice she was cleaning her fingers but the taste was too alluring for her to stop. In fact, it wasn't until she was sitting in her chair, still sucking her index finger, that the sexual haze began to dissolve.

'What the hell am I doing?' she wondered. 'I need to get a grip on this before I suck cum,' her pussy twitched approvingly but her embarrassment settled it down. 'Before I succumb to this sexual hysteria that is going on around me,' she corrected. Professor Debrojev nodded to herself, hysteria was the right word for it.

'But you are better than that, smarter than that,' she berated herself. 'You are an adult in full control of her faculties, time to act like it.' And she could start with figuring out what the cause was and do something about it.

The Halloween party was a good candidate, something had happened during it after all. Only problem was that the current problem should be more widespread than just Phi Beta Pi, something she had heard nothing about.

She responded to the knock on the door with an automatic, "Cum in!" This time she didn't even notice her pussy flutter. She did note the warm glow that began to trickle from her sex. Seeing a smiling Sarah enter did nothing to dampen it. "Sarah! I mean Miss Bronski, what can I do for you?"

"Hello, Zarina." She took a seat on the corner of the desk, on the professor's side of it too. A shudder shot through her at the way the girl had said her name. She knew she should correct Sarah, tell her to keep things formal. But Zarina, another pussyflutter made her breathing hitch, was her name. The professor couldn't help check if the girl was going bra-less again and was dismayed to find how pleased she was that Sarah was.

"And I came by to invite you to tonight's meeting, I trust you'll comply." Zarina felt that last word ooze into her, relaxing muscles she hadn't even known were tense. "I am certain you will lick us," the pale girl purred.

"Hmmm," Professor Zarina replied. She was sure that wasn't exactly what Sarah had said but she didn't have the energy to ask for clarification. 'And she makes licking all those lovely ladies sounds sooo good.' So she just sighed and complied. Even her squirming had become languid. Slowly her eyes traveled over Sarah's form until they met her eyes.
Suddenly a blue flash blinded her and she had to blink away spots. Sarah was no longer sitting on the corner but was sitting right in front of Zarina. Her slick boots were planted on the armrests and her thin dress was hiked up to give the professor an unimpeded view of Sarah's bald pussy.

The sweet scent of vanilla was filling her head, it smelled just like the leaflet. Sarah's clit was engorged and Zarina swore she could see it pulsing in time with her own heartbeat. Beckoning her closer, begging for attention. And then that vanilla flavor was on her tongue, coating her lips.

One slim hand was cradling her head guiding her head to where she needed to go. A honeyed voice was whispering pointers in such graphic detail that Zarina swore she could feel a tongue following those instructions on her own overheated quim.

Zarina shot up as the door closed with a thud.

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