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Mike discovers an old video of Ashley.


"True, I stay for my cousin. Johnny's the only family I've got."

Diego looked around the kitchen. Pinned to a cork board was a picture of Remy with an older man. They appeared to be sitting in a snowy area. "Where was this taken?"

"Alaska. I cared for my father for the last few months of his life. He wanted to die someplace beautiful." Remy turned his attention to Diego. "Do you smoke the devil's lettuce?"

"I've toked an ounce or two in my time."

With dinner came introductions to all of Remy's roommates, and lots of marijuana. Johnny and Sara took their meal in the backyard. That would be the last Diego saw of Sara that evening.

After the meal, he found himself in Remy's bedroom staring up at the ceiling. `Take the Money and Run,' by Steve Miller Band, played on an endless loop, from an iPod speaker. The ceiling had been painted with a massive pattern of pastel colors against a dark background. "Did you paint that?" Diego asked as Remy lay beside him.

"Yeah, it's the northern lights. I went to Iceland the year after my father died. When I looked up at the sky it was like I could feel his spirit," Remy words slurred, "will you hold me?"

"Of course." Diego kissed Remy's forehead as he held him close.

Remy cupped Diego's face, kissing his lips to the beat of the music. "You're too young to walk with a cane."

"Just how old do you think I am?" Diego asked with a smile.

"Forty-something, how old do you think I am?"

Diego shrugged. "Twenty-five?"

Remy laughed out loud. "You really do want to fuck me."

Diego could feel Remy's erect cock pressing against his leg. He slipped his hand inside Remy's sweatpants. "You are quite stunning."

He could feel the younger man's breath, hot against his neck. "Do you think it's a coincidence that I lost my father and you lost your son, but fate saw fit to bring us together?"

Diego licked his lips. "As a teen, I would make love to my best friend Enrique while our girlfriends watched."

"All they did was watch?" Remy asked with a chuckle.

"The girls thought it was so hot. But, by God, no one could make me cream myself like he did."

"We'll see about that." Remy began to remove Diego's belt, then his pants. He locked Diego's mouth down with a kiss as he unbuttoned his shirt, revealing Diego's tattooed chest. "Your body is so fucking sexy."

Remy removed his own t-shirt. His physique was everything Diego thought it would be; slender and muscular with a beautiful six-pack stomach and a chiseled chest. With his long hair and soulful eyes, he looked like something out of a dream.

Remy kissed Diego's sternum, moving tenderly down his abdomen. When he reached Diego's cock he gave it a lick down the length of his uncut shaft, making sure to softly tease the foreskin with his teeth, before taking Deigo's erection in his mouth.

Diego laid back, His body seemed to melt into the softness of Remy's bed. "Show me what you've got."

Remy opened Diego's hips, massaging his inner thighs gently with deep pressure. Softly stroking his skin, Remy moved his fingers to Diego's testicles, giving them a tender squeeze. "Do you like that?" Remy then took Diego's shaft in his mouth. He alternated between using his lips and hands, keeping Diego's stiff cock sufficiently lubed.

Diego's body shivered with excitement. This was what he had been thinking about every moment since their last encounter. But it also felt like a replay of their last encounter. He gently grabbed Remy by the hair. "Stop."

Remy raised his head. "Am I hurting you?"

"I can take it." Diego stroked Remy's back, beckoning him to come closer. "And I can give it, as well." Diego pulled him in for a kiss. Rolling Remy on to his back Diego's well-lubed cock found Remy's hole. It had been so long since he had a true fuck. He suddenly felt self-conscious. Someone as beautiful as Remy would expect to have extraordinary lovers.

Remy sat up. He pressed his lips to Deigo's ear. "I want you," Remy whispered, his tongue tracing the inside of Deigo's ear. "I want to be your fantasy."

His words sent a

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