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One evening two old high school friends passionately meet.

" With the softest kiss, Anne touches the side of Rita's neck just for a moment and then pulls back.

"It is nice to meet you as well." She blushes more looking to Phil, he watched them as if this was a regular occurrence.

"Rita, are you coming are leaving?" Anne asks.

"Waiting." She giggles shrugging.

"Oh, poor thing, how long is your layover?"

"I have 8 more hours." Rita smiles as Anne bits onto her bottom lip looking from Phil back to Rita.

The slowest set of chills rolled across Rita as Anne's eyes roamed her figure, stopping at her breasts then moving back up to her eyes. "You could come over to our house?"

"That sounds great." Rita said as Anne put her arm around Rita's waist making her arm rest around her shoulders.

It seemed so natural to Rita that she just went with it. Anne's hand was splayed across Rita's hip, and roamed on her side. Her fingers pushing up her side to nearly touch her breast and back to the lining of her business suit skirt.

"So are you married?" Anne asks.

"No." Rita giggled as if it were absurd for her to even think about marriage. "Are you?"

"Yes, I am." Anne says smiling. "Do you have a boyfriend, or girlfriend?" She asks. "A pretty girl like you should have someone to enjoy this gorgeous body of yours."

"No, I don't have a boyfriend, and I'm straight." She blushes looking at Anne.

"Well, have you ever tried anything with a girl?" Anne asks as they exited the airport and headed for the car.

"No." Her sheepish reply comes out more breathy than she wanted it to.

"Well, why not?" Anne's hand dropped lower and gripped onto the top of Rita's soft curved ass.

Silence met her as a response, Rita's face was blushing crimson as she looked behind them to where Phil was trailing. His eyes intent on Anne's hand as she groped Rita's ass. Rita looked back to Anne as Anne just smiled softly to hear.

"You have the most gorgeous lips I've ever seen Rita, May I?" Anne stopped their walking as she waited for Rita to snap out of it.

Rita gulped slightly looking from both Phil to Anne, a few times. Anne seemed harmless enough so she nodded her consent. Anne's devilish smirk then appeared as she closed the distance quickly. The moment her lips touched Rita's she knew that she had her like putty in her hands. Rita's body went slack against the car right behind them and her knees spread quickly. Anne's lips covered Rita's completely, Rita's eyes were closed tight and her body responded by moistening in the most intimate places.

Anne pulled her lips back from Rita's leaving her stunned with her eyes closed still resting against the car. She looked up to see Phil's eyes watching her intently and then over to Rita as she watched her hungrily. Phil leaned into her and her eyes closed again as she hears something open. 'A car door?' Her fuzzy mind focuses to see the humor in Phil's eyes as he holds the car door open for her.

She blushes and gets into the car and so does Anne, scooting the sexy Rita over. As soon as the door closes Anne's lips attack Rita's again. Anne's hands push against Rita's legs opening them as her tongue dives into Rita's mouth. The car begins moving and soon Rita is moaning from the back seat. Anne's fingers crept up Rita's skirt and she massaged her pussy right through her soaking wet panties. Her fingers push the wet fabric to the side expertly, Rita groans as Anne's mouth pushes down into the crook of her neck.

Anne's fingers push right against the dripping wet pussy lips of Rita and it makes her moan louder. Her eyes close tight as she pushes her hips up to Anne's fingers. Anne slowly slides her fingers in and out of Rita's hole, her thumb rocking against Rita's clit every time her hand ground into her. The car stopped slowly and Anne pulled her fingers and lips away from Rita's body. Rita's door is opened by Phil and her hand is taken as he helps her out of the car.

Phil stood in the hall holding the door open for them to enter, to Rita's astonishment Anne grips onto Phil's tent and squeezes it stroking back and forth a few times before she continues i

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