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We got caught having sex in the bar bathroom!

Further to this he took a crotch rope and after tying a few deft knots he attached that to the breast halter and had it knot right over my lips causing me to squirm even more than I was already. I moaned against my rubber bit which I saw make Vander's lips twitch upwards into somewhat of a smirk. At long last after what seemed like a lifetime of waiting he picked up my rope and lead my down the aisle to the double doors. A series of jealous eyes followed me from ponies but I ignored them, my one focus on spending time with Vander.

Outside he led me into the high walled round pen and told me to stand up which I did obediently. I knew what this was going to be, I'd done a bit of round penning before with him and although it had been a while and I couldn't quite remember I was confident I would pick it up. He had a whip with him now that he used to slap against his thighs as he undid the rope but kept the bridle on me and sent me out around the circle. I remembered this now, and I watched his body language carefully for signs of what he wanted me to do. After making a few circles around the ring and warming up he tapped the side of his boot with the whip and I took that as my cue to break into a jog. My breasts were bouncing up and down with the movement and I could feel his eye gaze drawn to them. As I jogged with each movement the crotch rope dug into me a bit more and I moaned and frothed against the gag and slowed my paces, wanting release rather than running.

Vander, ever observant, noticed and gave me a stern look which when I didn't resume my speed he stepped in and waved his whip at my flanks which jolted me forward again. I was frustrated though, surely he knew what I wanted and he knew that he wanted it too - why was he bothering with this round yarding?

It wasn't long before my pace lagged again, the friction between my legs becoming more insistent with the constant moving and I wanted more than anything for him to mount me and relieve the horniness my body was humming with. "No Verna, you do what I tell you," Vander growled at me, this time moving swiftly forward and making contact with the whip to my rear end. I squealed against the gag and flashed my eyes at him, moving from horny to angry and horny. He rolled his eyes at me, "Don't get sassy, just get moving was all I asked," he told me, laying another lash on my bare backside for my attitude. I started running around the ring, eyes flashing and temper flared as he asked me to stretch out and move my body. For each step fluid was seeping out of my core and running down my leg, only serving to wind me up more as it reminded me of what I wanted to be doing but wasn't. Vander watched me with a smile on his face and whistled lowly. "God you are gorgeous," he said, his eyes tracking my movement and I smiled just a little and slowed just a fraction, thinking maybe he would go easier on me.

Crack! I was rewarded with another smack for even thinking about it which just about broke my relatively level headedness inside of me. With a slight baring of my teeth I swing towards the centre and headed for Vander. Within a few seconds of my attempt to get revenge for him making me run around the edge away from him when I didn't want to especially with how high my sex drive was currently, Vander had me pinned on the ground and had dropped the whip to spank my ass cheeks sharply. He kept one hand on my neck pushing it into the ground which meant I was pinned to the ground in an embarrassingly submissive position. I struggled to try and get away from him but he just pinned my tighter so my cheek pushed further into the dirt and I hissed as his pelting spanks stung my red ass cheeks. "Mpphhh, arghbroooghhhh," I screamed at him, my sounds muffled against the gag firmly in my mouth.

"You don't get to decide what to do remember?" He told me in a low growl and then pulled me up by my ponytail firmly to my feet and sent me away swiftly with a light smack to my leg.

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