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Ebony lesbian teaches Ashley; mom loves black cock.

It does flatter your butt."



"Is that why you are here with me?"

"That and your walk. I love the way you quietly glide along the floor."

"It must be the shoes."

"Unlikely. You took them off almost as soon as you got here."

"Anything else?"

"Your voice. It has this deep Christy McVey quality to it only sexier."

"Now you are stretching it."

"Absolutely not! I love your voice. It was what made me turn to look at you. By the way, why are you here?"

"I heard about the photographers work and wanted to see it. My friends wanted to show themselves off in an upscale setting. They think that the place will be full of photographers and maybe one will ask them to pose. I think that is the show's artist they have cornered now."

"That is a photographer but not the one whose exhibit this is. He is very good at erotic, moody, artsy stuff. Your friends have cornered the right guy."


"No. Nudes and semi-nudes. He sometimes poses two girls in such a way that the viewer could imagine a physical relationship between the models but he never shoots that. He is gay and that stuff is of no interest to him. He is very good at what he does."

'Excuse me a minute. I need to tell them to be at their best and not to push. They need to know he is gay."


"How were they doing?"

"They had already figured out he was gay and were in the process of making him one of the girls. I suggested that since he could be very important to their lives they should show him respect first."

"I knew you were the brains of the gang."

"I am the voice of reason. The surgically enhanced redhead in the green low cut dress is the gang leader. She is also my sister. Interestingly the girls think that since you were not paying attention to them you must be gay too."

"Do you feel insulted by that?"

"Why would I be?"

"Well I would be if my friends thought that that the only reason someone paid attention to me was because they were gay."

"Oh, I see. No, they really do think that any man not destroyed by their charms must be gay. They know that I am aware enough to know one way or another. They also know me well enough to know I would not care one way or another. Did that come out right? Anyway, I know you are not gay but I still have a hard time swallowing your lines about my walk and my voice."

"OK, I confess. It was your butt. It is magnificent. I have been walking behind you all night. In fact for the next several years every time you turn around you will probably see me right behind you."

"I am not laughing, that would encourage your line of malarkey. I am not laughing."

"I am sorry I mistook those sounds you were making for laughter. For a moment I thought some of the wine would come out your nose."

"Not laughing."

"How do you like the exhibit by the way?"

"Good technique, great use of light. Too many bridges, too many frogs. The food and wine are pretty ordinary."

"I can lead you to better food and wine. Follow me to the VIP room."


"This is definitely better wine and better food. Why a VIP room?"

"To schmooze the potential buyers. All of the framed photos are for sale."

"Confirm a suspicion for me. We had ready access to this room and everyone here knows you. Are you Jason James, the photographer?"


"I am Maggie MacDuff. Sorry about my comments about the bridges and the frogs."

"No problem. The bridges set was a commission for an architectural firm. They are sold. The frogs, well I admit I am a bit overly fascinated by them."

"An old witch is approaching you."

"Ah, I see you know her. Hello old witch."

"Be nice to me or I will turn you into a butt plug. You have to be nice to me anyway; I just bought the dirty pictures. Hi Maggie, how are you sweetheart? I am saddened to see your taste in men."

"Hi Aunt Wendy. I did not know you were a fan of his."

"The picture of that enormous oak tree in front of a shanty you see on my living room wall is his. You are going to see three more next week, if he signs them with an appropriate comment this time."

"I have not seen

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