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Her plan was my one night stand.


Consciousness slowly returned to Rayne. She was unwilling to believe that she was alive, that she had somehow survived. Oh, how she would hate herself if she were the only one to be alive.

"You do not need to fret, child. I extended a similar invitation to your men. Every single one of them accepted it, willing to follow their captain to the deepest depths of hell." A sultry chuckle. "An endeavour that won't seem so unlikely anymore."

Rayne's eyes shot open. She was laying in front of a huge throne. And on that throne sat a giant of a woman. She had a serene smile on her face as she looked upon Rayne, similar to how a mother would look on her newborn. It took a moment for Rayne to realize that the woman was naked and appeared to be heavily pregnant. Another moment for her to realize what was off with the woman. "What do you want from me, demon? Where am I?" Rayne asked as she stumbled to get up. To her dismay, she realized that she was stripped of her armor and clothing, and she threw her hands to cover her intimates.

The woman chuckled. "No need to be embarrassed, child. I have already seen your assets." She let out a hearty laugh as Rayne gave her a blushed glare before obliging and taking a battle stance instead. "As for where you are: you're in my dominion, child. And you're here because you promised yourself to me."

Rayne quirked her eyebrow. "You are the one who helped me? Why? Who are you?"

The demoness rose from her throne and gave a mock curtsy to Rayne. "My name's Laal'Lilith, Rayne Ironwall. I believe you've heard of me."

Yes, Rayne had heard of her. She wasn't into occultism and mythology that much, but even she could recall the name of one of the greater demon gods. And as she finally realized to take in her surroundings - mentally berating herself for not doing it earlier - her hopes of being wrong kept growing smaller and smaller. All around her were hundreds, maybe even thousands of demons, monsters and mortals, all engaged in a grand orgy. She couldn't tell where one person ended and where a demon started, which ones were monsters and which ones mortals. They were all just one big mass of hedonistic pleasure.

Rayne finally turned back to face the demoness, fear in her voice and despair in her eyes. "What does the Duchess of Lust want of me? Why would you help me?"

Laal'Lilith just gave her a simple smile and a coy look, before gesturing Rayne to come closer. A small part in her mind yelled not to comply, but her feet weren't listening. Rayne gulped, but couldn't stop herself from getting and walking towards the demoness. She felt aroused. She was aroused. How did she get aroused in such a situation?

'It's the Duchess,' she realized. 'It's like her mere presence oozes sexuality and titillation.'

She walked to the demoness, sitting on her lap and snuggling into her embrace as Laal'Lilith started to comb her hand through the knight's hair as she started speaking again, "I've had my eyes on you for a long time, Rayne. A very long time. And most importantly, I know of the passion you try to keep within yourself. The lust you've kept hidden from many. Do you know how happy I was when you admitted it on your last night as a mortal?" Rayne blushed at that. "If you hadn't, I'm not sure I could've helped you."

"But why did you help me? I have always stood against what you are."

"Because, my dear child," the demoness said, bringing Rayne's face right before her own, "I know you've always wanted to stand for me. And that is what I'm offering to you. Become my knight. Become my daughter. Become my paladin."

Rayne stayed silent for a while, contemplating. "But it is not like I truly have a choice in the matter," she concluded. "You helped me in my time of need, gave me strength I so desired. My honour requires me to pay you back." She dropped herself off the duchess's lap and knelt before her. "I pledge my allegiance to you, Your Grace. I shall serve you till you no longer find me useful and wish to get rid of me."


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