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His new cleaning lady looked like Marilyn Monroe.

I turned my face to look at him, study him. He was watching the movie, or at least pretended to. When I least expected it, he looked me directly in the eyes and stared back. Leaning close he gently kissed my lips. We lingered closely for a moment before he came in close again, this time parting my lips with his tongue. His arms reached around me, pulling me closer to him. He explored every crevice of my mouth, our tongues playing gently.

"Oh, I'm sorry!" Michael nearly fell over, spinning himself so quickly trying to get out of the room. He apparently didn't expect to find his two roommates making out on the couch.

Brian immediately jumped up and grabbed a pillow to cover his crotch. "I was just headed to bed. Goodnight!" an embarrassed Brian saluted us both and ran up the stairs before anything could be said. Michael and I merely looked at each other and shook our heads, smiling. Smiling is a good sign.

Brian was the first to speak, "I'm not mad, at all. But Rebecca and I would like to talk to you, if that is okay. I'd prefer it in our bedroom, if that's okay. More privacy than out here...of course if you'd be more comfortable we can all head into your room...."

"No, no," I assured him, "your room will be fine."

I followed behind him, walking into their bedroom that was only lit by vanilla candles. The ambience was highly erotic. I noticed that Rebecca had also changed into her night clothes. Sporting a shorter t-shirt I could see the outline of her panties. I also noticed that Rebecca was smiling and there were no tears in site.

Being the chicken that I am, I waited until Rebecca motioned for me to sit on the bed. As soon as I did, both Michael and Rebecca started explaining to me how things would work. No one was mad, but it wasn't really fair to Michael not to be involved in the relationship in some way. Rebecca and I could still have our private time....it just couldn't be all the time. Michael really was excited about his wife opening up sexually, and he had hoped that it could be a good thing for all of us....eventually. Could we start out slow and maybe let him watch?

I looked over at Rebecca who was pleading with her eyes. It wasn't just Michael that wanted this, but her as well. Again, I questioned what I was getting myself into....but given my sexual tendencies I was already getting hot with the idea of Michael watching us together....it would be like putting on a show. I slowly smiled and nodded my head in agreement. I wasn't sure how long it was going to take for Rebecca and me to get started, considering it seemed to take hours before anyone initiated a move last time.

Michael moved himself into a darkened corner where the light softly flickered off his face. He sat in the recliner where he had a good view of the bed.

Rebecca obviously was turned on by the idea of Michael watching, and her moves came across as bold. She crawled across the bed on her knees until she was right in front of me. She pulled me up to my knees, facing her. Her fingernail traced the bottom of my pajama shirt, tickling the skin underneath. Slowly she ran her nails up my sides, pushing my shirt up. By the time the cold air hit my breasts, my nipples were hard again. Rebecca pulled my shirt off over my head and kissed me softly.

I wanted to feel her skin against mine and I mimicked what she had just done. I tossed her shirt to the floor and ran my fingers down her chest until I grabbed a nipple and rolled it between my fingers. I lowered my mouth to take the other but in my mouth, coaxing it to come out and play. Rebecca swept my hair away from my face allowing Michael a better view. My tongue casually flicked her tit over and over again, making it as hard as the other nipple.

Rebecca moaned quietly and pulled at my pants, indicating that she wanted them off.

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