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A fetish-filled evening of debauchery.

You say it out loud.

I want to kiss you. Please. I want to feel your lips. Are you going to let...

Big mistake. There is a sudden motion behind you. The hands abandon your hair. You can feel a sudden movement behind you, a flick of thin material grazing your hind quarters and then before you know it darkness has descended. A piece of cloth of some description has been placed roughly over your eyes. You can feel your head tugged back as she ties a knot and secures the cloth tightly. You have been blindfolded for real. She has punished you for your curiosity and now you really can't see a thing. In an instant, the mystery has deepened.

Slap. The next thing you feel is a palm on your ass. Not too hard. But not too soft either. She must be rebuking you. A tingle ripples from your butt around your body. You emit the slightest moan. To your surprise you rather enjoyed a firm smack on your ass

Slap. Harder this time, on the other cheek. It stings deliciously, but moaning is obviously not allowed for now. could you pussy be any wetter?

What the hell do you do now? You can't move, you can't see, you can't speak or make any sound. Your options are severely limited. All you can do is hear. And smell. And most importantly, feel.

You feel a touch of a hand on your shoulder. She is pushing you down. You obey. There is clearly no further point in disappointing this forceful woman. The next thing you feel a hand gripping each ankle. In turn she pulls on one leg, then the other. The instruction seems to be to lie down, flat. Again, you do as you're told. You are back in the position she found you in. perhaps, it occurs to you, she's going to leave, that the blindfold is only there to protect her identity while she retreats across the sand to wherever it is she sprang from. Your heart misses a beat. You were rather hoping she hadn't finished. Below decks you feel a squirming sensation at the thought of abandonment.

A hand now touches you on your right side, then another hand. You can feel yourself being pushed. Evidently you are being urged to roll over onto your back. Slowly, rather hesitantly, you comply.

Your whole body now undergoes a radical shift. It's one thing to be lying naked on your front. Quite another to be exposed in this position. Suddenly you are available to be seen. An instinctive attack of shyness assails you and you raise your hands to cover your breasts, tilt one thigh inwards to cover your pussy.

As expected, she won't hear of it. A hand, reasonably gentle, pushes your leg back into place, then methodically pulls your arms out wide. You look as if you're being crucified, it occurs to you, lying there in the sun with arms outstretched and legs pinned together. But no sooner has the thought danced into your head that you feel a hand grabbling hold of one knee and lifting it away from the other. You don't even wait for her to grab the other knee but push it into the same position. It's a small victory that you've managed to do something for yourself. You are not quite the slave she thinks you are, you tell yourself. However, your self-congratulation is cut short as she puts a hand on each knee and pushes your legs far wider apart than you think they've ever been before.

She lets go. Your legs can't help closing slightly. She pushes them back again. this performance is repeated two or three times until you realise that you are going to have to make the effort to obey. Which you do, on the assumption that you will get what you've been waiting for.

Now, you think, lick my fucking pussy, seeing as you've opened it so fucking wide. Just lick it. You gorgeous dominatrix bitch.

No woman has ever run her tongue along the slippery slopes of your pussy before. You always assumed it would feel different. Now you want to find out. You can't wait. But you do wait. You wait, wet, for your wish to be granted. She doesn't seem to be listening to the speech inside your head.

Nothing happens. There is silence.

Just at the moment where you think of closing your legs in protest, you feel hair falling o

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