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Roman Dictator & Egyptian Queen attend a banquet.

At first I was afraid she would crumble as my hands could fit completely around her waist. This only turned her on more as the kisses became more passionate.

By now I was completely hard. I know she could feel me against her (she let out a soft moan when i pushed up on her). Her hands searched my abs, chest and collar bone. I started to search with my hands as well.

Then it happened. While I was removing her shirt the large mass of hair fell partially from its tie. The first auburn tress dropped down her back all the way to her thigh. Then more. Soon we were in nothing but our underwear and heir hair was fully untied. It was a little wavy and so thick.

I know she could feel how hard I got (she confirmed this later) because for the first time she put her hand on my giant member. I was so massive in her tiny hand. She gasped a little, realizing for the first time how big I actually was.

She was awe struck and stopped kissing me. I didn't notice the dazed look on her face until she whispered in my ear "I can't get my hand around it."

At this we started to kiss again - passionately. She started using both hands on my shaft: one at the base, the other at the top. I ran my fingers all over her body, never touching her hair, not wanting to shock her by grabbing it or becoming lost in my fetish.

My fingers slid her panties aside just far enough to insert a finger to her. She was pouring wetness. I didn't even go for two fingers - it just seemed too tight. It didn't matter Amy was wild with pleasure. She even let out a higher octave when gently my pinkie finger (wet from her overflow) slipped partly into her anus.

I had no intention of stopping the moment until Amy let go me. With her big hazel eyes she looked very serious (as serious as she could with her flush cheeks) and said "be slow and first when you go inside me bout you can pull my hair as hard as you want."

Pre-cum slid from me. Amy quickly bent over and led my dick to its destination. With a yelp I was 1/3 in when she stopped me. Slowly she worked me at that length. I thought there was no way this was going to work when the tears filled her eyes. But she was totally determined. It turns out my fetish is hair - hers is big dicks. She was cumming even then.

By the time I was 2/3 of the way in I could barely stand it. Her body would shake as each inch entered again. With a giant thrust (one she was not expecting) I finished my way in. The scream certainly woke the neighbors. I did not retreat.

Picking up speed I started to redden her formerly pale behind. She was half the width of me. Up until now her head was pressed firmly on the bed. Most of the time she was biting the sheets in some effort to contain herself. Her hair was a mess over her face and arms - almost blocking them both out.

Suddenly, she arched her shoulders back and propped herself up on her arms. With one giant motion she flung her hair over her back. It cascaded off my body and over her butt, my shaft and onto both our legs. She instinctively cried out "pull my hair."

I stanched it up in a big ball, rapping it over and over around my hand. She kept crying out to pull harder. The harder I pulled the more she bucked and screamed. I could feel my member probing longer into places she never had felt. At that moment I would not have been shocked to see the tip in her throat. She wanted more - I gave her double.

Amy that I met reading silently at a bookstore was an animal. She cursed, cried and begged. I started to breath heavy and slow - we had fucked for so long at such a hard pace that I thought she seriously could be hurt.

For one moment I eased up and she swore into a frenzy. While I blinked my eyes she threw me to the bed (I let her out of weariness - there was no way for her to really do anything to me I didn't allow).

With all her feeble strength she grabbed me by the throat as she stood over me.

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