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Clare gets to live out her fantasy with Robert and James.

I bent down and looked under my legs watching my brother hold his hard cock and position it at the door of my pussy hole.

The head touched my wet slit and I pushed back a little as he pushed forward. The head went in and then the rest of his shaft followed. It was beautiful and felt so good. "Fuck me." I yelled back at him, "Fuck me now!"

Bobby pushed and then pulled and his cock slid in and out of my wetness easily. And, within seconds he was fucking me hard and fast. It was so damn good! It felt amazing in this position. "Yes That's it fuck me. Oh God Bobby fuck me!" I cried out.

Bobby held my hips and pumped his hardness in and out of me faster and much harder now. My brother worked his index finger into my asshole as he pushed and pulled on it as his cock fucked my pussy. "Fucked me!" I kept saying over and over again.

The finger in my ass and his cock in my cunt was driving me wild. "And then I felt his cum pumping into my body again. Jesus Bobby and I both had forgotten the damn rubber again!

It was to late and he arched his back and shoved his hard cock as deep into me as he could. Shot after beautiful warm wet cum, shot out of his cock as he emptied into my swollen and throbbing cunt. We fell forward and Bobby's cock stayed buried inside me. He just stayed on top of me panting.

I moaned and moaned as I felt his cum beginning to slowly run out of my pussy. I knew he had filled me again with his seed. I would have to take another damn morning after pill. But this time his ass was going to go buy it for me, not mom.

There was a sort of popping sound when the head of his cock left my cunt. As he rolled over and off of me he said: "Oh Man that was the best one yet."

I sat up and looked down at my pussy. Cum was all over it and leaking out of it. I looked at him and said: "God damn it Bobby! Well you did it again! No rubber!!"

"OH shit!" he said.

"I'm so sorry Mary but in the heat of passion baby I just fucking forgot. You did to." He told me.

"OK It's OK but you need to stop right now and go get me another pill. I can't take a chance Bobby. You have to go get me one while I shower." I told him in no uncertain terms.

He told me OK and then put on his clothes and went to the drug store.

I went into the shower and started to wash myself. I made sure I cleaned my pussy and deuced twice. I dried off and put on new panties and bra. My jean shorts and blouse were laid out in the bedroom.

When I opened the bathroom door and walked into the bedroom, mom was sitting on the bed and holding my ripped pantie throng. I just stood there in my underwear. I knew mom could see all the love bits and suck marks my brother had given me on my tits and upper thighs. I blushed and started to cry.

"No use crying Mary. I mean the deal is done. I can see that you and your brother have been having sex. Jesus there's a fucking huge puddle of cum on the bed. And, these panties are ripped to pieces. Guess he couldn't wait to fuck you as soon as I left."

I told her it was my fault too. That I was just horny as hell and needed some release.

Well I just hope you didn't let him cum in you again. I mean it's only been a few days of you taking the birth control pills. I knew Bobby couldn't resist you. You're a very beautiful girl. Make that woman. Damn it!" She said as I stood there in front of her.

Mom went on talking to me about what Bobby and I had done. As I stood there in my undies, she kept looking me up and down, just like my brother had done when he saw my body like this. Dressed only in panties and bra, and the way mom was looking at me, and from what Bobby had told me about last night, made me shivered.

Mom stood up and took hold of my hands. Then she said: "Look Mary. You are a stunning woman. I don't think there's a man alive who wouldn't want you for a lover or to see you nude and fuck you."

She raised my arms up to the side holding my hands with hers.

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