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Andreas returns to find a wanton goddess.

Sitting down I spread my legs apart just enough to make sure Jeremy knew how little was covering my sex. I looked at Jeremy then said, "To bad your not coming along to enjoy the view, but I'm sure others well." I wasn't really sure what Jeremy's reaction was to that, he had a strange look on his face, but I couldn't really interpret it as jealousy.

Finally Jeremy responded with, "Would that be such a bad thing." He had no hint of anger in is voice, so I wasn't sure if he was being sarcastic or not. One thing for sure it increased the anger I was feeling for him, while at the same time it made me wonder if he was giving me his permission to play around. I really wanted to just come right out and ask him if that is what he was doing, but I didn't. Perhaps I didn't want to here the answer, a "No" may not have changed how I was feeling but it would have surely stopped me taking any kind of action and I wasn't sure I wanted that choice made for me. I considered staying long enough for Jeremy's friends to show up, putting on a little show for them, I was sure that would get to Jeremy, but I was just to angry with him to stay.

I drove first to Julie's house, she'd agree to ride with me, as she goes to all of Billy's parties. Elizabeth is, aside from myself, Julie's closets friend and I'd often wondered why I'd never been included in that friendship. I was a bit relieved when Julie got in the car, I had expected to feel out of place in the dress I was wearing but her dress was every bit as reveling as mine was. I have to admit she looked hot, I also have to admit that I looked her over, liking what I saw. Julie is not only a coworker and my best friend, she's also the person I feel closets to in the whole world, in most ways I feel closer to her then I do Jeremy, I tell her everything. I guess not every thing, I've never told her that a few times I've felt more then just friendship for her. There have been a few times I've felt she's also felt more for me too, but I suppose I'm afraid that if I push that it'll wreak our friendship. Julie knows about all my fantasies, I can't tell you how many times she's told me to just do it, get it out of my system.

Julie is the type of person who has very little inhibitions but she also doesn't have a husband to worry about. She divorced hers about two years ago. On the way to the party Julie and I talked about the night before us, this time she didn't hold back to much, saying she wouldn't be surprised if later that evening it turned into a orgy. My first reaction to that was to turn my car around and go back home, but something inside of me was so curious about what an orgy would like. Reasoning with myself all the way there, that I wouldn't have to participate, I could just watch. Maybe just play a little bit, but never to the point of cheating.

When we arrived, being it was early, I was surprised how many people were already at Billy's house. I really don't know who gave me the drink, it was in my hand. Which was how it would be for the next five hours, I seemed to always have a full drink in my hand. This was the first time I'd ever been to Billy's house and even though I'd imagined that it would be fantastic, it was so much more, I knew the neighborhood was exclusive but Billy's house wasn't just a house it was a mansion. He even had an olympic size pool in his back yard, which was where everyone seem to be congregated. Julie must have sensed my amazement, telling me that the house was Elizabeth's, she'd inherited it along with a lot of money when her parents died.

Julie and I stayed together mingling with the other guest.

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