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First day literally on the job

"Are you still hanging out with Stacy?" Edward wanted to know.

"Of course," Miley answered. "We're still best friends."

"You should have invited her along. If I remember, she was almost as foxy as you."
"You're too late," Miley grinned. "Would you believe she's pregnant?"

"No way. Who's the guy?"

"Brian," Charlie answered.

"You're shitting me." Edward looked to his brother, "Your buddy? Chubby Brian?"

Charlie said, "Yeah, though he's not chubby anymore."

"What in the hell happened to the hot girls in this town? They're all falling for dorks!"

"Charlie and Brian aren't dorks!" Miley got defensive.

"He's just kidding," Charlie assured Miley.

"Yeah," Edward nodded. "I'm just teasing. Still, who could have seen that coming?"

"At least they didn't hook up with skanks like Darla," Miley fired right back.

"Ouch," Edward winced, remembering the period he had dated their high school's loosest conquest.

Charlie looked amused, "She's got you there, big brother."

"I think we better order," Edward suddenly suggested in an attempt to change the subject.

"No anchovies," seemed to be Miley's only stipulation.


After they shared a pizza Edward spotted a few of his old high school chums and had moved to greet them, leaving Charlie and Miley alone at the table.

"It's totally cool to see your brother, huh?" Miley reached for her soda, sucking some through a straw.

"Yeah," Charlie agreed. "You two seemed pretty familiar; I didn't know you guys had been friends back in high school?"

"We weren't," Miley clarified. "We just hung in the same crowd, you know?"

Charlie nodded quietly.

Miley grinned, "You're not jealous are you? Because you know I only have eyes for you, baby."

Charlie's lips formed a slight smile, "No, it's just that I always was a little jealous of Edward's popularity. He never rubbed it in my face or anything, and he always looked out for me, but I still felt excluded a lot."

Miley leaned towards Charlie, planting a soft kiss on his lips. "That was a long time ago. And look at you now, getting smooched by the prom queen."

Charlie whispered, "I love you, you know that?"

"Not only do I know it, I live for it." Miley bit her lip, staring into Charlie's eyes. "You're everything to me, Charlie White. You're my whole world."

The two kissed again, this time the embrace was a lingering and passionate thing.

"Oh for crying out loud," Edward suddenly interrupted.

Miley and Charlie broke their kiss, looking up to Edward with a tint of blush coloring their cheeks.

"I'm going to catch a ride home with these guys," Edward threw a thumb over his shoulder, indicating a group of his old friends. "But by the looks of things you two will be just fine without me."

Charlie nodded, "Let's catch up tomorrow, just the two of us?"

"You're on," Edward agreed.

Miley slipped her arms around Charlie's neck, "Does that mean you'll stay at my place tonight?"

"I can't wait," Charlie replied.


Stacy stared intently at her computer screen, her hand shaking as she slowly worked the mouse. So absorbed was she that she didn't hear a knock on the door downstairs, or her parents greeting the arrival, or the sound of someone climbing the steps towards her bedroom. So she was taken completely by surprise when the door opened and Stacy turned around with a gasp to see Brian.

"Whoa, sorry. Should have knocked."

"Jeezus Brian, you startled me," Stacy took a deep breath.

"You weren't looking at porn, were you?" Brian joked.

Stacy suddenly turned back to her computer screen, "Um... no."

Brian squinted towards the computer, seeing what it was Stacy was looking at. "Adoption services?"

Stacy quickly closed her web browser with a click of her mouse.

"Stace, what's going on?" Brian approached. "Are you thinking about giving the baby up?"

"No," Stacy quickly shook her head. "No, I was just... I don't know."

"Are you okay?" Brian put his hand to her shoulder.

"No," came Stacy's meek reply. She was near tears.

Brian squatted beside Stacy's desk chair, "What's wrong? Talk to me."

Stacy let out a

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