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Two strangers cross the line between lust and love.

"It is still wrong. The boy is not an adult. I've waited this long, I can wait a few more years until he's old enough."

She turned to me. "Princess, I think I should start on dinner now. Please allow me to help you into the bath, and I will come back to get you when dinner is ready. Is it possible for me to visit your son in a few years?"

I was astounded at the change I saw in her. She had made her decision about what was right course of action, and turned her attention to the immediate matters at hand. Once again, I thought back to when I was a nine year old, and couldn't fathom myself acting so mature. She helped me get into the bath and then went off to make dinner.
I was left to contemplate my little savior, and her convictions. I picked up the mirror again and looked at my face. I looked at a face that had smashed into the windshield, and then was cured by a girl who could not age. This was the same girl who had also saved my son. Somehow, I knew that the red string of fate had brought us together, and that I had a debt to this girl that had to be paid. I also knew the payment that my father wanted me to pay, but I could not rationalize how this could ever make Ahiko mature into a woman. I was left to ponder while the little angel prepared dinner.

Chapter 5 -- Another Victim

Somewhere over the Pacific Ocean, in a supersonic transport.

Janice Williams continues with her briefing.

"Before we took off, I gave you the simple physical elements of Robert, and the emotional elements. I am about to give you information about what is happening scientifically, and our current understanding of the nature of the Universe. I was Roberts Psychologist, and I am not one of the Physicists who worked with him. I will do my best to explain this stuff to you."

This information is thirty years old, so some things may have changed. We would not be assembling three teams of agents to try to find him if there wasn't more to this. Robert IS very special. Robert has a more powerful soul than other humans. His soul can actually alter the physical properties of the world around him. I want to mention that there is a difference between a man's ego and a man's soul at this point. While I worked with Robert, his ego and self worth were pretty much shot, but his convictions and heart were unquestionable. This is an extremely honorable man, and you will have to treat him with dignity and respect. Like I said, treat him like he was an actual living breathing angel, and you will be OK."

"We believe Robert is actually manipulating cosmic strings. If you don't know string theory, these are the things that make up sub-atomic particles, like quarks. String theory says that space-time has eleven dimensions. I am not going to try to explain Calabi-Yau manifolds, or anything like that. Here is my basic knowledge of what is going on.

Time is one dimension, and our normal three dimensions are called the physical plane, but there are also additional parallel three dimensional planes. We now believe that dark matter exists in these parallel planes, and that our actual souls are made up of this dark matter. So, we actually exist in at least six dimensions at the same time. We have a real body, made of normal matter, in physical plane of existence; and a real soul, made of dark matter, in the spiritual plane of existence, and they are attached to each other. This may sound weird, but we believe this because Robert can actually see and pull energy from the spiritual plane."

Click. An acupuncture chart appears.

"We believe that we have isolated a nerve cluster, made of eleven neurons, that forms throughout our nervous system.

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