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Brother gets with sexy sis.

Work is the wrong place, but I'm glad I ran into you this afternoon, and that this meal could happen."

After a beat she continued "Are you ready for the night of my dreams? I've been waiting a while for this opportunity." She held her breath until I nodded my assent.

She wrote her address out and requested that I pay the bill and she would get the next one. I was then to follow, but not to knock until I saw the outside light of her house come on.

I found her house and sat in the car, edgy and nervous about what might be coming. It seemed like an hour but was probably fifteen minutes. I wondered what she was doing to get ready, imagining all sorts of possibilities, almost every one of which turned out to be wrong.

The light went and so I moved quickly up the path, anxious to begin. I knocked and Trisha opened the door to me wearing a black singlet and a pair of loose fitting elastic waisted black pants. She was dressed for comfort, not for speed like most of the dominant females I had imagined or wanked over.

The welcome to her home was warm. We sat and had another coffee while Trisha told me she didn't do the "mistress/goddess/madam" thing, preferring just to use names. We then agreed on safewords and limits. She told me she liked the "traffic light" system, which is simple to explain and use, particularly in times when pain and pleasure are being pushed to the limits. "Consent is very important in my sessions" Trisha explained.

She then asked how I was feeling. "Nervous, scared, excited and eager. I really want his but I am afraid I will fuck it up."

"Relax and enjoy the moment" was her response.

Trisha also told me that seeing someone she worked with was not ideal but that the attraction and potential was too much for her to ignore. We would need to debrief fully and agree that there could be no mention or effect on work. I couldn't agree fast enough. I wanted this just for myself and there was no way I would share this with anyone else.

In answer to Trisha's question about hard limits, and her summation of it as "places you won't go, things you won't do," I responded that I wouldn't entertain blood, scat, cross dressing and public humiliation. Trisha had no issue with any of these restrictions.

Turning to soft limits I told Trisha I was wary of anal and impact play. She acknowledged this, adding that she might go there but that she would check as we proceeded.

Trisha's tone changed ever so slightly as she asked me to stand and strip. She sipped and contemplated while I slowly removed my clothes to reveal my slightly pudgy frame and my fair to middling penis, currently playing hide and seek with both of us.

After a final sip Trisha moved over, stood chest to chest with me, and as she leant up to kiss me her right hand moved to clutch my balls. We tongue kissed for a minute and after disengaging I heard whispered "Now you are mine to have some fun with. Or, I suppose it should be that we have fun together."

She let go of me, turned and walked away. After a couple of steps she told me, speaking over her shoulder, to follow. We moved into a bedroom. It was painted a bold deep red. In the middle of the room was a low double bed, restraints already attached. At one end of the room an open wardrobe displayed toys and equipment. There was much less of the expected whips and paddles that I had seen in porn, though I did see a crop and a flogger, and many softer sensual items, such as feathers and candles. Opposite it was a table with a vase of flowers, a large bunch of blood red roses, reflected back in the large gilt mirror that sat above it. In the corner sat a well-worn armchair with well-padded arms. This was a room of her pleasure rather than my pain, or at least that is the way it felt in this moment.

Trisha sat in the in the chair and asked me to prostrate myself before her.

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