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Mum accompanies nervous son on his first flight.

" She climbed up on the bed and laid back.

Dustin started with a kiss, but Regina broke it off and pushed his head down. He took the hint and quickly moved to her breasts. They were far from firm, but they still had a nice shape. He quickly found her nipples where very sensitive. She moaned loudly when he licked them, so he spent a lot of time lavishing them with attention. He drew circles around them with his tongue, starting around the outer edges then moving in, spiralling in to circle the nipples. He sucked on her nipples, lightly at first, then harder to gauge her reaction. He added his tongue in to the mix, flicking her nipple while sucking on it. She was going wild by now, whining and moaning for more. Finally she had enough.

"Fuck me!" she said, hoarsely. "Oh God! I need your cock!

Dustin got between her legs and rubbed his cock along her pussy lips to get it wet. When he got the head wet, and teased her some more, he slowly slid it into her hot pussy. It was a little dry at first, but she lubed up quickly after a few strokes. He sped up a bit but shortened his stroke, leaving most of it inside. She moaned when he slowed down then pulled it all the way out.

"Nooo, noo, fuck me with that beautiful cock!"

This time he ignored her entreaties and lowered his body so he was face to face with her inflamed pussy. Holding her lips apart with 2 fingers he stuck his tongue into her, tasting her juice, and adding his saliva. Licking from top to bottom, he pushed her legs up so he could circle her asshole with his tongue. He did that a couple times until she got used to it, then he started putting pressure on her with his finger. Regina knew what he wass up to and clenched right away.

"Noo, no. Not there. Come back and fuck me."

"Oh, I'm going to fuck you, Pretty One. Just be patient."

He went back to what he was doing, only this time reversing his direction, bottom to top, and laving her clit each time he got there. Then he started alternating motions, licking her clit then her asshole after each vertical swipe with his tongue. She was almost beside herself by the time he stopped at her ass and stuck his tongue right in as far as he could go. She moaned loudly again and pushed her ass back trying to get more of his tongue. After a minute of his tongue opening her up he lathered her bung with all the saliva he could muster, then abruptly but smoothly pushed his baby finger in to the first knuckle. At the same time he applied his tongue to her clit and she crested her wave.

Her orgasm roared through her like a tsunami over a pacific atoll. It swamped her completely, making her scream and curse and speak in tongues. Her eyes where open but unseeing as the sensations ravaged her. When Dustin sensed it was becoming too much for her he eased off, slowing and lightening his ministrations to her pussy, removing his finger from her anus and gently caressing it as her breathing steadied. She was still breathing hard, but less erratic. Her fingers unclenched the bedsheets, stretching and releasing as the tension left her. Dustin eased away from her and climbed up to lay beside her, pulling a blanket over them. She cuddled into his strong chest.

"What about you? That was so amazing, I want to pleasure you too."

"You already did, once. We have lots of time, Reggie. Rest, so we can have more fun later."


Regina woke an hour later.

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