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Linda shows off at a boat competition.

She tried to stop her body from shaking, tried to sit still.

"I've always wondered just how big your titties were, Mrs. Jenkins -- if I can't kiss you, won't you let me see?" he asked and then his naughty fingers slipped the top button of the dress open.

"No, of course not, Chris -- maybe if I let you kiss me one more time, you would be happy and then I could go," she said, and succeeded in pushing his hand away from the next button. His long, agile fingers somehow found their way once again to her stiffening nipple, and he began rubbing it softly.

Billie swallowed, and waited for him to say something. She decided to ignore the fact that he was beginning to pull and twist a bit harder on her sensitive nub, and tried to ignore the pulsing of her breasts, and the way it was leaking down into the rest of her body. She remembered again the way the two men had forced her come over and over.

"I guess that would be OK as long as you let me at least feel how big your tits are," he said, and before she could object or say no, he had bent and once again sealed his lips with her soft, plump pouting ones.

Billie tried to control her breathing. She obediently opened her mouth at the feel of his tongue, and they were soon frenching softly, her breath hot and panting into his mouth. His hand became bolder and bolder on her heaving breast -- the dress was shapeless, but it was also thin and she had on another of the sexy bras that she usually wore, so he could feel the large, soft globe perfectly.

He cupped her breast and lifted it, then began kneading it strongly. Billie moaned and gasped into young Chris' mouth, halfheartedly trying to pull away from his kiss, but his left hand was back at the back of her head, clutching her thick hair in his hand as he continued to spear her panting mouth with his tongue.

His right hand switched to her other breast and he began squeezing and rolling that one about on her fine boned chest even harder. "Ohnnn, nooo, Chris, I didn't say you could squeeze them that hard," she gasped, and he assured her that he wouldn't, then kissed her again. Billie felt his hands leave her big, throbbing breasts alone for a minute, and then they were back, now just pinching and twisting her nipples again.

Billie once again pulled her mouth away from his -- she realized he had turned her so that her back was on the counter, and that he had somehow insinuated himself between her long thighs; her skirt was now pulled up above her knees, and she blinked down at his hands as they went to the buttons of her dress. "I just wanna see these big fuckin' titties, Mrs. Jenkins," he said softly.

He had somehow unbuttoned several of the small fixtures already, and Billie blinked down at his hands as he quickly, smoothly slipped the other buttons loose. Her pretty bra was already visible and large amount of her creamy mounds.

"I really don't think you should that, Chris," she said, trying halfheartedly to stop him, but before she really realized what was happening he had unfastened her dress all the way down to her waist. He spread the halves apart, and shoved the dress back off of her slim shoulders.

"I just wanna see these breasts, Mrs. Jenkins" he said, staring at her gorgeous knockers, contained in the tight little bra. With one hand, he reached up and casually slipped his fingers into the bra cup, pulled her heavy breast out by the nipple. His other hand she felt on her knee, lifting her skirt slowly.

"Umm, young man, what do you think your doing?" Billie asked as Chris began tugging and twisting at her stiff nipple. At the same time, his other hand was pushing her skirt higher, and higher, and then his hand was ripping her panties away with a sudden tug.

"Ohn, god, Chris, I .

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