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Adventures on a four-wheeler.

.. brush me teeth? I squirt from the tube onto my hand. The smell is somewhat familiar. "Hey, that's..."

"Icy-Hot", I finish for you. "Start out cold and warms right up."

"What are you..."

"sweetness. Please. Shut up."

You clamp your lips together again. Slumping your head back on the pillow, you shut your eyes. You then feel my hands rubbing the tops and insides of your thighs. The cream feels cold going on, almost a shock after the warm oil. I rub up your legs almost to your pussy. Up along the fold of skin where your legs meet your hips. Then over and around your pubes. The cream starts to warm, first your thighs, then all around your crotch. Warmer. Almost uncomfortably warm. Then you feel my tongue flicking out at your nipple. You breath in quickly, surprised by my warm wet tongue.

I slide my tongue around one nipple, circling it, not quite touching it. The cream on your thighs and crotch heats up more, almost a burning sensation. A low moan escapes your lips as my tongue finally slides over your nipple. Your hips begin to wriggle as the cream continues to warm your skin. You feel me wiping off the cream that hasn't yet been absorbed into your skin with a towel.

My hands then move to your breasts. Massaging them. Caressing them. Squeezing then releasing them. My tongue flicks from one to the other, both nipples painfully hard and sensitive. Your thighs and crotch are burning now but you notice your pussy is feeling hot and damp as well. Hmmmmm, you think. This might not be so bad after all.

I run my tongue down between your breasts and then push them together. I slide them against each other, the nipples bumping against one another. I slide my tongue over both nipples at once. I suck one nipple into my mouth, hard, my tongue swirling over it, making your gasp and moan.

With my hands still playing with your tits, I slide my tongue down your body. It follows the trail of oil, down over your stomach, over one hip, then down your leg. My fingers pinching and teasing your nipples, I slide my tongue up the inside of your thigh. First the right. Then the left. I slip my tongue along the fold of skin where your leg meets your hip, then down the same way on the other side. Your hips buck up, trying to force your pussy to my tongue. But not yet.

I slide my tongue back up over your belly to your tits. Swirling it around them. Flicking lightly at your hard nipples. I trail gentle kisses up over your upper chest to your neck. Your hips squirm as I kiss up your neck to your ear. Your breathing quickens as my tongue slides around your ear. You strain your hands against the restraints, wanting to push my head back down to your pussy. My warm breath against your ear makes you moan as I whisper, "You'd like me to fuck you right now wouldn't you?"

My tongue slides back down your neck, over your chest to your breasts. Soft, flicking licks, then down over your belly. Tickling through your pubes. Your hips buck up again as my tongue slides down along the outside of your labia. You whimper in frustration as it travels up the outside on the other side. You strain against the restraints again, wanting to grab my hair and shove my face into your pussy. Or wrap your legs around my head as my tongue laps against your clit.

You moan again as my tongue slides up your pussy lips, the tip just barely separating the lips. You exhale explosively as my tongue flicks lightly over your clit. You feel my fingers spreading the tender folds of skin, exposing your already swollen clit fully.

Your thighs and crotch sill burn as your pussy's temperature rises. You feel your juices flowing as my tongue starts stroking playfully at your clit. Diagonal stroke up. Diagonal stroke down. Light flick across. Your hips are straining up to force your clit against my tongue. Long slow stroke down one side. Small semi circle to the middle. Small semi circle back to the bottom. You moan again as you realize what I'm doing - the alphabet.

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