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Sara introduces Cathy to Ms Serena

He then moved to her arms. Slowly working his way down each arm and finishing with each finger. After her arms were done he moved to her lower back, massaging down to the top of the sheet. Once he was finished here, he moved to her feat. He started with the left foot and worked his way up her leg. As he moved up the leg, her legs separated somewhat but her modesty was still protected by the sheet. However, when he reached the edge of the sheet, instead of stopping, he folded it up so that the fold was right at the bottom of her ass. She could feel the sheet still on her ass and felt covered. I, on the other hand, could see her pussy lips from where I was standing in the kitchen with her feet facing me. Greg, I'm sure, also had a nice view.

Greg continued working on her leg until he got to the top and then moved to her right foot and started over. His view was even better now with her legs more separated than before and the sheet was already folded up but he didn't let on.

When he finished her legs, he started quickly changing how the sheet was folded and uncovered her right but cheek. He spent a few minutes massaging her ass and then did some quick refolding and switched to the left side, repeating the process. Kaye was starting to squirm some. I knew how much she enjoyed having her ass squeezed and grabbed and figured she was getting a little aroused. I was beginning to get aroused myself. I had never seen my wife exposed like this but found it oddly exciting.

Greg had now finished this side and it was time for Kaye to turn over. Before she did, he asked if she wanted the sheet to cover her breasts which he explained would make massaging her abdominal area difficult. Another option would be to have the sheet cover her mid section while a towel covered her breasts. As a third option he said "If you're not shy about your breasts you could leave them uncovered". My wife asked him what most women did and he told her very few choose the sheet. Most go with the towel but a number of his clients, especially the regulars who are comfortable with him, leave their breasts uncovered. Kaye opted for the towel.

Greg turned his back to arrange his oils and to give Kaye an opportunity to turn over. As she was turning over he started to turn and I'm certain he got a quick full frontal view of my wife but he acted very professional turning his back to her again. He turned to face her before she had the towel completely in place covering her breasts. She quickly but sloppily put it across her chest. When he came back to the table he rearranged it to make it neat and it appeared his fingers came very close to her breasts. Kaye seemed to be in a state of shock and didn't care very much. I was becoming more excited.

Greg once again began the massage starting with her head and face before moving to her shoulders. As he did her shoulders, the towel kept moving around and a couple of times, a nipple came into view. Kaye would quickly move it back into place but as she became more relaxed, her reaction to the slipping towel slowed. When Greg started on her abdomen, just below her breasts, the towel started slipping again and after her breasts became exposed for probably the fifth or sixth time; Kaye said "screw it" and threw the towel to the floor. I was stunned. Here was my modest wife lying topless before what amounted to a perfect stranger. Greg continued with the abdominal massage, his hands moving around her breasts without actually moving across them. Kaye was squirming.

Next he moved to her legs.

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