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Father & best friend find daughter helpless in bath.

Those stories, I cannot share with you, except to say yes, they did happen, and often. Almost every day, when Aunt Flo wasn't in town to visit.

Was it simple teenage lust, and puppy love? Obsession? Romance? Was it all in our heads? Well, sure it was... but it didn't make it unreal. Lust, love, obsession, these are emotions that can progress, or decline in time. Ours we kindled as often as we could.

Cordelia though, kept her silent. She held a torch whose fuel filled, never saw its purpose.

We weren't children, but we were not grown women. Foolhardy decisions, and fantasies clouded our realities, and soon Cordelia was as in on my plans to create a safe world for us, as were the willing people who followed.

Old enemies became friends. Sandra Sevilla, and Claire. Later, there would be more, as I am certain you've figured out by now.

This isn't some late night cinema on your basic cable network, okay? I am not the spirit of lust, inhabiting different people. That's not my MO.

I am making it your responsibility to insure people know this!

This is still for Cordelia.

It always was.


"Amnesia," Her mother called. "Claire's here."

"Hey there Claire," Amnesia's mom said, smiling. "Aren't you looking nice."

"Thank you, Mrs. Stone."

"Please, call me Janice."

"She doesn't do that." Amnesia's voice cut in, authoritively to her mother, like a boss would scold a subordinate.

"I was just--"

"It's okay, Amnesia." Claire said. "She didn't know."

Amnesia glared at her mother, and then smiled past her to Claire. "Please come in. I have a guest waiting, so we ought not to keep her waiting."

Claire threw a look of inquiry to Amnesia.

"Come now."


"I'm sorry." Nancy said, as Claire walked into the bedroom, shutting and locking the door behind her.

"Amnesia?" Claire asked unsure. "What is she doing her?"

"She wanted to apologize to us. She came here on her own."

"I don't trust her."

"Neither do I." Amnesia said. "But she made the effort to show up."

"Why do I feel like we're being set up--" Claire said when she was interupted.

"I want to eat your cake." Nancy said, feeling stupid just saying it.

Amnesia smirked, and Claire laughed in a fit of surprise. "You?"

"You put it in my face. If my friends hadn't been there I'd have buried my face in it."

"You're too caught up in what others think." Claire said, scowling at her.


"You won't be allowed to hang out with your old crowd anymore. Claire can do whatever she wants to you, if she's okay with it."

Claire eyed Amnesia thoughtfully. "Yes. You can have whatever you want, but, Amnesia has to be allowed to be a part of it too."

Amnesia's head shot to Claire, but she wasn't angry. Her face wore an expression of wonderment, amusement, and interest. "I can't do that. If you need help, you can call Sandra."

"Three of us?" Nancy's eyes were wide. "I didn't know..."

Claire looked Nancy over. She was muscular, average sized breasts held firmly in a push up bra. She was still in uniform, the pleated cheerleader's skirt just past the middle of her thighs.

She had an athletic body.

Claire sat next to Nancy. "You will have to quit the squad. Tomorrow, you'll be dressed Appropriately, and you will sit with us at lunch."

"No!" Nancy was edging away Claire. "That's not why I came over."

"Then fine. Apology accepted. Get the fuck out."

Amnesia nodded. "Thank you for dropping by."

* * *

Lunch again.

Amnesia could feel the beginning of summer in the air. Humidity, and heat coupled with the struggling attempt at balance, but the fading Spring.

"Cheerleaders." Claire said with a slight huffy growl. "I really don't like cheerleaders."

"Relax, Claire." Amnesia smiled, soothing. "Relax."

"Is there room for one more here?" A sullen voice interrupted.

Amnesia and Claire both looked with shock and surprise as Nancy approached them. She was dressed in a dark gray pinstripe skirt with a matching vest and jacket, with black nylons and black pumps.

"Steal clothes from your mom's clos

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