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Day with her master continues.

He pulls off the garter belt and stockings and kisses his way back up my legs slowly, antagonizing me with delight as his lips finally meet mine and we kiss again. He runs his tongue along my teeth and I melt against him again. I jump a little as I feel the head of his dick rub up and down along my slit, teasing me like crazy!

He then inserts just his head in me and I groan in ecstasy and squeeze his tip with my inner muscles, doing whatever I can to pull more of him inside me. He slowly pushes in, teasing, making me wait for all of it. When he's finally all the way in, I look in his eyes and tell him to just fuck me already! He grins back down at me and starts to work me hard and fast. My favorite! He's literally pounding me and I still can't get enough!

We flip over so I'm on top, him never leaving me for a second as I start to pump into him as fast as I can as he grabs my breasts and locks them in a death grip. I start rubbing my clit and I feel myself start to cum as I feel him tense up inside of me. I scream in pleasure as I feel him fill me up inside and it's absolutely magnificent! As we come down from our orgasms, I lay down across his chest, nibbling on his lips for a few moments as we try to catch our breath.

I finally get up and tell Luke I have to shower again so I can cook us some food because after our workout, I'm now starving. He agrees and kisses me before I get back in the shower. I finish washing my hair and am about to grab my body wash when Luke steps in the shower with me. I can feel myself getting wet again as he takes my pouf from me and begins to lather me up. He sweeps the soapy pouf along my arms, along my ribs and then hugs me so he can scrub my back. Then he turns me around and massages my breasts as he lathers them at the same time.

He then moves his free hand down and starts to rub my clit again and once more, I'm in heaven. I reach my arms up and put them around his neck and turn my face to meet his lips as I kiss and nibble greedily. My breathing gets harder and faster to match the rhythm of his hand as I ride it all the way to paradise. I hang on to his neck for dear life to keep myself from crumpling to the bottom of the shower. He laughs at me when he realizes I'm literally sitting on his hand and slowly stands me up. I turn around and continue to kiss him under the shower until it goes ice cold.

We finally get out and decide to screw the cooking and find a diner. So, I pick out a short dress that goes nicely over jeans. The hem of it covers my ass, perfect for what I have in mind for later, slip on some flip flops, and I'm ready to go. He puts on his jeans and t-shirt and we head out to my car. It's such a crappy night. It's raining and the air has a chill in it, but again, perfect for what I want to do later! So off we go!

We find a diner not far from my apartment that serves us some French toast with strawberries and whipped cream on top. It's fantastic!! Damn, I should have grabbed some whipped cream. Maybe on the way home... Yeah, that sounds like a fabulous idea! When we get back in my car, I tell Luke that I absolutely have to find an open store! He shrugs his shoulders and tells me "Whatever you want sweetheart." I look at him and he looks at me and I just smile at his beautiful face.

So we find a store and I find my whipped cream and as I'm turning around to head to the front, I spot some chocolate syrup. Hmmm... Lovely! I grab a bottle of it and a bottle of cherries too and head to the front with my treasures. I pay the cashier and wink at him as I am now completely inspired! Mmmm... A Luke sundae! But later! There's something else I need to accomplish first.

I open the back door and put my purchases on the seat, then walk around to the passenger door and surprise Luke by climbing up in his lap and straddling him, closing the door behind me. He laughs at me and asks what I'm doing. I simply say him, "I'm going to fuck you in my car."

He grins at me as I lean down to kiss along his neck and nibble on his ears and as I'm light

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