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She lovingly dominates her shy, submissive boyfriend.

Jessica's heart was pounding in her breast! She was sure that the creatures below could hear it beating for it was so loud in her own ears! She was looking between the two naked bodies when she became aware that the Stag's manhood was standing up! It had swelled noticeably, fattening and stiffening as she watched until it stood out straight from his body! The crown spread to the size of a small apple as it thickened, sitting atop a shaft that pinched in markedly behind the head but whose base was almost the same width!

Jessica's thoughts were spinning! What a magnificent member! So thick, so long, so strong!! She watched it bobbing to the Stag's heartbeat and movements, rising even higher until it proudly pointed skywards at an angle!

A gust of warm breath bursting from the Stag's mouth misted into fog as the night was rent by the sound of a stag in rut!

The Doe spun about! She saw the stag right behind her and screamed once! She spun again, looking to the centre of the clearing and the safety of the cloaks just a few short steps away!

The Stag leapt forward, grabbing at her and pulled her into his embrace! His hands quickly fell onto her breasts! "Your mine!" he growled quietly, but loudly enough for the watchers to hear! The Doe cried once and then fell silent.

The Stag spun her around. She was so short that she was looking at him into his powerful chest below the level of his nipples. But she was of a height that the tip of his rampant member peaked out between her breasts! She looked down at it and Jessica heard her gasp as she realized the size of it!

He reached down and grasping her by the elbows, bodily lifted her up until his mouth met hers. It was a hungry kiss! Jessica heard a moan and could not at first place it's direction...she wasn't sure if it had come from those below or from amongst the crowd of watchers!

The Stag lifted his Doe even further until her breasts came even with his mouth. He latched on and suckled her nipples like a hungry baby would! The Doe cried out again, but this time the cry was not one of surprise, shame or pain! It was one of sheer pleasure!

Her knees lifted and wrapped themselves around his hips as he moved from one breast to the other. Finally he lowered her to his mouth once more, kissing her fervently. The act brought the crown of his magnificent member to the juncture of her legs!

The Doe's groan was muffled in the Stags mouth. She brought her knees up to grasp his waist her feet trying to hook onto his buttocks. Her hips began to move on their own accord, in the age-old movement of men and women. Jessica thought that the Stag would impale her right there, but instead he moved to his left bringing them closer to the watching crowd...to John and Jessica.

What Jessica thought was a pile of leaves turned out to be a platform covered with an autumn leaf patterned sheet. They were now almost directly below the silent watchers and less than 12' away from her vantage point.

The Stag climbed the platform and place his Doe on her knees. Her height placed her even with his groin. He moved his member downward, until it pointed at her face.

The crown of his manhood glistened with the Doe's juices. He moved the tip around her face, a slick film left in its wake. Jessica thought there was more than could have been left by the Doe, when she realized that in his aroused state his drippings could be contributing to the smear!

The torches could be seen reflected in the slickness left on the Doe's face as the Stag rubbed ever closer to her mouth. Finally he coated her lips with is drool.

"Lick it!" he commanded.

All movement, all sound had come to a stop on the hillside overlooking the clearing. Everyone waited to see what she would do. The tension mounted as she moved her hands upwards to clasp his oversized member. She could not even get her fingers to go around his thick pole!

The Doe opened her mouth and flicked out her tongue, catching his drool on the tip of it.

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