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What's good for a mother is also good for her daughter.

I felt Scott's wet fingertip teasing my anus.

"This is good," Derrick said, "Fight your urges. Brothers must control their bodies."

I wondered how many more things needed to be said before they would simply allow us the freedom to cum. Somehow I knew we would be made to suffer until our bodies won the struggle and release came without permission. I was not even sure how I was holding out at that point. I was determined not to be the first to cum. Suddenly Jerry screamed now. I looked over to see an arc of cum shooting from his cock to just below his hard nipples.

"Fuck me too," I called out just in time for Scott to move away.

I came so hard I felt like I might have a convulsion. Before I was done Jason shot his load all over his stomach. I was still so shaky Caleb's next words barely registered.

"Now complete this part of your journey mix your cum with that of the others."

When I failed to move, Scott grabbed my hands and pressed my palms into the droplets of cum on my body. I quickly caught on and began to vigorously rub the sticky goo into my skin. Troy kissed my forehead before he stood.

"Guides we must meet with brother Brock. Please take them to the shower and see that they are well cleaned." The robed TM's as well as our pledge brothers left the room. Once there was no longer any danger of cum dripping off our bodies we were instructed to stand. Each guide whispered something in his pledges ear.

"That was fucking awesome! You are doing really well. I am so happy you are becoming a brother," Was Troy's message to me.

As we followed our guides, I contemplated Troy's excited message. He had to know he could have gone on forever having sex with me even were I not an AOK. I wondered why it was so important to him for me to be in the brotherhood. I had other things to ponder too as they led us down what I assumed was the main staircase. It was wider than the one we had come up and had a carved dark wood banister. In the time I had been in the house I had become accustomed to being paraded around naked. However it still seemed odd to me that our guides were also naked as we walked down the hallway of the second floor.

A door opened as we passed by. A guy came out wearing a pair of tight boxer-briefs. I could see inside the room. It was a bedroom and there was a guy lying naked on the bed. He had a dreamy look like he had just cum. Our guides greeted their brother. My fellow pledges and I did not do anything as we were ignorant of custom.

"Are these pledges too good to acknowledge me?" The new guy asked in a harsh tone.

"No they just have not yet been instructed on proper etiquette," Troy said quickly.

Jerry's guide, a lacrosse player I recognized from the locker room but had not met barked, "Pledges, when a member of the brotherhood and or a pledge come upon one another they shall offer a proper greeting. This is brother Stewart Nelson."

Having seen our guides greet Stewart we knew what was expected and each said the proper words and nodded respectfully. "Greetings brother Stewart."

It seemed that was not enough for this guy.

"I believe it is my right and dare I say duty to give a lesson in this case," Stewart said with a gleam in his eye.

"It is," Troy confirmed with a slightly raised eyebrow.

"Palms on the wall legs spread!" Stewart commanded.

The three of us immediately assumed the position. He gave each of us a hard whack on the ass.

"Now let that little sting serve as a reminder that pledges are to offer full respect at all times. A second offense will not be treated lightly," Stewart said and walked away.

It was an odd feeling to have been spanked.

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