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At the sex retreat.

Cindy felt like she was in a trance or a dream as she watched intently. She was mesmerized by the movements of the male and female body.

Terra looked down at her watch then interrupted sound of heavy breathing that filled the room. "Time to change positions again. This last position then I will let you two give each other an orgasm you so desire. Marte, I want you to kneel at the edge of the bed. Ryan, I want you to take her doggy style. Drive that delicious penis of yours deep inside her."

Marte felt another twinge in her stomach, realizing that she was now going to be exposing her soaked pussy to the girls. It would be in plain site as Ryan filled her. She reluctantly slip up onto the bed and placed her head in her hands on the bed. She felt Ryan's hands on her hips and felt him pull her towards him. She felt pressure at the entrance of her pussy as his penis began to spread her apart. She felt her walls grab a hold of him as he slowly slid his dick inside her wanting walls. She was beginning to get heated again. She was so horny now and wanted him to thrust himself deep inside her over and over. She wanted to feel him fill her and smack against her womb. She moaned in between each breath as his speed began to increase. She felt her hips instinctively begin to sway back and forth, pressing him as deep inside her as he could go.

Cindy stood up and walked out of the room. Terra stood and readjusted herself. She stood at the side of the bed and could not help but fondle Marte's breasts and squeeze her nipples, helping her move closer to an orgasm. Cindy returned to the room and pulled Terra back to the seat.

"It is time to switch once again." Cindy spoke as she nodded to Terra. "Marte I want you to get on top of Ryan now and ride him. Ride him to an orgasm."

Marte wanted to get her orgasm so bad. She reached back and practically pulled Ryan onto the bed. She spread her legs and straddled him before he was fully positioned on the bed. She was panting as she grabbed his penis and shoved it inside her sopping entrance. She leaned back and let out a long, soft moan as she slid her hips back, driving him deep inside her. She reached back and placed her hands on her hips, steadying herself. She raised her hips and slammed them back down on him. She could feel the sweat dripping down her face as she bounced on his hips, each time driving her once step closer to her orgasm. She was seconds away from her orgasm when she heard steps on the porch outside and the doorbell ring.

Marte froze with Ryan deep inside her. She wondered who in the hell that could be. Whoever it was had the worst timing in the world.

Cindy stood up and said, "Oh shit! Marte get dressed. I forgot to tell you your parents called yesterday and asked if you would be home. I told them you would. I will go get the door."

Marte knew she had been set up. She wanted to slap her two friends right now. She slid off Ryan and ran into the bathroom. Terra looked at Ryan and told him to stay right there then chased Marte into the bathroom. Terra allowed Marte to briefly wipe the outside juices away then handed her a pair of slim fitting, tight booty shorts and a spaghetti-string top. Marte protested stating she needed underwear. Terra told her to get out there before her parents wondered what she was doing. Marte threw on the pair of shorts and the shirt and headed through the bedroom towards the living room.

Cindy had taken Marte's parents to the porch and told them Marte was finishing her aerobics workout. Marte's hair was sweaty and matted. She pulled it back and put it in a pony tail. She was embarrassed as she could feel her rock hard nipples pressing against her shirt. The pants rubbed against her swollen clit with every step. She was cursing the girls with every step she took towards the kitchen. She would have given anything to get a release right now. She didn't even think about the fact she smelled like sex.

She walked out onto the porch and her dad gave her a big hug.

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