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To a modest extent. Merely as a preliminary to phase two. We now want to document how well your body will function under normal circumstances."

"You forgot to tell him about the collar."

"A yes, the collar. We have adapted it, from the ones we use to track marine mammals. I believe, in your country, you have electric fences for dogs?"

"Yes." Martin felt his neck.

"This works on the same principle," the doctor said. "But it is much more sophisticated. Do not attempt to remove it. It has been surgically implanted. It has electrodes attached directly into your nerves. The battery recharges itself on the thermal energy of your metabolism."

"Observe." The officer went over to a set of controls and adjusted them. Martin convulsed with unbearable pain. "If you attempt to leave this room, the pain level will mount as you move away. Within ten feet, it will kill you. Do you understand? If you disobey, you will be punished. Do you understand?"

Martin nodded.

"Good. We are going to give you two weeks of rehabilitation and physical training. Then you will begin your duties."

"My duties?"

"You will be servicing the crew. During the training period, officers only."

"Servicing?" He didn't get a response. It was obvious what those services were going to be. "How many?"

"Thirty. There will be three shifts of ten, and of course you will normally be doing two at a time. Each shift will take about an hour. The rest of the day you will be expected to sleep and exercise."

"And if I refuse?"

"We will simply return you to phase one. Really, you have no choice."

There was a commotion behind him, a blast of cold air, the sound of several feet on the metal floor. Someone with a voice of authority said something in Japanese, and the doctor answered back in that language, a friendly enough response. The next exchange, though, was not so friendly. "He has not commenced his phase two training!" The doctor said it in English. Martin realized he was being warned.

The other voice roared something imperious. "The captain is saying that he will commence the training himself." The first officer was whispering this to Marty. He sounded very worried. "If you are not acceptable, we will all suffer terrible consequences." There was a pleading tone in his voice.

The captain was standing in front of him, pants pulled down, penis at best half ready. Martin considered his options. He could bite the guy's balls off. He and the doctor and the first officer would be whale bait. Or, he could play for time. He licked those balls, he kissed them, he took the little cock into his mouth and let it slide as far back is it could.

"Excellent!" He could hear the doctor's sigh of relief. "You will be most satisfactory."

* * * *

"It's so nice of you to invite me over like this." Sharon looked around the stateroom with some envy. This was the one place in the little ship she had never been -- Ben and Maria's room. Well, that wasn't quite true. She had never been into the bedroom of that little French fag who called himself a doctor, and his creepy little partner. "Wow," she added, "this is really nice."

"We've tried," Maria said. Somehow, they had overcome the sterile barren look of the rest of the ship. There were curtains over the porthole, a nice quilt covering the bed. There were paintings on the wall, religious ones, saints and the Virgin Mary. There was a bronze cross over the bedstead. On the dresser, photos of their children, both at least Sharon's age, a very pretty girl on a wedding dress, and a young man in a military uniform. Going to be an astronaut, she had heard, and he had that look to him. The bed was made, the floor was polished, nothing was out of place. On the little table to the side, three glasses of wine were waiting for them. Sharon felt as if she were about to take Communion.

Ben and Maria had kept more or less to themselves, right from the start of the journey.

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