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Mother takes over in her son's bed and house.

Carrying her down the hall to her temporary bedroom, he laid her on the bed.

"Noel! Wh... what are you doing?"

Grinning at her, he turned around and threw over his shoulder, "I'm going to get your crutches. What did you think?"

She could hear his laughter rumbling down the hall. She smiled to herself, remembering her thoughts and wondering if she was less panicked than she had acted.

Noel came back with the crutches and put them across the foot of the bed where she could reach them easily. Sitting down next to her on the bed he took both of her hands in one of his he put the other on top of her head and rubbed it through her hair.

"Noel! What are you doing to my hair?"

"I'm just doing what you do all day long."

"I don't!"

"Yup, you do," Noel countered. "During dinner I counted, seventeen times!"

Leaning over her kissed her gently. When she didn't move away he put his arms around her and kissed her more energetically.

Pulling her head back to catch her breath, she chattered, "Wow! I've never been kissed like that!"

Teasing her, he said with a smile, "Well Ginny, you've never been kissed by a man before!"

Kissing her again he started rubbing her back with his hands. Lost in the moment he pulled his hand around and put it on her breast.

Putting both of her hands on his hand on her breast, holding it there, she whispered, "Noel, what do you want?"

Cupping her face in his hands he looked at her for a longish minute, not saying anything, looking into her eyes. "Ginny, I want... I need... Damn! I'm sorry Ginny. I'd better go to bed."

With a quick kiss on her forehead, he left her alone, prisoner to her thoughts.

The next morning, the day before Christmas, when she went in for breakfast, Noel was already there. Pausing at his chair she ran her hand vigorously through his neatly combed hair, laughing at him. Laying her crutches on the floor she slipped into the chair next to him.

They were having a big dinner on Christmas Day, so they didn't have anything particular planned for Christmas Eve. Ginny's mom and dad went to his brother's for dinner but she stayed home because of her ankle. Marty and TD went out with some of Marty's old high school friends to deliver toys to kids that needed a smile that holiday season. Both of them dressed up in Santa costumes and they had a lot of fun taking Polaroid pictures of each other in various combinations. They left and Ginny was left alone, smiling at some of the photos.

Christmas Eve wasn't a fun time to be by herself and Ginny was feeling melancholy. Putting a nightgown and robe on, Ginny turned the radio to a station playing Christmas carols. She wanted some hot chocolate, but thought it would be too hard to carry back with her crutches, so she sat on the sofa between the tree and the fireplace. It was a little warm on the sofa so she took her robe off, knowing she would be in bed well before anyone came home. Sleepily listening to the music, she heard

The First Noel, the Angels did say
Was to certain poor shepherds in fields as they lay
In fields where they lay keeping their sheep
On a cold winter's night that was so deep.
Noel, Noel, Noel, Noel

as she dozed off, incongruously musing of her virginity and Noel.

About nine, Marty and Noel came back from delivering their packages. Marty went on upstairs while Noel decided he wanted a beer first. He had seen the firelight flickering, and considered sitting there in the quiet family room sipping the beer and thinking of Ginny. He hadn't said anything even to Marty but he was falling for Ginny fast. She was cute, mostly sweet, with a biting humor at times.

Walking into the family room where the Christmas tree was located, he was startled to see Ginny asleep on the sofa.

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