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Daniel & Lily fall further into vortex of love.

My wife then began to tell me -- detail by detail -- what the girls did that afternoon and how they got locked out of the house. I pretended to listen to her but kept my visual vice grip on Jennifer. The view of her lacy bra barely holding in her tits and her tiny white panties made my cock stir inside my boxers. As my wife continued talking, Jennifer noticed I was seriously checking her out. She smiled at me and slowly spread her legs to give me a better view of her panties. As she did this, I realized the front of her panties -- what I like to call the "triangle of love" -- were truly miniscule and I could see some dark pubic hairs peeking out at top. My cock now strained to get free and I hesitated trying to figure out what to do. Jennifer must have realized my growing hard-on because she kept a visual lock on my pelvis, while her smile and eyes widened. She responded by spreading her legs even wider and -- given the sheer fabric of her panties -- I got a full glimpse of her nice, thick camel toe and could see the complete outline of her neatly trimmed bush -- narrow and long like landing strip.

I became fully engorged. My cock - seven inches long, very thick, circumcised and smooth -- was now pointing straight at Jennifer. I was proud of my tool and wanted Jennifer to see how much she was turning me on. I made no effort to hide it or talk it down.

At this point, both ladies could no longer ignore my erect cock. Jennifer went first.

"My God! What happened to you?" she asked me, somewhat rhetorically.

"Oh, that's just Mark!" my wife exclaimed. "He can't handle seeing a woman in her panties. Quite a fetish of his. Just ignore them both and maybe it'll go away."

Jennifer turned her eyes to mine and asked, "Do you like the panties I'm wearing? Are they making you hard?"

"Yeah, they're hot!" I said.

"Well, I show you mine if you show me yours." Jennifer proposed.

I looked at my wife and she nodded approvingly.

"You can show her but remember, the only holes that dick goes in are mine."

I unzipped my shorts, reached into my boxers and pulled out my rock-hard dick for both girls to see. I stood there proud of my tool and further turned on by my wife's willingness to show me off to her best friend. I suspected the wine coolers had something to do with this.

"Wow, that's really a nice cock!" Jennifer said. "Now I'll show you mine."

And with that, she unhooked her bra strap in back and removed it. Her perfectly shaped tits came free and her nipples were spectacular -slightly upturned, pointing more up then out. Her areolas were very dark and large. While her tits were flawless and I enjoyed seeing them, I was expecting she'd show me her bush. I felt like I got swindled. But my dick didn't mind and strained even further -- almost trying to reach out and touch her wonderful tits.

The girls giggled when they saw I realized I had been conned. I grabbed my cock and began to stroke it lightly and asked the women which one wanted to put in their mouths. They laughed again and my wife reached out and stroked my erect penis.

"I'll tell you what, " Jennifer said to me, "if you'll jerk yourself off for me and Lynn right here, right now, I'll give you my panties that you like so much."

"Ooh, " my wife cooed, "That's a good offer. I like that." My wife said teasingly.

I removed my shorts and boxers and knelt on Jennifer's chaise lounge, my knees between hers. I wanted her to have a good view of me as I masturbated. I also wanted a closer look at those panties. I spit into the palm of my right hand and began to stroke my cock slowly, pointing it right at Jennifer's face. My wife sat up in her lounge and gave herself a front row seat to my stroke session.

With one hand, Jennifer began to rub one of her tits.

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