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But with only a drop or two of irritant. This allows a variety of substances to be tried... extreme chili peppers, hot ginger or other hot spices, alcohol, tincture of iodine, the list goes on. Oh, yes, the baby bottle brush could be re-sheathed and painlessly removed if the girl pleased her Mistress. You will not be so lucky, Leena. I am looking forward to hearing your scream. If not today, then the second day of your menstrual period. I will relate more on that when it comes to pass, so to speak." Chris laughs, finding something amusing in her last remark.

Chris inserts the speculum and opens the duckbills wide. She twists the device to expose the cervix. A long red rubber tube works its way into Leena's uterus, dilating the cervix and pushing aside the mucus plug. There is some pain and discomfiture on Leena's part, but it isn't severe. Then Chris pulls the red rubber tube out, leaving the rough plastic interior tube. A tiny drop of ethyl alcohol is pumped into the hapless girl's womb. She writhes and twitches in agony. Chris enjoys slowly pulling the rough plastic tube through the raw tissue of Leena's cervix, leaving behind a few tiny droplets of alcohol. The pain and cramping is nearly unbearable. Leena is soaking wet in sweat. Perspiration beads up on her forehead and drools from her hirsute armpits. She has an odor of fear and pain. The back of her knees and the small of her back are dripping. Somehow Leena manages to hold her primordial scream.

"You amaze me girl," Chris states. "When you begin to menstruate things will be different. Just you wait and see."

Christ pulls the speculum out without compressing it. Oleg decides to do his rectal exam without lubrication. He shoves two fingers, middle finger atop index finger, into Leena's rectum. This seems to irritate her more than the speculum. At any rate, the body cavity search is done for the day.


"Today we don't do our walk, girl," Chris tells Leena. "We have a client who wants three girls to dance for eight hours straight. Well, with one ten-minute break each hour. I will unlock and remove your ankle chain but leave those high heels on. If you don't make the whole eight hours, expect to be whipped, hands high above your head. Does a girl understand?"

"Yes, Mistress," Leena answers.

The three girls assemble in a room. Chris reads the agreement: "We have three girls here to obey the dance commands. Lita has not been allowed to sleep or rest for 48 hours, Leena is wearing steel high heel shoes, and Trisha hasn't been allowed to eat or drink water for the last 24 hours. Should any fall or fail, there is the overhead chain, the leg spreader, and a suitable whip. Are we ready to start?"

The client is visible on a video monitor. He is morbidly obese and depraved. This is obviously his one and only way to control a girl. The caller begins: "Step to the left; turn about; cha-cha-cha;..." At the end of the first fifty minutes the girls try to relax. Lita is made to stand but given water. Leena is permitted to lie down and drink water, but Chris spanks her pussy. Trisha is allowed to sit and watch the other girls drink with a parched throat and dry, chapped lips.

After six hours Trisha falls. The others continue to dance as they watch male guards string Trisha up. Mercifully she is given water to drink before her whipping. Chris chooses a broad leather belt and starts behind her on her shoulders, then back, buttocks, and legs. Trisha screams out when Chris strikes her between her spread legs. This means even more strikes to Trisha. At last Chris works Trisha's breast and armpits. The client is satisfied and Trisha is taken back to her cell.

After the seventh hour, Lita and Leena are still dancing.

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