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I get a stimulating massage.

"David never went down on me," she said as she gripped my scalp tightly, "fuck, it feels so good!"

I licked all over her sweet pussy as I felt her body stiffen, Momscreaming in her hard orgasm.

"Yes!!" she cried as she began spraying her juices into my mouth. Her legs shook as she pulled me deeper into her warmth depths until finally her grip subsided and she lay back, breathing heavily.

"Good heavens that was great," she panted before she reached to jerk me off, "but it looks like you still want to have some fun." She stood, her boobs bouncing slightly and held her hand out to me.

We kissed all over one another as we walked upstairs to her bedroom and my cock twitched as I saw her brightly painted king size bed. I turned and we began to kiss passionately, feeling and groping one another.

I kissed from her mouth to her neck, her neck to her shoulders and her shoulders to her tits, licking and sucking them, circling them with my tongue. I then grabbed her ass and flung her onto the bed.

She smiled with lust as I crawled over her, kissing her furiously as I squeezed her huge breasts. I began to suck them again as she moaned at my touch. I began to finger her, my finger sliding easily into her wetness.

She then moaned before I began sucking on her tits once again, lightly biting her tits. I marveled at their warmth and size before she flipped us over, dangling her knockers over my face.

She looked deeply into my eyes as she swiftly jerked me off, making me moan as my head hit the wall. She slapped my swollen before sucking on both of them. It was a simple miracle I didn't blow my load then.

"Oh! Fuck!" I shouted as she wrapped her mouth around my cock and began to fuck her own throat. As she reached the base, her tongue snaked out and again began to play with my balls.

She looked up at me with her beautiful eyes and picked up speed, slurping loudly. She continued to fondle my balls as her red lips tightened around my prick.

She pulled up and smiled down at me as she continued to stroke me.

"Ready baby?" she asked.

"Absolutely," I said as I cupped her boobs and she slid my cock into her and she gasped as I spread her pussy open. She gasped as I went balls deep and she began to ride at a fast pace.

I held her hips as she got further into it and kissed me.

"This cock is the best one I've ever felt Robby." She began to ride faster as I continued to suck her warm tits, listening to her ass clap against my thighs. I kissed up and down her cleavage as I flicked my tongue against her nipples, making her moan louder and she rolled her hips in slow circles.

"God!" Momscreamed as she went even faster, "this is the best fuck I've ever had!!" She lay her head back and bounced madly, letting me feel and squeeze her.

My cock pulsed inside her as she moaned from my getting harder. I lay in awe at her strong sexual need, watching her udders bounce wildly above me. She cried out and dug her nails into my chest as I smacked her ass.

I grunted as her cunt tightened hard and I looked into her face, full of lust and bliss. "Oh fuck!" She screamed, "I'm cumming!! I'm cumming on your fat beautiful cock!!!"

"Do you like it?" I taunted her, pinching hard onto her tits.

"Yes! God, I love it so much!!" She leaned to allow her boobs to close over my face and I sucked them deeply, drinking deeply before pulling them as far as I could watching ricochet back to her boob, covered in my saliva.

She began riding again, the two of us kissing passionately as she rode me furiously, throwing her down to my balls. Our hard fucking sounds and moans filled the room as I kept squeezing her ass, her sexy eyes locked on mine.

"Oh god," Momgasped as I felt my head tearing into her womb, "I never want this to end. I've never had sex as good as this."

I wanted to agree but she put her boob into my mouth again and I became occupied in sucking it as she slammed nonstop into my base.

"YEEEEEEEESSSSSS!!!!!" Momscreamed as she began squirting onto my shaft.

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