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What my wife got up to and my response.

I would soon learn that not only did Jeff want to be my boy toy, he wanted to be, truly, my baby boy, and he wanted me to be his Mommy!

It was a dam good thing he did not press that issue early on, because if he had, I would have had no interest in him at all. I always felt I never wanted to be any lover's mother image, and I really believed that mothering a man in and out of the bedroom was nothing but a tremendous turn-off. And because I felt that way then, I ignored all of his questions that referred to that type of relationship for quite some time.

Almost instantly, Jeff's and my chats were so explicitly sexual, I was surprising myself with my candor and comfort with him - I was answering all of his intimate questions with extreme and honest caring, and I was asking him equally erotic questions and his answers were not only so honest too, but they had all the innocence of a child with no sense of wrongdoing or guilt in anything he revealed to me about his fantasies, hopes, and dreams as far as his sex life was concerned.

"There is nothing better than licking and sucking on a nice, wet pussy" he wrote. "I can do it for hours. Is that your pussy in the picture you sent me?"

"Yes, it is."

"You are giving me a woody. I could hammer nails into this thing right now. I really need to take care of it now. Can you help me out, please?"

All I knew was that I wanted to please this man so badly, I was going to oblige his every request, so I wasted not a moment's time in peeling off my sleeveless tan tee shirt, and my huge breasts exploded out from under it like two giant helium balloons.

"mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" he typed.

And with my each of the slightest movements that made my breasts even jiggle an inch, those mmmmmmmm's appeared numerous times during the length of our many chats. I learned quickly that whenever he began typing his mmmm's, he was getting very close to cumming!

"Can I please see your pussy, too?"

Without hesitation, I aimed the cam properly, as I gingerly laid down on my giant sofa, and spread my legs as far and wide as I could, while parting the labia of my shaved mound, exposing fully my tiny, pink, button-of-a-clit and its surrounding folds, which were equally pink, and already glistening and shiny with my hot, wet juices.

From that position, I was unable to read what he was typing at all, as I began to pleasure myself for him, by slowly finger-stroking my clit in those familiar circular swirls.

This show, however, was so totally uninhibited on my part. I became completely unconscious of everything around me, except for the fact that he was watching me, and all I could think about was making myself cum, so that he would cum.

I slowly and rhythmically finger-fucked myself, first with one, then two, then three, and finally, the never-before-done four fingers. I then inserted first one, then two, and even the again-never-before-done three fingers into my asshole as far as I could get them to go.

Of all the songs that could have been playing on my radio at that time, I was in ecstasy as I masturbated myself quickly along to the beat of the sexy jazz tune DEEPER by Pete Belasco.

I was climbing the peak toward my orgasm, so in my usual style, I abandoned my asshole and love hole, in favor now of concentrating fully on my clit, knowing I would cum much more quickly that way. I had no way of knowing what level Jeff was on at this point. Even tho I had lost track of my time spent, I sort of figured he should be getting pretty close to an orgasm now himself.

Within another minute or two, both of my legs were spread wide open in a big V, my knees only slightly bent, but pretty much sticking straight up in the air now.

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