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Linda held up the diamond bracelet.

I was too startled in that first instant to brush them away and escape, and then it was too late. I felt a hot flush, my nipples popped up like hat pegs, my pussy flooded and my legs turned to jelly. As Tom's hand closed over one of my boobs, outside my tracksuit top, my head fell back, my eyes closed, and a small moan forced itself between my lips. Trying to recover the situation, I groaned, "Look, stop this now, you mustn't do this." Of course, what I should have done was leapt to my feet, belted them and asserted my teacherly authority; but I was already beyond any ability to do so.

I felt fumbling behind my back, then my bra fell loose. That was followed by a confident hand taking the zip of my tracky top and slowly pulling it down to my tummy. Simultaneously, a hand from each side of me slipped into my bra and curled around one of my throbbing breasts, and I knew that was it: I was powerless to stop these little bastards doing whatever they wanted with me.

Seeing my token resistance ebb, Tom dropped to his knees and took a breast in his mouth; a moment later his brother followed suit. My titties had been sucked before, of course, but never both at the same time. Incapable of controlling my body's response, I gave a long, loud groan as two tongues swirled around my breasts and nips, and two sets of teeth softly nibbled at my flesh. Tom was a quick worker, and I felt his hand sliding beneath the waistband of my tracksuit bottoms. I made a last, frantic attempt to stop him, scrabbling ineffectually at his wrist, but a moment later a finger found my clit and began to stroke it. It was the first time another person had touched me there for over a year and I orgasmed instantly, my hips jerking as I gasped towards the ceiling and a waterfall of fire cascaded across my tightly closed eyelids.

By now I was completely naked from the waist up and, stunned from my shattering release, I felt them take an arm each and pull me to my feet. As we passed the main door I heard its Yale lock click shut, and vaguely realised that they had cut off any chance of us being disturbed -- or of me escaping, even if I was capable of such a thing! They propelled me towards the equipment store, and I muttered, "Please, you can't rape me."

Tom ran a finger down my spine, making me shiver, and murmured in my ear, "It's not rape, Nathalie. If you really want us to stop, we will." I tried to say that was exactly what I wanted, but the words just wouldn't come. The harsh neon light of the equipment store flickered on, and I felt my back being pressed down onto a pile of cold rubber exercise mats. Tim pressed his lips to mine, and I meekly opened my mouth to his ravening tongue; at the same time his hands began to knead my breasts; meanwhile, Tom lifted my legs and dragged off my training shoes, my tracky bottoms and my soaking panties.

I gasped as Tim attached his mouth to one of my breasts again, then gasped again as Tom's tongue trailed across my inner thigh and up the length of my lightly haired slit. Neither of my previous lovers had ever licked me there, and Tom's tongue lapping at my inflamed pussy, combined with his fingers sinking deep into me, started to drive me wild. The effect of that and Tim's licking and fondling of my boobs combined to create a supernova in my churning belly. Any thoughts of resistance were long forgotten, and I began to writhe wildly. I could feel a huge orgasm building inside me, getting closer, closer...then Tom stopped and stood up.

I opened my eyes in surprise and disappointment, but then saw he was quickly undressing.

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