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A relationship finally ends with a distant shoot out.

Covering her eyes was a sleeping mask. She couldn't see, of course, but usually the point is to keep one from making an attempt to see, right? Strap the blindfold on so it can't be pulled off, use handcuffs, tie you to the bed, something? Instead, the mask just sat lightly on the top of Anne's nose with a flimsy string around the back of her head, her arms and hands free to move as they pleased.

"Aren't you going to make it so I can't take the mask off?" Anne had asked Alex.

He shook his head and shot her a knowing smile, his eyes penetrating deeply. "I trust you."

Anne knew what that meant. She knew that he expected her to WANT not to see, to value the surprise that was to come rather than try to circumvent it, like a child who learns it's better to not know what she's getting on Christmas morning rather than sneaking a peek in the closet.

Still ... Alex WAS taking a while, and she was getting a bit restless, a bit curious. And so she asked for him to come out of hiding, and was greeted with silence, save for a distant rustle in another room of the house.

Then came footsteps, creaking their way down the hall. The gentle whine of the door's hinges as someone entered the room. Instead of heavy thuds against the floor, the volume of the rhythmic gait was muted; clearly, Alex -- or whoever it was -- wasn't wearing shoes.

"Tonight," he said in hushed, deep tones, his voice piercing the silent atmosphere, "is the first dish: Oral."

"Oral, huh?" she responded, a little snark in her speech. "What, you want a blowjob? All you had to do was ask."

Anne couldn't see it, but Alex was shaking his head. "Sex is as much about the mouth as it is the genitals," he continued, unphased by his lover's clear skepticism. Each of our bodies has its own tastes, its own scents. You know the aroma that catches your nose when a plate of food is set in front of you? That's a man's musk, a woman's natural perfume. The smell of sweat, the smell of a pussy, the smell of sex."

Anne shifted, growing more anxious by the second. Alex went on: "And of course, smell and taste are connected. We start salivating before we even taste, but when we do ... A man always remembers the first time his tongue lapped at a woman's juicy cunt. A woman remembers the way her first cock tasted when it slid between her lips. The way his semen tasted when it slid down her throat. The way your lover's mouth tasted the first time you kissed intimately."

Anne's hairs were standing on end now, her squirming more constant. "You even remember the way the body tastes with other, more familiar flavors."

Suddenly, Anne felt a heavy, warm presence raise itself in front of her face. She instinctively opened her mouth, and in moved Alex's cock. Thick and stiff, not impossibly long but a length that felt right for Anne, it filled the space between her cheeks instantly. Anne closed her lips around the shaft ... and was surprised by what she found.

Alex's dick tasted of chocolate. As Anne sucked on his manhood, the sugary sensation flooded her taste buds. She opened her mouth and gasped, taken aback, her lips curling up into a delighted grin.

"Alex, did you ...?" His "shhh" interrupted her question, and she happily obliged. Her soft, pink tongue emerged from her mouth and licked the veiny hardness before her, slurping up a dollop of something thick and creamy.

She slowly lapped at his cock, all around the sides, up and down. She wasn't giving a blowjob; she was enjoying dessert. The sweetness was addictive to her senses, heightened by the lack of sight. She heard slight sighs come from Alex's mouth, punctuated by the occasional moan. The sound of Alex's pleasure only made Anne lick more voraciously, as her juices grew thicker between her thighs.

In went the entire length of Alex's cock into Anne's mouth again, sliding deep into the damp oral sheath.

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