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Maybe she would finally try something he asked.

"Is he charming you as much as he does everyone else?"

To my surprise Teresa didn't scowl, but her face seemed to become a little sad. "He reminds of someone I used to know... reminds me a lot of him."

"Your ex-husband?" I asked. The question might not be appropriate, but I felt this was the best chance I'd ever had of getting this woman to open up.

"Oh no, not him." Teresa said, her voice trailing off. I left it alone, telling her to get a police radio and get ready for the mission.

At 9:00pm, I assembled the team in the parking lot. Despite the bitter cold, they stood and listened as I explained the plan. If they were shocked, they totally hid it, and they were eager for action.

We would not wear any police insignia nor openly show our badges; this operation was to be "unofficial." We would wear black jumpsuits with no name tags or insignia. We'd go in and nab any perps, but if Molotov himself showed up, we would not be making arrests. I ordered everyone not to kill anyone unless it was absolutely necessary, and I particularly wanted Molotov alive.

We entered the grounds of the warehouse from the rear. The chief had ordered security pulled off the site, saying that we'd moved what little evidence was there, which was almost true.

Around midnight, four large vans drove to the front of the warehouse, the perps having cut the chain to the front gate. As I hoped, Sergei Molotov had come personally.

"What idiots the police here are." Molotov said as his six man team exited the vehicles. Perhaps he'd forgotten what Cindy and Melina had done to four of his men in their botched gym raid. Let the fatass keep thinking we were stupid, I thought to myself.

They went inside. The lights were fully on, and there were a couple of pallets of evidence in the warehouse, but not much else... just a table and chair. The lights on and the lack of much stuff in the building should've been a dead giveaway. That's a clue, fuckheads! I thought to myself, but Molotov seemed oblivious that anything was wrong.

His loss. At my signal, we sprang upon them!

"GET YOUR HANDS UP!!!" Hugh screamed as we ran into the warehouse, guns drawn and levelled at the perps. We all started yelling "GET 'EM UP!" as the confused men complied. Within seconds they were all stripped of their weapons and were lying on the floor spread eagle, except Molotov.

Part 6 - Pulling The Trigger

I walked up to Molotov, wearing my favorite Tilley hat with my Airborne wings affixed to them. Normally I had my police badge on the hat as well, but had taken it off for this "extracurricular" exercise. I was carrying something else as well: a crowbar. It was a bit longer than normal, made of solid iron, and painted royal blue.

"Well, Mr. Molotov, perhaps we are not the idiots here." I said, keeping my voice quiet and smooth. "You walked right into the trap. I really am shocked that such an obvious ploy would fool such brilliant men as yourselves.

"Or maybe..." I added, using my words as a dagger, "maybe your best four men were the ones shot dead in my wife's gym the other night, yes?" Molotov's face switched from shock to furious anger.

"You son of a bitch." Molotov said. "My lawyer will have me out of your puny jails in a very short time, and then you will find out who is going to be shot dead!"

"Last time you said I didn't understand, Sergei." I said. Molotov's men were looking at us with unappeasable hatred in their eyes for me at the disrespect I'd just shown their leader in calling him by his first name, which he hated. And that was just the beginning.

"But it is you who now apparently does not understand. You are not under arrest right now. Your high-priced lawyers are nowhere near here.... and you won't be shooting anyone once I'm done with you."

"What, are you going to shoot me, here and now? And you call yourself a police officer?" Molotov said, but his voice was getting shakier.

"Police?" I said, pretending naivety as I walked around until I was behind his left flank.

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