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Great sex with a stranger.

I was glad when the guy showed up and waded out to me with a bar of soap.

"Here, I thought you might need this."

"Thanks, I do need this. This paint and mud and the other crud doesn't seem to want to wash off."

"I know. Hey, I know where there is cleaner water than what you are standing in. If you will follow me I'll show you."

I looked at what I was standing in. It was muddy and well it didn't look too clean. I had thought it was all I was going to have to clean up in. Cleaner water would be good.

"OK, where is it."

"Come on."

He took my hand and led me to the bank and along the edge away from the others. "It's through here." He led me several hundred yards to a clean pool in the jungle of grass and shrubs where a spring bubbled out of the ground. It was a beautiful spot I thought as I looked around. I was surprised when he leaned down behind a clump of grass and pulled out a large towel and washcloth along with more soap and shampoo and a comb.

"I thought you might need these too." There was a large smile on his face as he handed the stuff to me. "You want me to help? I can scrub your back and help you wash, if you want."

I had been looking at him closely. This was the first time I had actually looked at him up close and not under a sexual fever. I could see he was very athletic and worked out a lot. He was the most gorgeous man I had ever seen. He was about 6'4" with a broad muscular chest, shoulders and arms and a narrow waist and slim hips that joined very muscular legs. His skin was very dark and smooth. I didn't see a blemish anywhere. He towered over me and made me feel very small.

I already noticed he was partly rigid and growing and watched mesmerized as the foreskin stretched and slipped back off the head of his rapidly swelling cock that glistened in the sun with what was probably a little pre-cum coating its surface. I wanted to touch it right then but thought, what the hell, he has already fucked me and besides I could use some help getting this muck off of me.

"I could use you to scrub my back." I smiled back at him and handed him the washcloth and bar of soap. "I could wash yours too."

We both laughed and started soaping each other down. "What's your name," I asked as I let him shampoo my hair. I had reached up to help and had both hands on my head wrapped in my hair as he slipped his down to my breasts and soaped them. My nipples rapidly hardened and stuck straight out sending a tingling down to my groin. He was standing behind me and I felt his growing cock rub against my butt.

"Greg, why do you need to know?"

"What?" My mind had raced to my groin along with the tingling his hands were giving me.

"My name is Greg. Just wondered why you need to know my name."

"I have to call you something don't I?"

"Does it really matter? You know we may never see each other again."

"I guess not." He was fully hard when I reached back and grasp hold of his pole. He had been moving it between my ass cheeks and slipping it lower between my legs. His hands slipping around in the soap on my breasts and the feeling of his hardness had already awakened my lust. I was seeping moisture. I was soapy all over, him too but I led him to the bank and after loosening my grasp on him I lay down on my back and looked up to him, holding out my arms. "I'm waiting."

He wasted little time, dropping to his hands and knees and embraced me with a deep kiss. I could feel the hard head of his swollen cock poking at me, already in position. When our kiss broke, I mumbled, "Make love to me."

He slipped in.

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