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Rand warns Arianna.

Jill blushed more as his gaze lingered on her thinly veiled breasts.

Amy saw her melting into a pool of lust and interjected that she was all set to go to her bungalow. "It's number 5" Amy advised. She organized materials on her desk and rose to walk Jill to the cottage. As she stood Jill realized she had a truly gorgeous figure. Her full breasts generously complemented her sleek body. Her perfect legs and round ass matched her centerfold tits.

Kent's eyes were on Jill as he rose from his revealing pose. Standing by the desk he asked Amy to add his selections to his bill.

Amy laughed "you're paid in full, Kent. Enjoy the rest of the day!" "I will indeed" Kent replied "especially if you allow me to escort young Miss Jill to her cottage."

Amy looked at Jill quizzically and Jill shrugged her agreement in response. Jill liked that her shirt fell a little wider open. Kent offered his hand to guide her up from the chair. Amy watched her rise knowing something of what lay ahead for Jill. She smiled returned to her reservation list. Jill and Kent left Amy to await the other arrivals and went out to the beach. Amy came to the doorway and again bid Jill welcome. "Let us know if you need anything." Jill looked back and Amy smiled mischievously. She advised she'd send Sean down upon his arrival.

Jill walked with Kent out into the hot sun. The sand burned his feet and he led them to the wet cool sand by the water's edge. Jill walked beside him as they ambled towards her cottage which lay some distance down the beach.

"How long have you been here?" Jill asked as they skirted the waves.

"Just a month now" he replied with a hint of surprise in his voice.

"Like it? Is it what you expected?"

"Love it. It's everything I imagined and more."

Jill contemplated what he meant by "more". She suspected Kent enjoyed the company of multiple women on the island. His easy demeanor and comfort with his nudity relaxed her. His thick swaying cock dangled seductively. Jill held his hand and swung up the beach as a wave approached. Kent stayed in the water's edge and their arms stretched wide as they separated. She released his fingers as they parted and admired his lithe moves in the surf. His now wet cock captured her gaze suggesting a wealth of satisfied women.

She unbuttoned the lone button closing her blouse as they walked. She felt an overwhelming urge to reciprocate his taunting. Her shirt fell open. A little shrug cast the fabric off her breasts. She wanted to convey her comfort with the island's erotic freedom. Hell, she wanted cock and Kent's was looking mighty good. Her loose laces were just enough to keep her shorts strung around her waist. The cord of the g-string looped around her hips.

Kent noticed. "Yes, there's little need for clothes here." He smiled as he glanced at her bare chest. Her tits were the match of Amy's he thought as she exhibited them seductively.

Jill moved back to hold his arm and again they swung up the beach as a wave threatened to wet her shoes. "I'm gonna love it here" she admitted. The pearl beads inched through her slick slit. Her bare breast pressed hotly to his arm.

"Where is your partner?" Jill asked as they moved along the shoreline. She had a growing curiosity about Kent's statements earlier. What exactly did he mean by "more" she wondered? She glanced down as his member bobbed happily with each step. She questioned her own expectations. Would the stay exceed her dreams? She held his hand and involuntarily squeezed as the idea of "more" lingered in her thoughts.

"She's with friends up in the hills. They went to take photos." Jill's Tarzan fantasy immediately came to mind. Did they get photos of her as she hiked in just her g-string? She hoped they did. Now that she was at the settlement, her sense of adventure unleashed.

"Mmmmm it's a gorgeous place" she offered as she scanned the hill above them and thought of being naked on the trail.

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