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Henry and Libby get closer; bit of fraternity hazing

"You like this, don't you?" I asked, surprised and excited at the lack of resistance Kelly was offering to my mauling her. "You really like me roughing up these jugs of yours, don't you Kelly?"

Kelly's body was shaking, but she didn't try to pull my hands off of her breasts, and instead just let me squeeze them while grinding her backside into the bulge in my trousers.

"You fucking my kid?" I asked, grabbing her nipples and twisting them a little.

"Couple times," Kelly gasped. "He comes - too fast."

"I want to fuck you too, but I won't come too fast," I promised her, although I was so horny at this point that was not a certainty.

Turning her around to face me, I was shocked when my attempt to kiss her was met with a response that was downright feral. Her lips enveloped mine; lush and full lips that were wet and warm. Her tongue found mine, and suddenly she was trying to sit on my lap while I was standing up.

"I want to do you, but not here - please," Kelly said, and when her searching hand found my cock through the fabric of the pants, I enjoyed the shocked expression on her face.

"Where?" I asked.

"If the car hadn't broke down we could..."


Chapter Four: Where?

We got back into the car after dropping the hood of my perfectly fine car, and if Kelly was mad about my deception she had a funny way of showing it.

"Damn, you've got a big cock, Mr. Sheller!" Kelly exclaimed after reaching over and getting my dick out of the cramped quarters it had been in.

"Dave," I told her, not wanting anybody calling me Mr. while they were about to go down on my cock.

I tried to concentrate on driving, but after Kelly's lips slid halfway down my erection it got tougher. I tried to remember where a cheap motel was, while fighting the urge to pop my load down Kelly's eager throat.

The Skylane, I remembered suddenly, and made a sharp right turn that sent more of my cock down Kelly's throat than she was ready for, causing her to choke and pull up. Another sharp turn and we were in front of the fleabag motel - a dump that would have to do.

"Be right out," I told Kelly, prying her hand off of my cock.

Thirty eight dollars later, we were in front of room 18 of the Skylane. I fumbled with the key for a second, even though the door was so flimsy I could have pushed it down, and then we were inside.

The room wasn't much, but I didn't care, and neither did Kelly, who had her sweatshirt off before the door clicked behind us, and quickly yanked the twisted bra off as well.

Her tits hung down to her waist - they were so big they had nowhere else to go - and her nipples were dark crimson. She wasn't expecting anything like this, I assumed, because her armpits were thick with stubble from not having shaved in a few days. That didn't bother me, although she seemed embarrassed when my fingers stroked their coarseness.

"Nice," I said, and being a child of the 70's it wouldn't even have bothered me if she hadn't ever shaved at all.

One thing I was hoping for was a furry pussy, since I've not been able to get used to that juvenile look of the bald crotch so many girls seemed to favor these days. Thankfully, Kelly had a thick and dense bush between her legs, and it was wet with excitement as I eased her down onto the bed.

"Now," Kelly grunted, repelling my attempted foreplay and instead just grabbed my cock and slid it into her.

She was really tight, but she was the one that was pulling me close to her and forcing me into her, so her cry when my tool forced itself into her moist pussy only sent a chill down my spine.

I humped her just like a guy who hadn't been laid in a long time, hard and fast. I came within a minute, basting her insides with a load of my seed, but I kept thrusting myself into her, using the size of my dick to stay inside of her until I got hard again.

Not having sex for about a year makes a man a bit crazy, and no doubt was a factor in my cock getting a little hard again rather quickly.

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