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Coed is 'groomed' by aunt and uncle!

She really got into it, tongue flickering left and right, slurping and sucking his big balls into her mouth.

Soon, her tongue touched his stiff standing schlong, making it twitch. Her hand pulled it down, while her tongue rolled up it. As she reached the top, she softly pulled back his foreskin, licking at his super sensitive cock head. He grabbed at her lush red hair and moaned, pushing her down. She let him push her head down, soon engulfing his whole cock, swallowing the head into her throat.

"Mmmm," she moaned, sending a vibration into Pete's cock, and slipped her tongue out to tickle his balls, then slowly started to lift her head up, continuing to flicker her tongue across the underside of his cock. She stopped with the his cock head on her lips and slurped loudly a few times, making Pete shiver.

She loved to suck his cock, often teasing him for what seemed like hours before letting him cum. That wasn't what she had in mind for him this time though. She stood up, hitching he skirt, and straddled Pete. Pulling his head to hers, she locked let lips to his, their tongues entwined.

"Are you gonna fuck me, or what?" she demanded, grabbing his cock and slipping it into her warm, wet cunt. Pete noticed that she was wetter than usual, but he knew his Fi and she was one horny girl! Whenever they got together, there was bound to be sex. Good sex! He nodded, lost for words. She smiled softly at his bashfulness, and started slowly sliding up and down on his hard cock.

She loved that about Pete, he was shy about sex. Naive, even. She knew that she could stay with him, because he could satisfy her, and because she could keep her other side from him. He wasn't stupid, not at all. Just not very observant. Slightly self absorbed. She would make use of that!

He got more of her than anyone. He was getting it now! His hips bucking as he tried to get deeper. He started to open her blouse, gradually bringing her ample cleavage into view. She arched her back, pushing her already big tits up and out in an invitation that was not lost on Pete. He took the rest of her blouse off and grabbed her firm, round boobs, putting one in his mouth and sucking. Fiona was bucking faster and harder now, bouncing on his cock while playing with her clit, she started to moan loudly.

Visions of Jamal fucking her at the window not all that long ago. The thought that Pete was unknowingly getting Jamal's sloppy seconds sent her over the edge. She suddenly pushed down hard, taking Pete's cock as deep as she could. She was suddenly very quiet as she held her breath, feeling the waves begin to wash over her. She squeezed her tits together, pushing Pete's head in between them.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!" she screamed, coming forcefully. She started to bounce again, kissing Pete strongly and biting his lip. She was obviously excited, and immediately started bouncing the whole length of Pete's cock in and out. Soon Pete was on the very brink.

"OhPete, OhPete, OhPete," she chanted, bottoming out each time. Her round ass slapped off his thighs, her juices ran down his cock, drenching his balls and her pussy clenched around his cock as she came again.

"FUUCK MEE PEETE! OOOH YEEAAH, FUUCK MEE BAABAAY!" She screamed, her legs shaking and body pulsing with orgasm. It was all that Pete could take. He started to grunt and moan, finally letting out a loud moan as he dropped his load deep in Fiona's already abused pussy. Pete thought it felt like a huge load, he'd come in torrents. His cock was still twitching when Fiona slid off of it.

She knelt in front of him, kissing his cock head gently. She licked her lips, tasting the mingling cums. She started to lick Pete's cock, cleaning off all of the cum that had deposited on it. She started at the tip, licking as his still dripping cock slit, taking the whole head in her hot mouth. She licked and slurped down the sides, all the way down to his balls, which she took into her mouth, one at a time. She worked her way back to the top and started to suck again in earnest.

Pete's cock had

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