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Mother and son brought together by near-fatal accident.

"You're really taking a lot for granted, and we need to stop, this is not the right thing to be doing in a clients house with a client," I said, half hearted.

"I'm not a client, just the son of clients, I live on the East Coast, have no financial interest in this house and only used it as an excuse to be with you here alone," he said.

Smiling, I said, "at least you're honest and very sure of yourself, but I didn't think your intentions were business."

"Hell, without self confidence you won't last a week at Harvard Med much less four years, and my intentions are far from business," he answered.

"Exactly, what are those intentions?" I inquired.

"Surely, you know what they are, but lets see if yours and mine are alike, if not, just tell me, and I'll stop," he said.

At this point I must say our intentions were much alike, as he was gorgeous, tall, with short blond hair, seductive blue eyes, beautiful kissable lips and a very fit body.

"Are you still cold?" he asked.

"I don't think so, it's nice and warm in here now, why, do I look cold?" I asked.

"Well, your nipples are about to burst through your shirt," he said.

"Maybe that's because I'm trying to imagine what your intentions will feel like," I said.

He leaned over and kissed me gently, sliding his tongue into my mouth, his soft lips on mine felt fantastic. I reached up and held his face between my hands and my tongue went between his lips and into his warm mouth. My tongue slid slowly in and out of his mouth in simulation of what was to come, hopefully soon.

His soft hands went slowly under my shirt and I felt his fingers circling my nipples then he began gently twisting and pinching them.

"I had a very enjoyable and very wet dream about you last night," he said.

"Really?" I asked,"

"Yeah," he answered. "You're fantastically good looking. I couldn't get you out of my mind, you really have turned me on."

"When my folks got up to leave yesterday,I guess my Dads keys fell out of his pocket, I followed you back in to help look for them. I was down on the floor looking under the sofa, when you found them and bent over to pick them up, your short skirt rode way up and gave me a clear view of your sweet ass," he added.

"I guess I should wear either longer skirts or add panties to my wardrobe," I said.

"It would be a shame to cover up such a fine ass, but that's just a very horny med students opinion," he said.

"Thanks, I said, but it's hard to believe just that got you so enamored with me," I replied.

"You don't believe it?" he asked, "I'll show you hard," he said, taking my hand and placing it over the front of his pants, I felt a very long, hard cock confined within.

"You believe me now?" he asked.

Grasping it I said,"I sure do, and I think our goals are the same," I said.

Feigning shyness, he asked, "will you get pissed off if I try to undress you?"

By now I wanted him in me and quickly answered, "hell no, I'll be pissed if you don't!"

I reluctantly released his cock as he pulled my tee over my head and began unbuttoning my shorts as he kissed and licked my stomach.

He finally worked my shorts down and off, and dropped them on the floor.

"Holy fuck! you've got a beautiful body, but your legs and tits are beyond belief," he said.

Running his fingers through my abundant pubic hair he remarked, "This is such soft long hair on your pussy, and you're soaking wet down here, as his middle finger went between my lips."

I smiled and said, "It's your fault I'm wet, but do you know I'm probably old enough to be your mother?"

"You'd have a tough time convincing anyone that you've had 30 birthdays, much less anymore," he said.

"Thanks, that was sweet to hear, now I'm positive what I want," I said.

"What's that?" he asked.

I grabbed his cock through his pants and shouted, "THIS, in me, NOW!"

"You can't even imagine how badly I want to fuck you, but first I've gotta get my tongue inside that beautiful, wet Korean pussy," he said.

"Do it!" I said, almost breathlessly, releasing my firm grip on his cock.

He pulled

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