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Mia finds Mr. Zhao has been fantasizing about her.

She liked size: her husband's dick was satisfyingly average, but they often used dildos and sex toys that boasted more than 10 inches and 2.5 inches diameter. Phil's cock could have been a model for one of those giant toys. It was perfectly shaped and proportional, with the purple, bulbous head, from Janice's low angle and it pointing right at her face, looking almost the size of a tennis ball.

Wow, she thought and then took that big tip in her mouth, rubbing her tongue around the underside of it as she moved her lips from the very tip to just past the head and back again. Phil moaned and closed his eyes moving his hips ever so slightly. Janice was in heaven. The passion haze had receded earlier as she took control of the surprising and exciting situation she found herself in, but now she was not thinking about anything except continuing to get as much sex and sexual stimulation as she could, and her mouth was a zone of pleasure for her. Having Phil's dick in it was almost as exciting as having his fingers in her pussy, which was suddenly full of Al's cock.

He had moved behind her as she blew his friend and was able, due to her excited state and dripping pussy, to slide into her until his pelvis pushed against her ass, forcing her mouth a little farther down on Phil's engorged dick. Then, just because she was that good, she took even more of Phil's dick in her mouth, the head of it jamming into her throat, but she didn't gag, she pushed harder and got even more in each time her husband pushed his dick into her pussy after slowly pulling it out of her all the way. Soon she had all the meat in her mouth that she could handle, which was almost all of what was there to have. She moved her mouth up and down his dick gradually gaining speed as her husband did the same with his cock in her pussy.

Soon there was a frenzy of sexual action as she felt Phil begin to tremble and the intensity of the fucking her husband was giving her from behind increased. Her head and her pussy were both about to explode from the excitement and the pounding. She had an image of herself: her soft, pendulous boobs swaying forward and back as she moved in time to the two men fucking her, her ass up, with water glistening on the tight smooth skin. Then she was coming, her pussy pulsing strongly over her husband's cock, which hadn't slowed down. She started to pull Phil's cock out of her mouth to moan, but Phil thrust up at the same time as she pulled her head up, and he came in huge pumping gushes in her mouth. She imagined that her pussy and Phil's cock were pulsing at the same time and she managed a kind of smile around the huge dick she had gobbled.

Meanwhile, Al's thrusting had increased in intensity and speed, no longer teasing her pussy by pulling his dick all the way out of her before plunging full length back in, he was pushing in and out quickly, but wasn't slamming into her without control. Then, just as her throbbing pussy was about done squeezing his cock, he thrust far and hard into her and moaned, holding his cock in her as far as he could while he came in great shuddering throbs, his dick squirting cum into her in massive throbbing loads.

She jerked her mouth off Phil's dick, spilling a little of his come as she did and breathed out "Oh my fucking god, FUCK ME!" as her pussy began to vigorously contract in another orgasm.

She lurched forward coming off Al's dick as he squirted the last of his load into the air that had just a moment ago been occupied by a very warm and welcome pussy.

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