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What he overhears leads him to act quickly.

Again she went over the top. She felt her pussy push a large amount of wetness out around his cock and onto his belly and her thighs. That was new. Wild. She liked it and thrust harder. There was no breath left but she leapt into the unknown hoping that he knew what to do. He kept working her hips because she could not. His cock lurched and he screamed, "I'm cuming." Her sound was like a pirate's "Arggggggggggggggg." All the muscles in her belly cramped at once. John responded, "Yessss." His cum was too much and it too was running back out of her. Her eyes could not see. Everything was black but white and red lightening strikes lit the darkness. She heard a woman urging him on. She tried to hear, she wanted to know the limits of this pleasure but all went blank.

It was dark outside when Marla's eyes opened. Her naked body was warm and satisfied nestled against John. His arm was around her; she had one leg across his. She barely moved but his eyes opened too and his compliments flowed honestly, "You are beautiful asleep as well as awake. You body feels good against me. You surprised me. You are hot, passionate and demanding. You are the most beautiful when you cum."

Marla did not know what to say. She enjoyed waking up slowly, lightly rubbing his chest. He broke the spell, "We should clean up and go check on Cortney."

The steam spray from the shower nozzles felt good. John bent down and kissed her and ran his index finger through her slit. Marla moaned, "She is tender and bruised."

"I'm not surprised. I can still feel her sucking my cock and your clit rubbing into the base of my shaft. You are magnificent. I didn't get to taste every inch of you yet. Promise to give me another chance."

Ann was finishing up some paper work when they walked in holding hands.

"You two definitely look more relaxed and rested."

Cortney and Little Tony were asleep. John touched the side of Ann's face gently and asked, "How are they doing?"

"Great. Cortney has already asked about exercises to get back into shape and Tony is definitely a hungry breast man."

"Want us to sit with them for a while, so you can have some time to yourself?"

"That would be nice. Tony is my area code baby, you know."

"What does that mean?"

"He is number "209" for me."

Marla timed her first question for John with Ann getting out of earshot, "What did she want you to tell me about your sister?"

"When I was nine, Ann gave birth to my sister. My father took my hand, like I did yours, and put it into her and got me feel where my sister had grown. In an instant it explained a thousand things. My father died a couple of years later. I wish I had known him when I was a teenager."

"You said, you have known Ann all your life?"

"I'll answer you as completely as I can, if you promise to accept what I tell you, what you have seen and not pass judgment."

His harsh, even protective, tone, surprised her. She nodded and said, "I will."

"Ann's name is not on my birth certificate but she is the only mother I have ever known. My first memories are of her dressed like a hippy and my father totally in love with her. When I was little I slept with them; she was always nude and did not move my hands regardless of where I touched her. She answered my questions and made love to me, my first time. She taught me how to please a woman.

She raised me after my father died. They were wild together. They were sexually playful with everything and everyone. They never owned anything or had much money. She has always been my greatest supporter. I pay all her bills and own the house she lives in. She has a reserved live-in boyfriend her age but she still dreams of the naughty free youthful fun times with my dad. In a way, I think she sees him in me."

"Your eyes are like hers."

"I've been told that before. I'm not sure if she is my biological mother. I've never asked. She is more than that to me."

"When Little Tony was born, she flicked his penis."

"She always does that.

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