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They savor sex at work.

"That's a good girl," Erik said as she serviced him, "Clean up my fingers, honey. Good, Amie, nice."

Amie sucked all of her juices from her lover's fingers, and found that it wasn't unpleasant in taste at all.

"Now Amie, I want to mark you as mine" Erik coolly said, "I want to suck those beautiful tits."

As she laid back, her eyelids half-open, she sensed him shifting over her. Not giving any thought, she titled her upper body upwards, offering herself to him. Then, she felt his soft, warm mouth on her chest. Her back instinctively twitched. She clenched her thighs. Palming one of her mounds, Erik started with a circular sequence of kisses around her areola. He then pushed closer to the centre, rounding his lips around the nipple. Amie cooed, feeling him flick the nub. He gripped it with his mouth and began sucking and pulling its tender surface.

"You like that?" he asked, his lips popping as he pulled out.

She moaned again.

Erik went in again. She whimpered, her arms flinched beside her. As he tugged and released, he bit down.

"Ahh," she winced.

Erik cupped the back of her head, brushing her hair. "You OK?" he kissed.

"Yeah," she sighed. Her nipple was throbbing. "Do it again, please...the same thing...with the other one..."

And he did. The young man firmly held her left mound and lustfully covered it with his kisses. Then he slipped it into his mouth. He bit down and Amie winced. He followed it some soothing sucks and kisses. Amie clenched her teeth and took a breath in, feeling the cold air escape between the cracks of her molars.

She liked it so much, a stud was playing with her... this never happened. She has improved so much

"You are making my bed wet, Amie. You're such a naughty girl," Erik smirked, and then she realized she was wetting Erik's bedsheets with her dripping pussy juice. The thought surprisingly made her wetter.

He squeezed her breasts painfully tight in his strong rough manly hands. With her tits captured, he pulled downward and forced her onto her knees. She had a dazed, dopey smile on.

"Arms behind you."

Amie did as he ordering, feeling her shoulders tighten and her chest jut out.

"Good. Now I feast more," he grinned, then lowering himself.

He pressed his mouth to her torso, kissing up from her belly button up between her tiny pointed breasts. He clutched a mound once more, celebrating it with short, sweet kisses.

His free hand entangled itself in her hair. He tugged on it, causing her to crane her neck upwards and free her body more. Then he tongued around her areola once more. His lips took their place on her. Amie moaned to the ceiling. She was still sensitive. His mouth offered a seal around her mound. He pulled. She winced, feeling a spark flow down her back. Her whole body tingled actually - most notably her pussy. She generally knew about the sensuality and eroticism of breasts before this, but until this moment, she never their orgasmic potential. Amie willingly pressed her breast to Erik and he let up. She felt his saliva cooling on her nipple. His right hand stopped squeezing her left breast and began to tease that nipple, circling it and playfully barely touching it.

"Does the Janitor worship them like they should be?"

"NO!" she emphatically replied.

"What a moron. Sorry you have to put up with him."

Erik sounded sincere. Amie liked his tone. Erik was a young and very blunt man...but there was something very loving about him. She could tell he wanted to take care of her. He cared for her well-being. He could be both a husband and a lover. But she was getting ahead of herself.

Erik continued, holding her in place via her hair, and now actively sucking and biting her! He was going to brand her if he kept going! His movements were slow and methodical.

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