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Emily gives Walter Mitchell a BJ.

Evelynn's nice shoes had fallen off moments after she began sprinting, collateral damage in the fight for her life. Evelynn desperately wanted to look behind her, wanting to see exactly how far away the creature was from reaching for her, but she dared not risk a glance for fear of tripping and falling.
Marcus was lost in the mist behind her and Evelynn could faintly hear, over the silent roar of the wind in her ears, muted shrieks and screams. She imagined the worst, picturing Marcus being slowly torn apart by the inhuman creatures, and the thought stabbed her deep in the guts, almost driving her to the ground as her eyes blurred with hot, unwanted tears.

Oh god, Marcus. No! Evelynn cried out in her head as she finally rounded the final soft turn of the path and spotted the bright street entrance they had entered only minutes ago. As she blinked at her stinging tears, Evelynn became painfully aware of how heavy and deadened her limbs felt, running as she was on buttered movie theater popcorn, liquid sugar, and a terrifying flood of adrenaline. Evelynn had been a shining star on her high school's track team at one time, but she still couldn't manage to pull away from her pursuer.

This was like her worst nightmares, running through a spooky, misty, moonlit forest, unable to outrun the monsters behind her no matter how hard she tried. This was no dream however, and she could tell by the shooting pain in her feet, the cool mist condensing and collecting on her face, and the heart stopping terror surging through her veins that would have woken her up screaming long ago.

As she glimpsed the salvation of the street, Evelynn cried out in horror as a ghostly apparition, a tall cloaked figure seemingly twice her height, materialized out of the fog directly in front of her. Time slowed to a crawl and passed in a heartbeat as her tired feet faltered, stuttering on the pavement, unsure of what direction to take. A thick coppery smell of rotting blood wafted towards Evelynn and she screamed as she glimpsed a gleaming, polished white skull grinning at her through empty black sockets underneath the hood.

The ethereal, shadowy form slowly opened its arms, preparing to receive her.

Long, dangerous talons, glittering with scarlet droplets, slowly unfolded towards Evelynn and she only just managed not to choke in terror as she was forced to make a quick decision. Try to juke past the monster blocking her exit, turn around and somehow manage to evade the strange pack of creatures somewhere behind her, or take her chances dodging into the tree line and make her way out from there.

Not much of a choice when you considered it.

Evelynn quickly banked to the left and yelped as she felt the creature pursuing her blast past where she had been standing a moment ago. Evidently, her pursuer was terrible at turns. Evelynn's feet quickly left the pavement, and the delicate pale skin of her arms only avoided being torn to shreds by the thorny, barbed branches of the trees that seemed to grasp and pull at her like fingers, due to the coat she wore. Evelynn hardly noticed as strands of her hair were painfully plucked away as she covered her face with her arms, trying to protect herself even as her slim legs were bloodied and scratched as she bounded and stumbled into the darkness. Strange, muffled noises and the crashing sounds of pursuit sounded from somewhere close behind her.

The illuminating light of the full moon was blocked by the dense cluster of trees and she ran, nearly blind, into the pitch darkness of the forest. A horrible wet choking laughter vibrated in her ears in spite of the fog. The sound of a pleased hunter playing with it's food.

Evelynn ran for her life.


Chapter 4

Lost was a gentle way of putting it.

Evelynn had absolutely no clue where she was standing or how to get back to the path she had just been running along.

The pant

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