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Secret fetishes are accidentally uncovered.

Her jeans reached down past her knees and then landed in a pile, bunched up next to his. She glanced up at him and she grabbed the top of her panties. Shawn felt his dick swell, and he knew it was now tenting his boxers in an obscene manner, but he couldn't care less.

Kate slid her panties off in one quick motion and then spread her legs slightly, exposing herself to Shawn with a devilish smile. Shawn found himself absentmindedly rubbing his erection as he stared at her beautiful sex exposed. He shook himself out of the trance and eased himself onto the couch. Kate grabbed the blanket and spread it out over them. They kissed as they lay back down.

Before advancing any farther, Shawn looked down at Eric. He was still lying faced away from them, breathing regular, and totally oblivious. Kate reached past Shawn and grabbed a bottle of lotion of the table. Shawn looked back and saw her carefully opening the bottle. She smiled at him as she poured a generous amount in her hands. Shawn reached down and quickly pushed his boxers down his thighs. Kate disappeared underneath the blanket and Shawn felt her hands grab his dick tightly. He opened his mouth in shock and anticipation as she went to work.

Kate began to slowly rub Shawn until he was fully erect. She kept her pace slow, even as she felt the blood pumping beneath her fingers. She used more lotion and coated his dick once again. Her hands slid up and down with ease, and she felt his body stiffen and jerk when her hand encompassed the head. She smiled to herself, even as she began to sweat under the hot blanket.

Shawn had to concentrate in order to last. He listened to the squishing noise that Kate was making and wondered if Eric could hear it. He forced his breathing to remain regular and even, as Kate increased her pace, it became much more difficult.

Kate started jacking off him off harder, and used her other hand to start cupping his balls. She squeezed ever so softly and his dick seemed to pulse in her hands, the blood flowing to further engorge the head. She moved her hand higher, and jacked the head of the penis exclusively, and was rewarded when after only a few more minutes Shawn reached down to stop her.

He eased her up and she looked up at him, face to face.

"You're bad," Shawn said as he shook his head ruefully.

"What? I just wanted you to cum," Kate grinned coyly.

"Yeah, but not yet, let's see how you like it," Shawn tried to say threateningly, but Kate's giggle threw that attitude out the window.

Eric heard a mumbled talking in the background and his eyes blinked open. He wondered what was going on, but he was still too asleep to care. He heard a rustle of movement and glanced over his shoulder. He saw someone under the blanket and assumed it was either Kate or Shawn. He rolled back over and tried to go to sleep.

Kate lay back and Shawn moved himself under the blanket. She pulled the blanket over her chest, and left her arms out. She felt Shawn pushing her legs apart and she felt another rush of pleasure as his hands gripped her thighs. His first few kisses almost made her giggle. His lips brushed against her thighs, and she found herself glancing down at Eric. His back was still turned, they hadn't disturbed him.

Shawn rubbed Kate's thighs with his hands and kissed her farther and farther upward. He moved higher, planting long kisses on her hip and pelvic region. In the dark and tented blanket Shawn could smell her desire, strong and intense. He let his lips brush against her lips, and as they lingered, Kate thrust forward. Shawn eagerly buried himself, and let his tongue go to work, undulating fiercely against her aroused lips.

Kate felt his tongue slid against her clit and she bit her tongue forcefully to keep from crying out.

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