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Clara finds Gabriel.

Glancing down at the screen, I could see my cock hovering beside her in the little window as another one filled with messages so fast I couldn't read them.

"Say hello," Vicki instructed me even as she reached for me, wrapping her warm hand around my shaft, tugging playfully on it.

"Hi," I managed to get out, giving a little wave that left me feeling rather odd and exhilarated at the same time.

I stood motionless while she jerked me and then let out a sigh as she leaned over and took me into her mouth, bobbing on me a few times before adjusting the computer so we were centered on the screen. Vicki looked up at me as she tried to take me all the way in, her eyes watching me, knowing the emotions I was experiencing for the first time as she sucked my cock while hundreds of people watched.

"Wow," I mouthed to her as she licked the head like a lollipop, her eyes darting from my face to the screen and back. She grinned as she wrapped her tongue around the underside of the head, teasing that most sensitive spot before she slurped me back into her mouth.

It was a relief when she let me pop from between her lips several minutes later. I was over-stimulated and didn't want to cum yet. I watched as she tried to read the comments, asking if everyone was enjoying the show so far, laughing playfully now and then as she read their responses.

She slipped off the bed and stood close beside me, tilting her head back as she whispered in my ear.

"Remember how you told me you trust me? Well I trust you too, completely. I want you to do whatever you want to me, anything you can think of, any dark secret you keep hidden deep inside, I am yours to use as you please."

"What if you don't want to do something?" I whispered back even as my mind began to fill with things that one tends to keep to oneself.

"I'll say pumpernickel if that happens," she giggled.

"Anything I want, huh?" I asked to make sure.

"Anything you desire," she told me before she sat back on the mattress before laying back, waiting for me.

Crawling onto the bed beside her, I looked down at her body which I had grown to love since the first time she showed it to me, wondering where I should start. A quick glance at the screen gave me a few suggestions, some really weird, others not so much so.

Keeping myself upright so only my shoulders and below could be seen, I placed my hand on her belly and let it rest there for a moment before I started to caress the soft skin around her belly button. I knew she was ticklish, so I was careful with my movements as I traced an invisible pattern on her skin, loving how her breathing was getting faster, her breasts rising and falling, drawing me to them.

Taking a cue from what I saw earlier, I gently pinched a nipple between my thumb and the first two fingers on my hand, pulling it as I moved my hand away from her until it slipped from my grasp. Again I pinched, harder this time, applying more and more pressure as I watched her eyes looking at me from behind the mask. I kept waiting for "pumpernickel," but all she did was moan in pleasure as I pinched even harder, pulling the nipple up, stretching it until I felt it start to slip, then stopping, holding it there as I twisted it slowly.

"Oh god," she moaned with her head twisting to the side as she chewed on her lower lip. Still I kept going until the rubbery nub of flesh popped from my fingers.

I looked at the red nipple, how hard it was now, and then at her face, seeing something I hadn't seen before, pure raw lust. Using both hands now, I pinched and tugged her nipples, stretching them tight before twisting them, encouraged by her moans. On screen, Vicki's fans were going wild, urging me on to more and more depraved things, leaving me wondering just how many of them I could actually do to her until I discovered her limits.

"Turn over," I told her, loving how quickly she obeyed me as she laid her head on her folded arms, patiently waiting for me to do as I pleased.

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