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Her fetish for ropes & bondage goes corporate.

Five minutes had passed and Shelly finally walked in wearing nothing but silk pink panties, I was still scared shitless and had no idea what was about to happen.

She crawled on to the bed with me and started messaging my cock through the panties my dick started getting big and she knew I was liking it. She pulled the panties down and took my entire dick into her mouth and started sucking like a pro.

As she was going at it I reached down and grabbed her tits they felt wonderful I started messaging them and she started moaning I was afraid she would wake branch so I planted a long passionate kiss on her lips I stuck my tongue in her mouth and she responded by pushing mine back in and putting hers in mine.

I could taste my own cum on her lips it tasted wonderful we layed there and french kissed for what seemed like forever and I decided it was time for me to give her the best sex shes ever had.

I pushed Shelly onto her back and slid her panties down reveling a beautiful bush with a nice dark patch of hair. I could smell her pussy juices, the aroma was intoxicating and I was loving it. I was in heaven.

I slid my tongue down her neck and onto her nipples I started sucking on them. My tongue then slid down her stomach and through her pubic hair and on her big juicy lips that were just dying for attention.

I started lapping at her pussy and sucking on her clitoris it wasn't seconds before I had her cumming and pussy juices shooting all over my face. I lapped up everything not leaving one drop left on her.

Pointing my dick at her lips I asked her if she was ready and she said, "Fuck me you horny bastard I want you in me now."

I pushed my dick into her pussy and it was tighter than anything I've ever felt before I pushed it in all the way and Shelly started to scream but I planted another kiss on her and just held it until she got used to my dick being in her.

She finally loosened up and I started pumping it in and out it felt so good having her tight pussy. It wouldn't be long before I came, and as I was going in Shelly said," Make sure you pull out before you cum".

The cum was boiling in my balls and it needed to be released I told her I was cumming and she said," Cum in me PLEASE!!!." I pushed all the way in and hit her cervix as my cum splashed deep in side of her pussy my dick went limp inside of her. We laid there for a moment and my dick slid out of her.

We both had sweat just dripping down our bodies and Shelly had cum dripping out of her vagina. She put her finger and scooped out some that had fell on the bed and ate it like it was a daily meal for her.

I told her to excuse me while I went to the bathroom and she told me of this weird fetish she always wanted to try.

She wanted someone to pee inside of her pussy I happily agreed to this because of my secret golden shower fetish.

I pushed her back on to her back and had to suck on her tits to get my erection back it didn't take much and I was back big again.

Sticking my dick in wasn't that hard this time she was plenty wet from our wild sex we had just had. Once I had it in it took me just a minute to start peeing.

I started and you could hear the pee hit the walls of her pussy it wasn't long and the pee was coming out the hole and I pulled out and started peeing all over her pubic hairs and then unto her breast. Shelly pulled me up and the spray went unto her face and into her mouth.

She started sucking my dick again and drank every bit of pee left in me.

I then put her on top of me and put her pussy lips to my face which still had my pee in it.

She then started to act like she was peeing but she actually just peed my own pee right back down into my mouth and on my face. She also mixed some of her pee my pee and my cum all together, it tasted better than anything ever before.

Since we were both drenched in cum and pee we decided to take a shower together.

Going ahead of Shelly I turned on the shower and stepped in ready for her to come and follow me.

She came in with a razor and told me she wa

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