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Clara and her bandits arrive in Oregon and meet an old flame.

I didn't want Alex to see me so drunk but I liked the way it made me feel.

I went to the mirror to check how I looked before I went on webcam for Alex to see. When I looked I remembered that I dressed up (just a little) before Jack got here. In the mirror I saw him looking at me. I stuck my butt out a bit and playfully spanked myself. It was just a little tease to get myself in the mood for Alex. I noticed Jack bite his lip and shake his head in response to this. I giggled and hopped up on my bed and started to get the webcam set up.

I positioned the webcam so that it was looking down my bed the long way which would give Alex a great view of me. I was careful to set it up so it would not obstruct Jack's view either. I bet the anticipation of seeing me naked was driving him crazy. I started to see the outline of his cock through his jeans as he readjusted his sitting position to get more comfortable.

Seeing him like this made me feel like I had some power over him. It felt good to know I could do these things and also have the self control to not get into any trouble.

Once everything was set up I said "You better not get any ideas over there," to Jack, "once I start the call you better not make any noise! Alex would kill me if he found out."

"Oh don't worry, I'll sit tight. You won't even know I'm here," Jack said with a wink. I rolled my eyes at that because of the wink, but I started the video chat anyways.

After a few seconds, Alex answered. "Hey honey, I hope your night is going well."

"It's good but it just got a lot better. I'm really excited for this, I've never done this before!" It was true that I had never masturbated on webcam before, but it was also true I never played with myself in front of anyone else, let alone 2 people. But Alex didn't have to know about that last part.

"I know. I'm excited just thinking about it. How do you wanna start?"

"You can start whenever you're ready, I'll start now though," I said with a wink. And so I started to take my clothes off.

The first to come off was my top. I tossed it to the ground and then saw myself in the webcam. I tried to think of ways to make this a little bit sexier. I was just sitting there with my red bra and yoga pants on. I reached up to my boobs and cupped them in both hands over the bra. I learned a little closer to the webcam and asked "Don't you like these?" Then I shook my upper body a little so that they jiggled back and forth.

Alex, now rubbing himself through his jeans, said "Yeah you know I love your tits."

I really was in a good position, from my point of view I could see both guys perfectly. Jack couldn't see what was on the laptop but I'm sure he could hear Alex. Jack was watching me and he too was rubbing himself over his jeans.

On the bed, I turned around and sat up on my knees. Now my butt was facing the camera. I turned my head around to look at the camera and said "Don't you like my butt too?" I noticed Alex took off his jeans and was now stroking himself through just his boxers. I slowly slid down my yoga pants while wiggling my hips sensually to reveal my matching red thong.

"Oh fuck Amanda, your ass is perfect. You know I love it," Alex said. I watched the laptop as my butt came into view. Not to brag but I was giving both guys a great view. My red thong hugged my curves snugly and barely left anything to their imagination. With the angle of the webcam it looked like I had a perfect hourglass body. I noticed Jack start to take off his pants. Once again I playfully spanked my butt, this time for both of their viewing pleasure.

I turned and laid down on the bed, this time on my back.

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