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The night of swapping continues.

He was grunting like a bull in heat. The force of our bodies slamming against each other forced the air out of both our lungs with each thrust. His eyes moved back and forth from my bouncing tits to the vision of my engorged pussy lips gripping greedily at his shaft.

He leaned forward, gripped the backs of my knees and pulled my ass up off the bed, tucking my knees up under my armpits. Tyrone slammed me harder, the position giving him even deeper access. My lower legs bounced over his arms. I struggled to breathe as the pain of each thrust tore at me. He assaulted my pussy again and again until I couldn't hold on any longer and an insane explosion ricocheted through my loins. I grabbed at his arms with wild animal lust screaming out loud "fuck me, fuck me, yes yes yes, fuck me harder".

My pussy clamped down on his huge cock and my juices slurped out and down over my ass crack. The orgasm rocked me so deeply I thought I might lose consciousness. Every pore of my skin tingled, my hot pussy screamed. I fought for air, but I didn't want it to stop. As if my very life depended on the fucking to continue I begged "rip me open".

He slammed me even harder, even faster. Snorting and grunting. Sweat dripped down his shiny chocolate chest onto my belly. Again and again the onslaught continued. Unbelievably his cock grew even bigger. Suddenly his pace slowed just a bit and he stiffened. He pulled out of me, ripped off the condom and jacked as a huge white load squirted out of him all over my lower belly. I reached down between my legs and rubbed the searing hot liquid all over my belly and his still hard cock.

Satisfied, Tyrone backed out from my tingling pink legs but I was their whore and I wanted more. I flipped over on my hands and knees so they could fuck me from behind. Wasting no time a hungry man knelt between my legs, grabbed two handfuls of ass and rammed his dick into my hot pink pussy. Another man knelt in front of me and rammed his short but very fat cock into my mouth, his low hanging balls slapping at my chin.

My tits danced under me as I got pounded on both ends. The room smelled of nothing but sex and sweat and sounded of ragged breathing, moaning, grunting and skin slapping skin. There was little talking. Only a few words amongst the men to decide who's turn it was to fuck me and the occasional comment about what a nasty little cum slut I was.

The nameless man fucking my face didn't take long to shoot his load down my throat and was quickly replaced by another man. He lay in front of me, gently grasped my head and began to thrust his purple meat up into my willing mouth.

A new man had also taken his place at my holes. By now my pussy was so wet and sloppy that a normal sized cock was lost in there. I felt my ass cheeks being spread apart and the pressure of a sloppy wet dick pressed firmly against my anus. He hesitated.

"How bad do you want it, slut?" he asked. I grunted into the dick in my face, lowered my shoulders, pushed my ass in the air and pressed downward with my muscles to force my asshole to open up. Everyone heard the "POP" as his head popped in. He inched his way in. The exquisite pain of being stretched open made me throw my head back and cry out.

"Fuck my ass, oh please fuck my ass." I pleaded with pathetic animal lust. Whoever was behind me got all the way in and then began to slowly fuck me but soon quickened the pace. His dick felt like a huge red hot poker being shoved up my ass. I gasped and grunted wildly against the cock in my mouth.

I lost all sense of the room. My entire mind focused on the huge cock splitting me open. Every sensation was amplified. His fingers dug into my ass cheeks pulling me apart so he could watch himself bury his cock into my ass. His balls slapped hard against my pussy with each thrust and when he pulled back out the juices pouring out of my hole caused his nuts to stick to my body for a moment.
In less than one minute of being penetrated a wild intense orgasm slammed me almost out of nowhere.

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