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Telephone calls can be fun.

Nobody speaks.

My senses are so sharp, so heightened. My skin is electric. Four hands are firmly running all the way up and around my legs. I feel a cold sharp metal edge press into the skin of my thigh. Suddenly it pulls away from my leg, slicing through the tape which has been holding the vibrator in place. The vibrator is switched off and removed.

My pussy is stretched wide by the hands holding each thigh. Fingers run from my asshole, through my wet pussy lips and up to press my clitoris, first one hand, immediately followed by another, a rhythmic concert designed to reach a crescendo. Again, again, stroke, stroke, stroke. I moan, I groan.

Still no-one speaks. A thought flashes through my mind to wonder how they are so well co-ordinated - how are they communicating. I've no doubt that my man is calling the shots, the conductor of this well-choreographed production.

A hand starts to stroke, more firmly than previously and more slowly. Pushing deeply against my asshole, then moving up to push fingers into my pussy, with his thumb continuing through to rub my clitoris. A second hand lands on my asshole. Two hands continue to push my thighs apart and lift my ass off the bed a little. Someone spits on my asshole and I feel the pressure of a finger, no - two fingers opening my tiny hole. Another spit, and I feel the thrust of two fingers forcing their way up my tight ass.

I groan, I'm so full. I love it.

My pussy is fast filling with one, two, three, four fingers, and knuckles.

Again the men work in concert, a syncopated rhythm building to a great crescendo.

A mouth circles around my nipples and sucks. Strong, deep, harsh. Pulling my long nipple deep into his mouth, hard, firm, sparking electricity from the tip of my nipple through my breast then up and down my spine. And another mouth clamps my remaining nipple. This is a new experience! I love it! The pressure of each mouth - muscles massaging. Different rhythms, different strengths. Unpredictable and extraordinary.

Fingers touch my chin and reach up into my mouth pulling my jaw open. Based on the angle, I think it's the man who has his other hands buried half into my pussy. So I think he's spread with one hand in my pussy, his mouth on my nipple, his other hand thrusting into my mouth. Unless the stranger has the same length fingers as my husband, I'm pretty sure it's my man. I love this man.

His fingers move out of my pussy and his mouth detaches from my nipples. The fingers in my mouth move aside to make room for his lips meeting mine and his tongue sweeping through my mouth.

The other mouth leaves my nipples, moves down over my belly, and, keeping his fingers thrusting in and out of my asshole, runs his tongue across my pussy, again, and again. Then plants his mouth on my pussy and sucks, and thrusts, and sucks and thrusts.

My cunt juice is flowing thick and strong in a stranger's mouth. Though I'm no longer a stranger to him.

I'm lifting my cunt to push further into his mouth. I'm deeply kissing my husband.

I'm losing track of who's doing what, I'm panting and squirming, moaning and thirsting. I'm chasing my climax, letting go, feeling the sensation on my pussy, my lips, my asshole, my nipples.

I feel the ropes loosening on my ankle, the fingers have left my ass, the mouth has left my pussy. My other ankle is freed. Strong hands grip my hips and firmly turn so that I'm slightly twisted with my hands stretched out flat but my hips perpendicular to the bed. I feel the dip of the mattress behind my ass and, with a sense of what's coming next, lift my top leg to ease his access. The cool lubricant squirts around my asshole, causing a sharp intake of breath which I hold as his head starts to push against my dark spot.

Mercifully he is a little smaller than my sexy man, but perfectly sized for my narrow hole.

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