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Blind date leads to incredible passion.

"Erm, lower," Sarah says and curses as a king appears ,but takes her jeans off. She is down to her underwear, Fi is wearing jeans, panties and a bra and I have shorts and boxers left.

"Lower," I say as a four is revealed.

"Higher," Fi says revealing a five.

"Ooooo," Sarah says, "Higher."

A Queen appears and she visibly looks relieved; she is down to the interesting items, topless or bottomless next loss.

"Lower," I say as a seven appears.

"Erm... lower," Fi says hesitantly

"Crap," she says. Standing up and kicking her jeans off.

Eight of hearts is in the deck, and Sarah is down to her underwear. "Higher..." she says closing her eyes.

Jack appears much to my disappointment. "Lower," I say confidently, but another jack is drawn. "Redraw?" I ask.

"Nice try," Fi says, "Draw is loss, drop em."

I remove my shorts, realising I am only wearing boxers now, but try not to show my nerves. Sarah smiles at me. I am playing a strip game with my daughter and her best mate?

"Lower," Fi says, but loudly curses as a King is drawn, "Oh, come on!"

"Oh dear," Sarah says, "Boobies or kitty?"

Fi just stares at her, but after a few seconds unclips and removes her bra immediately covering herself up with her arms.

"Lower," Sarah says, which it was, a three.

"Higher," I say somewhat relieved when a nine appears.

"Erm..." Sarah hesitates, "lower, statistically it has to be lower," she says trying to convince herself.

A ten appears. "Boobs or kitty..." Fi says to her, the tone of her voice clearly reflecting the tease of the same question Sarah asked her a few moments earlier.

She looks at me, but I just shrug and watch as she takes her bra off. She didn't bother covering herself, her apple sized breasts in full view; I couldn't help but stare for a few moments, my eyes drawn to her hard, peanut-sized nipples. She avoided my eyes, glancing at the floor shyly as she sat back down again.

"So ten John... higher or lower," Fi asks smiling at me, "one round shoot out... next loss is embarrassing for us all... doubly embarrassing for us."

I looked at them both nervously, Sarah was casually covering her breasts as she waited for my move, Fi had her arms vertically in front of her chest covering herself totally. I could feel my heart pounding in my chest as as said "Lower," as convincingly as I could and couldn't help but celebrate as a four was drawn.

"Higher," Fi said which it was revealing a seven. "Oh dear, 50/50 Sarah, for your panties," she added smiling.

Sarah hesitated as she looked at the card. Aces were low, so it was a 50/50 call, flip a coin and do you feel lucky. She looked nervous and looked at me;, I avoided eye contact with her. My daughter and her mate were sat a few feet away, wearing only a small pair of panties as I sat wearing just boxers. "Lower," Sarah said after a few moments as Fi turned the card over in slow motion.

She held it so only she could see it and flashed a smile at Sarah. She placed the card down revealing a queen, "Oh dear... kitty is gonna be on show..." she teased.

"Fuck," Sarah blurted.

"Language," I snapped instinctively although in the situation I guess it was acceptable, she did however mutter an apology.

Fi smiled at Sarah as she slowly stood up and then at me as I just stared silently. Her white panties hugged between her legs as she stood up, using her thumbs around the waist to neaten them up as she looked at me for a few seconds. "When was the last time you saw your baby girl naked?" she asked me with a smile.

"Dunno," I replied, genuinely, thinking about it; I don't think I have ever seen her naked.

"I don't think he has," Sarah said quietly, "Well not since... I grew up."

"Always a first time," Fi replied, "Quick or slow..."

"We could call it a draw and stop," Sarah said.

"Yeah you wish," Fi replied instantly looking at her.

"Okay, fine," Sarah said hooking her fingers into the elastic of her panties, "Bitch," she added with a wry smile.

"Yeah, yeah, let your daddy see your kitty," she said with a mischievous smile.

Sarah looked at Fi, who just grinned at her; I j

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