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Quint makes it home and find a very odd welcome waiting.

Both wives had been resentful of the lack of attention fueled by the growing needs in the emotional and sex areas. Both wives had suspicions of the spouses cheating but Melani could never find anything, Angela found enough to suspect but not enough to prove anything. So it wasn't unusual that Melani had a surly mood around her husband that night after she finally realized she wanted to fuck her son. Interesting enough both women came to the same conclusion that night. That their husbands had neglected them long enough, One final chance and that chance would be Friday after the adult only Halloween party. Their costumes were sexy but fitting a wife. If they didn't get the passion they needed then they would choose another route.

Robert has just finished putting his costume on for the party at the sorority. He wasn't a frat member yet but he was on the college baseball team and some of the sorority girls gave out free "Stag" tickets to members of the sports teams they thought were cute. It gave the girls some eye candy if the crop of frat boys was a little weak. He had everything on but the hood and the codpiece. He didn't want to try and drive with the hood on and the codpiece pinched his thighs when he sat down in it. He grabbed his cellphone and was putting in a pocket on his utility belt when it rang in his hand.

"Dude! Where are you!" he heard Blake say in a panicked voice.

"I am at home in my room" Robert answered hesitantly.

Blake barked out "Stay there I am on the way over." then he asked "Can I get in?"

Robert knew his Mom and Dad were already gone to his Dad's office party, They were going to the Everetts party afterward. So he told Blake to come around to the mudroom it should be left open. Blake must had already been on the way over because he was in Robert's room almost immediately dressed in the Captain America costume. Breathlessly Blake explained that Robin had just called and surprised him saying she had just gotten into town. Her grandmother had done better off than expected and her parents had her drive back so she wouldn't miss any more of her classes. She was back dressed and ready for the party so he needed the Batman suit.

Reluctantly Robert agreed, and they begin to pull the costumes off. Blake had his off to his waist and was pulling down the tights when Robert looked over and saw Blake's now shaved cock and balls pop into view. He knew he and Blake were about the same size in the cock department but shaving made Blake's look a little bigger.

Robert laughed under his breath as he said "Ahhh man, you mean to tell me you didn't wear underwear with that thing?"

Blake stopped for a second looking down into the cup before shrugging and saying "Ya, really can't ya know."

Robert laughed out loud as he peeled his tights down letting his cock and balls pop into view before saying "Yeah I guess your right but I don't want to see any snail trails in there."

Blake had pulled the costume off and flung it across the room hitting the other boy in his now bare chest before adding, "Yeah that goes for you too."

Robert slowed and watched the other boy twist and gyrate into the Batman suit while he took his time getting into Captain America. Blake's ass was turning him on again. Damn, he needed to get laid soon.

Maybe tonight he would get lucky at the party. He had been masturbating multiple times a day since seeing his mother getting off in the shower but it was still no substitute for a piece of ass and hear was a naked one right here in front of him even if it was the wrong sex. He quickly pulled the blue tights up and over his growing cock nestling into the warm pouch where the other boys cock had been. Knowing that Blake's cock had been what cause the warm feeling that was now caressing his swelling member made it grow even more. The other boy finished throwing on the Batman suit and grabbed the cowl, belt and codpiece before running to his already running car in Roberts driveway.

A few hours later it seems like every ones night was not going as planned.

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