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Ryder gets closer than he expected.

re the only one besides my mother and Grandmother that is allowed to call me Derrick, always! By god I will make it a royal decree if I have to!"

Shelby was smiling, tears of joy were falling from her eyes she hadn't thought Derrick had felt this strong about the whole thing.

Turning Derrick looked at the back wall of the control room, "I know you've been listening Mary, I want this to be held up I don't want a damn mandate or something else telling me that she can't, do you understand?"

Mary appeared a moment later bowing her head, "Yes Sire; I am writing this as we speak. Shelby, the Imperial mother, and the Imperial Grandmother will never be required to address you by your title. It is enacted as of this moment." Mary again bowed a huge smile on her face; good things were starting to move forward as she'd hoped they might.

Derrick nodded his approval and then turned back to Shelby, "Alright we need to set up the schedule of the ships. We know that 0097 will be the first let's set them up now the sooner the better."

"Yes Derrick, at present I have 0798 moved to bay one, I have placed 0097 in bay two they are both in re-gen I estimate that 0798 should be conscious in another day." Shelby took a moment as she looked at the brain boxes, and when they were found. "The next will be 0667, then 0125, 0403, 0200, 0778, 0301, 0908 then finally Lucy. Derrick?" Shelby said an idea coming to her. "We need to let all the ships that are finished and as they finish know exactly what Lucy did."

"I believe that you are right Shelby, like you said she never felt like a real EIG 'til this mission. I believe that this would be a huge boost for her. Besides I think that the others will be proud of her too." Derrick told Shelby.

"The only thing I hate is that we have to go back to the palace." Looking straight at Shelby Derrick stated to her, "I do NOT intend to be stuck in the palace all the time, I will not! I just hope that Mary doesn't pull another set of rules out and zap me again to carry them out!"

Mary smiled at that comment unless his life was in peril the emperor had enacted the override codes; therefore he could do almost anything he wanted. Mary's smile though turned to a frown when she thought of the many dangers that he had already placed his self in.

Not that happy, Derrick nodded to Shelby, smiling, she nodded back that she'd understood the instructions. "Alright Mary," Derrick told the Palace A.I., "ready to return." A moment later, Derrick was in his room, a rather spacious room at that. "What is the status of Sergeant Rayburn? I've been worried that you wouldn't be able to help him without me."

"I thought I might need your assistance at first but after the first treatment, your compatriot is seventy five percent healed. He has a remarkable mind much like yours Sire. Both of you have been a welcome experience to this unit. I perform the second treatment later today. Also I wish to report that your other compatriot, Corporal Kimison is now free of the malady that was affecting him." Mary informed Derrick, happy that she had good news to give him.

"Have you had any progress in finding Thomas? I was told he went into the salvage business like I did but I can't remember ever seeing him." Derrick told Mary.

Here Mary hung her head it was the only assignment the emperor had given her that she hadn't been able to fulfill. "As of yet sire I have found no evidence of him. It appears that he joined the same company you did then basically disappeared. It is a mystery to me but I am pursuing every record I am coming across."

"Good if you need permission to enter any system you have it. I want him found, use every damn computer out there if you have to." Derrick told a now smiling Mary. She had been about to ask Derrick that very thing; smiling wider she was really going to enjoy serving this man.

Derrick had just entered the throne room when Hartwell walked up to him. "Glad to see you're back, so you want me to let Ensign Callie back on active duty?"

"Yes, Mary has cleared her there is no trace of the other person

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