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Rosie enjoys Gray, an excursion to Newgate.

Of all the women here she could arouse me the fastest of anyone, not that she was the sexiest or the best fuck but just the way she carried herself. I fixed her a gin and tonic and as she sipped it, Mary and Rachael come over for their favorite libation. Rachael rubbed her tits on my arm and Mary just stroked my cock inflating it to a semi-hard state.

Grace called for everyone attention and told them not to start anything until after we ate because we would need the calories to play the games afterwards. I didn't know what games she had planned but I was sure I wouldn't gain any weight from all the food I would eat. Everyone yelled and Grace told me it was time to start cooking before there was a revolt and we were strung up by our thumbs.

I took orders for steak, burgers, dogs or chicken and got started. Grace had a big grill and I could do enough of everything to get started. Grace had pre-cooked the chicken in the oven so it was just a matter of browning the outside and adding the BBQ sauce if anyone wanted it. Everyone ate their fill and sat around rubbing their stomachs. I have to tell you that watching twenty women rubbing themselves was exciting.

We sat around basking in the comfort of a good meal with good company talking and joking with one another. The women were getting frisky, tweaking each other's nipples as the talk got more suggestive.

Grace stood up and reached into a bag bringing out a handful of blindfolds.

"Ok ladies and "GENT" let the games begin. I have seven blindfolds and everyone's names are in the hat. Mike will draw the names and the first seven names will get a blindfold. I will explain the game after we know who is playing and who is really playing. If you are paying attention you know that there will be an equal number of people on each side."

I stepped up to Grace and she held out the hat. I drew the first slip of paper and opened it revealing Jenny as the first name. One after another name was drawn and finally every one of the seven names had a blindfold. As it turned out I was one of the lucky numbers.

1. Jenny

2. Mike

3. Gerry

4. Mary

5. Lois

6. Angie

7. Anna

The ones that were not on the list were

1. Rachael

2. Jasmine

3. Julie

4. Janice

5. Carol

6. Sue

7. Grace

"Now that we know who has the blindfolds I will explain the how the game works. Everyone who has a blindfold will stand over by the pool and stand about four foot apart. Hands down at your side and feet about eighteen inches apart. Those of you that are blindfold free are free to line up in whatever order you want after the others line up. You will stand in front of the others and you can do whatever you want to them and they have to guess who it is. You will write down the name they guess and mark it right or adding the right name if they guess wrong. We will have a time limit of 1 minute and then move to the next person and so on. I have a timer and will start it when we are ready."

We all lined up and put on our blindfolds and I could hear the shuffle of feet as the others got into position.

I could hear people moving around and soon the timer went off. A hand on my cock and she blew a hot breath across the glans. Her mouth sucked me in and I had no idea who it was. I tried to determine her height by the angle she had me in her mouth but that didn't give me any clues. She sucked me deep and her tongue snuck out and licked my balls. I had my first clue and I thought it must be Sue but maybe Julie.

Whoever it was sucked me hard and deep and in spite of me trying to guess who it was she was going to make me cum if the timer didn't go off soon. Saved by the bell and I let out a sigh of relief. There was a lot of heavy breathing around me so I knew I wasn't the only one close to blowing off. I guessed Sue and was right again. I guess my cock knew the talents of the women around me.

Another beep and another mouth, she used her nails to tease my nipples and licked up my belly until she could suck and bite my nipples and chest.

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