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The night she lost her virginity to her future husband.

" The twin on the left said.

Tara tried to temper her growing irritation, what was with these guys. "No, I'm not single, I have a girlfriend." She said hoping that being a lesbian would turn them off sense being a minor had not had the desired effect. But they only grinned at her, like sharks sizing up their pray.

"You have a girlfriend," The same one repeated, "What's her name."

"Amber," Tara said using the name of her childhood best friend.

"Do you live with Amber?" The other asked.

"No," Tara figured two small girls living alone was no safer than her current living situation. "I live with my dad, and his wife and their kids."

The twin who asked the question laughed, "Sounds crowded,"

"I should go check on your food, the pasta cooks fast." Before they could respond, Tara turned and headed back towards the booth where her coworkers were. "Can you please take them their food?" She asked Sasha.

"Why, what did they do?"

Tara shrugged, "Nothing really, their just really forward, and their making me uncomfortable, I just don't want to go back over there. Please."

Sasha shrugged and went into the kitchen to get their food.

A few moments later she returned, a wad of cash in her hand, an unsure expression on her face.

"What happened?" Tara asked.

Sasha extended her hand with the cash in it out to Tara, "This is for you. it's 100 dollars, there's 200 more on the table, if you go back over there."

Tara's jaw dropped open, that would be more than she'd ever made in one night serving. "What the fuck?" Tara asked taking the cash.

"Are you going to go over there?" Sasha asked.

"Of course I am, It's 300 dollars. I'll just play nice for a few minutes and then I'll tell them the restaurant is closing." She stood up and made her way back over to the table.

"What can I do for you?" She asked as she approached the brothers. A stack of money sat on the end of the table. Tara eyed it as they asked her if she could sit down with them. Tara grabbed a chair from another table and stuck it on the end of theirs, to avoid sitting next to either brother.

They smiled at her before one asked, "What part of the city does your family live in?"

This one was tricky, her father lived in the same part of the city she did, and she didn't want to tell these guys where that was, "South," She finally answered, "On Karpsin Street," she said recalling the street her grandmother had lived on before she died.

Both men were silent, staring at her. Finally The twin on the right spoke, "That is really, really interesting. I would not have guessed that about you."

Tara frowned in confusion, "Guessed what?"

"That you're such a good liar." The other answered for his brother.

Tara felt her heart drop, "Excuse me," she whispered.

"First with your age, your girlfriend, your house, you lie a lot." He spoke calmly as if he was telling her the weather.

Tara stared at them for a moment as she processed their words. She finally stood up and opened her waitress book before removing the hundred dollars Sasha had given her and adding it on top of the money that was already on the table. Without another word, she walked away from the table, but this time she didn't walk over to her co-workers, she walked straight back to the manager's office and shut the door behind her.

In a shaky voice, Tara described everything that had happened to her manager.

Her manager had seemed unconcerned, telling Tara to transfer the table to someone else if she didn't want it. Finally, at Tara's persistence, he had gotten up to go see the men she was complaining about. But when the two had gotten back to the dining room, the table was empty except two untouched pasta dishes, and the pile of cash.

"Problem solved." Her manager had declared returning to his office.

Tara had pocketed the cash before cleaning off the table, still uncomfortable from the encounter.

By the time she finished cleaning up her section, she had already said goodbye to Sasha and the rest of her coworkers, leaving her alone in the restaurant, save her manager.

She pulled ou

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