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The conclusion of the story, Jess and daddy in loving union.

"Such a naughty little girl for lying to Daddy..." he whispered, feeling her shiver.

He kept one hand slowly rolling and pinching her nipple as the other hand snaked down to her cunt, slowly teasing her mound, watching her hips as she bucked against his hand, her body instinctively knowing what to do even though she was still a virgin. His finger slid over her clit, feeling it dance as he slowly circled the nub. He slid down further, her juices coating his hand as he slid a finger into her tight hole, slowly sliding it in and out, delving deeper and deeper until he felt the protective covering of her hymen indeed proclaiming her virginity. He was careful not to break the thin barrier; he had other plans for that. He continued to slowly finger fuck her cunt, smiling as her hips found his rhythm, her low moans and gasps of pleasure music to his ears.

He continued working her body like a finely tuned instrument until she was just at the edge, he would tease her clit until she was just at that line and then he would go back to finger fucking her bald cunt, whispering lewd comments to her the whole while he was playing with her. He knew she liked this because of her body's response, the sharp intake of breath, the blush that would rise up from her chest to her face as he continued to play with her and tell her what a slut she was. All of this was being done to prepare her for her next steps and just because he found pleasure in doing so. He loved to humiliate and play her body against her mind. He knew the war raging inside her head. He also knew that her body was winning the battle.

"Bend over the pool table, my wet little slut, like a good girl for Daddy" he whispered to her, smiling as he heard her low tell-tale moan.

He helped her to position her hips against the edge of the table and then laid her down against the felt, her toes dangling off the floor, her ass raised up to him, her wetness glistening in the low lights of the room. He slid his fingers from her clit to her tiny rose bud ass hole, swirling the thick nectar over the tiny star, watching as her back arched and she tried to lift her ass up higher to him.

"Tuck your knees up beneath you, slut" he commanded softly, helping her to struggle into position.

"Now spread those thighs wide for Daddy" he commanded again.

Again he slid his fingers thru her juices, pinching her clit and eliciting a deep moan from her before circling her tiny star, gently pressing the tip of his finger against her sphincter, massaging it, feeling her muscles relax as his other hand found a nipple and pinched and rolled it as he slowly worked his finger into her ass.

He applied more pressure to her nipple, pinching and pulling on it as he continued to work his finger deeper into her ass, slowly fucking her, loosening her up. He pinched her nipple sharply as he plunged his finger deep into her ass, smiling as he heard her sharp gasp of pain. In and out he worked his large finger, swirling the digit deep in her ass, pinching and pulling her nipple as her ass slowly relaxed against the intrusion.

"You like that, don't you, my hot little slut?" he taunted her, knowing she would refute it. When she did not answer, he plunged his finger deep into her ass, raping it as he roughly fucked her.

"Don't you, slut?" he demanded.

"No.....no Daddy" she weakly claimed.

Again and again his finger pistoned in and out of her ass, adding another large finger as she loosened up, he watched her body's reaction as he took her ass, smiling as her hips bucked against his hand, listening to the low moans and whimpers as she struggled to control her body.

"Turn over, slut" he commanded sharply as he withdrew his fingers, chuckling as he heard her whimper.

When she did not immediately respond, he physically turned her over himself, pulling her body down the table so her ass was just on the edge of the pool table.

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