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A fantasy reason for the actress's retirement.

The woman from before was jerking a cock off, the cum spilling into her mouth, down her chin, and onto her tits. Beth watched as the cock was removed from the hole. Another woman, not previously seen, had joined the first and started licking the cum off her face and mouth, kissing her deeply. The women disengaged as more cocks were presented. They were each taking a side and managing 3 cocks each as best they could. Between the mouth on her tits, the hand on her cunt, the dick against her backside and the porn on TV, Beth was really turned on. She knew she was definitely going to fuck these boys today, her wet pussy was almost demanding it.

James returned and Gavin announced he needed to get up. Brendon disengaged himself while Gavin guided Beth's ass upwards. As he did he pulled her cheeks apart, causing the thong to disappear further. Beth had only just settled into Brendon's lap when the quarter ended.

Beth stood up and looked at the 3 horny lads on the couch, then down at her dress. The hem had been bunched around her waist, and both her tits were out.

"Not much point keeping this on is there", Beth said with a smile. "Brendon, could you help me take it off please?"

Brendon rose casually and moved behind Beth. His hands went for her tits while his mouth moved towards her neck. He breathed gently onto her neck, before giving gentle little kisses. Beth couldn't help but moan at the sensual touch. Brendon slipped the straps off her shoulders one at a time. His rough hands felt so good on her soft skin. He gently tugged the dress lower and lower. He squatted down behind her when it reached her waist. He kept kissing her all the way down, until his face was level with her butt. He gently lowered the dress further. Beth felt his mouth on her butt cheeks, first one, then the other, then gently biting her thong and pulling it up. His hands were slowly working the dress down her legs, his fingers gently massaging on the way down, then coming back up. Beth stepped out of the dress and placed one foot either side of it. Brendon too his chance and rubbed his hand up and down over her pussy, loving the little jump she gave as he bumped over her barely covered clit.

Beth paused, uncertain what to do next. It all felt so good, but how was she going to last 4 quarters at this rate? She decided to throw caution to the wind and bent forward at the waist to pick up her dress. Brendon took the opportunity to replace his hand with his mouth. His tongue was pressing against her opening, held back by only the panties. It took merely moments before the split in the panties was found, and Brendon tasted her sweet juices. Beth moaned loudly, then straightened up. Beth turned to Brendon and kissed him briefly before pulling the dress down over his head.

"Naughty boy, back to your seat" Beth said, slapping him on the bum for good measure.

Brendon simply took the dress off and threw it in the corner, a big grin on his face. He gave two thumbs up to Gavin and James as he sat back down. Beth turned to get more beers.

Now when she bent over the crotch opening in her thong would shift, briefly exposing her cunt as she reached for the beers. Each guy made sure to wipe his beer on both nipples, on her ass, and then on the crotch of her thong. This time she 'jumped' to get their pants wet, and then proceeded to remove their trackpants and give a little blowjob to each of them. The guys smiled and said something about being hungry. She turned and bent as far as she could to get the chips, and this time felt the opening open up...she paused for a moment, then reached back and touched her pussy. She moaned and rubbed herself briefly, before standing and straightening. She found a bowl in the kitchen, and returned to serve the three naked men.

The second quarter started as the first had finished - a mouth sucking on each nipple, and six hands roaming as far as they could, while the game of getting up every 5 minutes or so kept it interesting.

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