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Ethiopian mistress anally dominated by Haitian master.


Jeff smiled and his right hand reached for my left thigh and squeezed lightly. The dance had begun. In response, I just spread my legs wider. His hand caressed my thigh for a few moments and then he reached for my cock. It exploded into hardness as his hand wrapped around it. I groaned as he slowly worked his hand up and down it. I threw my head back and closed my eyes. I tried to reach his cock, which I could see bobbing against his stomach. "Don't worry about it," he whispered. Then he slipped off the bench and knelt on the ground between my legs. Without a word, he slipped my cock into his mouth. Now I really moaned as he slowly and expertly sucked me off. First he would take all of my seven inches in his mouth gently sucking. Then he'd come off and lick my cock up and down, then move down and suck my balls into his mouth. After a few minutes of this, he worked his way lower and I felt his tongue on my asshole. He rimmed me with great enthusiasm. I put my feet on his shoulders and shifted so he could get a better angle. His tongue started to probe my hole and I just about went over the top.

This went on for minutes. His technique was incredible and he seemed to know when I was about to come, then back off. I held his head in my hands as I urged him on. Finally, he took me back in his mouth and it was too much. I whispered hoarsely that I was coming and he dove down on me. I exploded in his mouth and he took all my cum. Completely spent, I collapsed. Jeff stood up, then bent down and kissed me, long and hard, his tongue playing with mine. I almost passed out from the passion of it.

He broke the kiss. "Turn around," he said. I shifted on the bench so that I was kneeling on it, facing away from him. I leaned forward as far as I could, leaning over the back of the bench. I felt him behind me and then the head of his cock at my ass. Slowly, gently, he pushed forward. My body resisted for only a moment and then he slipped in, lubed by his tongue job and some of my cum. He took his time and slowly worked into me. I had only a brief glance at his cock before I turned around and it must have been at least 10". It felt more like two feet. Finally, I felt his pubic hair tickling my ass and I knew he was in. He started moving in and out, taking his time and spinning out his pleasure.

It felt so good. In the hot tropical night, breeze blowing, the landscape lit by the moon, the huge cock up my ass. I stretched as wide as I could for him. He continued to pump me.

Then I heard voices on the road. I looked up to see a young couple strolling up the road, no doubt enjoying a romantic moonlit walk. At first they didn't see us, but about thirty feet away they stopped. Jeff was still moving in and out of me. I know he saw them but neither one of us particularly cared. The young woman whispered something to her companion and pulled on his arm. He resisted and they whispered amongst themselves. Finally the young woman turned and hurried off back down the road. The young man watched us silently for a few moments. He appeared to be in his twenties and was about 5'6" with dark hair and dark eyes and well built.

After a moment he started walking towards us and as he did he unbuttoned his pants and pulled his zipper down. I smiled to myself. He walked right up to me and pulled out his cock. It was a good seven or eight inches and hard. He held it out and I opened my mouth and he slipped it in. Keeping one hand to balance myself on the back of the bench, I grasped the root of his cock. I took him deep into my mouth and started sucking him off, my tongue playing with the underside of the head. He closed his eyes. A soft groan came from him. I worked my way up and down the shaft, then licked around the head. Meanwhile, Jeff was still working in and out of my ass.

I was feeling pretty nasty.

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