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He gives her a night to be remembered.

This is how I want my life to be. I want to give birth to daddy's babies."

"OK honey, I just want to make sure he's not pressuring you to do this. You have your own mind and I know you wouldn't let anyone push you around." Flo said.

"Flo, I have thought about nothing else but telling you and how to tell you, for weeks. I'm desperate for her. I am so, so sorry Flo and I don't know what this now means for you. But I do love you still. I couldn't have talked to you about this - surely you can see?"

"Yes Charlie, I suppose I can see. And, funnily enough, I don't actually mind that much - I have seen the worst of it now, I would have hated you to just approach me when Jess was 6 months pregnant and tell me it was yours. This way, I know right from the start."

Charlie had known deep down that Flora wouldn't go too psycho about this. He knew she secretly craved to see Jess's body grow plump with a baby. He hadn't been ready to be caught in the act though - especially displaying desire he had never had for his wife, so enthusiastically for his teenage girl.

At that, Flo gave a speech to both of them.

"Charlie, you know how open I am about our marriage. I hadn't expected I would have to be this open. I consent to you doing this. Provided I am involved in the children's upbringing, I can allow you to live this life. I don't want to lose both of you either, plus, there's no way you could stay in this village without us remaining as a family unit."

Jess and her daddy looked at each other, puzzled by her words but so very excited.

"We need to seclude ourselves from the village. Jess needs to stop her job at the greengrocers. We need to have her here and be very careful when she gets close to the pregnancy about keeping her at home. We may have to look at moving away eventually, should the house become too small anyway. But I want to be involved in the plans. If I am, you are more than welcome to have sex openly with me here in the house, as often as you like. I don't mind hearing and seeing it."

"Flo - are you - sure? Really? Sure you give your blessing on all this?" Charlie asked. He was hearing words more liberal than he had ever heard from his wife's mouth in all their 35 years of marriage.

"I found what I saw just now quite beautiful, Charlie. Jess, its clear your daddy loves you deeply, and that this is not just about his sexual urges. It's about both your futures. How can I stand in the way of that?"

"Mum, I know daddy loves me and that he is serious, I really do." Jess said, looking over at her daddy encouragingly.

"Yes he is. I know your daddy. I know what he has needed all these years. And if that ends up being you, then all the better, we're all safe, and we're all together, and we can all take care of each other and our growing family. Daddy gets what he wants, to give you babies, and I get to enjoy my grandchildren, just like I always dreamed I would."
Charlie was ecstatic to hear his wife utter those words. He had hoped for this outcome dearly. It was the perfect plan, meaning they would be able to cope with many, many more children. He could keep getting Jess pregnant over and over. Between the three of them, the rearing of all the babies would be so much easier.

The smell of sex permeated the air. Flo could sense it, and in hindsight realised that this same smell had drifted across her nostrils several times recently. Now all was clear.

Jess's naked body was glowing with health. Her skin flushed pink, her hips and belly thick and strong. She certainly did have the body for growing children. Flora looked her baby girl up and down. 18 years old and breasts dripping milk; her body was just naturally made to breed. Flo felt strangely proud of her.

"Jess you are a strong woman. You will be a wonderful mother; nurture your children and raise them well. They will be happy and healthy, and loved, by all of us. You have my blessing to continue. We'll nurse the brood together and bring them up in a loving family."

Jess looked into her mothe

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