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The only shackles are those in the mind.

He waved his hand and her body was frozen as if paralyzed. He then slid the blanket down and admired her body. He sat down and began squeezing and rubbing her breasts. He slipped a hand down to her pussy and slipped a finger in to feel her wetness. He chuckled, "Just as I suspected. Down deep you are a slut. Here is the deal. I will provide you someone to give you the fuck of your life every night for the rest of your life. But, when you do die, I get your soul. He will be a Demon. He will bring you pleasures not known to many mere mortals."

Satan continued arousing her body. After awhile he snapped his fingers and stripped his clothes away. He then climbed atop her frozen but whimpering body. He then turned into his true form as lust was beginning to take over. Horns came from the sides of his head like a ram. His teeth became pointed and menacing looking. His nose took the shape of a bull and his body became much taller and muscular. And lastly his skin became redder and more leathery.

She wanted to scream but could not. Yet, her body seemed highly aroused at this point.

He rested his monstrous cock on her body. The base was just below her wet and begging pussy. The enraged looking tip stretched all the way to her chin. The width was unbelievable as well. It had to of been as around as her bicep. Her eyes bulged as they looked cross eyed at it.

He chuckled in a demonic voice, "It is big indeed. But, don't worry, I won't put it all in." He then moved back as he rested the tip at her loose pussy. With an exhale he said, "I know you have stretched your pussy well with the dildos you use. Dirty sluts like you like them unusually big."

She whimpered loudly now as he began to push the insane thing into her. Her body felt as though it was being broken slowly. Her pussy was stretched beyond what seemed natural and burned. Just when she thought she would tear he slipped into her. He slowly pushed it in until he bottomed out in her womb. Still paralyzed she could not move or speak. But, in her mind she was screaming. It was probably a good thing she was paralyzed. Because, if she was not, she would have assuredly tightened her pussy and caused herself more pain.

Once he was all the way in she could feel every vein as he rested inside of her. The throbbing of these veins brought about more pain. This is the moment he decided to remove the paralysis from her. He waved his hand over her and she slowly was able to move. Yet, she didn't move much. It was as if she was afraid too much movement would bring her pussy even more pain. But she did speak, "So y-you are the one you sp-spoke of?"

He laughed, "No. There is another. I am simply giving you a taste of what is to come if you agree to the deal." With that he slowly dragged the thing out accept for the tip. He then slowly slid it in until he bottomed out again. There was so much friction and tension against her nerve endings that even though she was in pain, her pussy released a thick flow of cum that coated his monstrous thing.

He looked down to hurt, "Never hurt so good, has it?"

She exhaled and said, "No." She turned her head to the side disgusted at her won body's reaction. Yet, amazingly the orgasm made the sex begin to feel better.

Satan pulled the long thing out of her as her own juices flowed out into a puddle under her ass. He bent down between her legs and stuck his long thick snake like tongue out to taste her juices. As he licked her, her body trembled with anticipation. He then pressed his long tongue deep into her vaginal canal and flicked it around. It took no time for her to reach a second orgasm and she cried, "Oh... yes! Yes!"

He then got back on his knees between her legs and aligned his cock up with her absurdly stretch sopping wet pussy. Before she knew what she was saying she cried out, "Please, fuck me!"

He chuckled and shoved himself roughly inside of her.

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