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Aiko and Gerald explore the swingers' world.

Joe didn't stop there, while I was still floating on the peak of the feeling he slipped his hands under my butt and picked me up. He lifted me easily and then lowered me onto his hard cock. When he took his pants off I don't know, but I did know that seven inches of hard love impaled me in one easy stroke.

I wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck and humped. I humped for all I was worth, thrusting on the shaft inside me. Joe's six foot tall and strong, I'm five foot two and weigh about 108, so he had no trouble carrying me. He began to walk with me, across the room, through the kitchen and out onto the deck.

Joe had a thing about sex in the fresh air, outside. He carried me to the diving board and laid me down. Then he began fucking me in earnest! He took long hard strokes that brought his cock out to my lips and all the way back in to the hilt. This time wouldn't be a drum roll, this time would be a rocket, flaring up in a burst of fire from my lions to explode in my heart.

Joe thrust deep and hard and held tight in me as he jerked cum from deep inside to fill my pussy. I could feel him strain as if he were ejaculating his soul into me. Then we both collapsed onto the board.

After we caught our breath we went for a late night skinny dip. If you have never tired it I recommend it as the best post sex relaxation available.

Linda called the next morning to report that Jude had already called her, and to brag about the great sex they had after everyone had left. We swapped stories and I think it was pretty much a tie, sex wise that is. Linda told me that Jude was excited. She had her doubts about how seeing another woman's pussy had gotten her husband to act like a newlywed, but she didn't care how it work, just that it did. She told Linda that Mike had actually talked to her on the drive home, and that for the first time in months had instigated sex when they got home. Jude was still too new at this to share all the details, but Linda thought it had been satisfying. She wanted to know how we were going to get Mike to start her on the pills. She also wanted to know if she was going to end up acting like we did. Linda said she didn't exactly sound fearful about it when she asked the question.

I told Linda that the boys would be talking to Mike again that day, and that once they did an email was sure to fly. As soon as I could get to it I would share it with her.

We were planning our Vegas getaway for that weekend so I hoped to start Judith on the pill Friday, and then we could start reinforcing things Monday morning.

Lyn and I talked about the trip, and about the body paint. She agreed to come over later and we would lie out in the sun.

Joe called and we had a quickie phone sex at lunchtime. After that I had to have some relief so I took a hot soak in the tub and played my clit like a violin.

Lyn showed about two and we took our usual naked spots on the recliners by the pool.

I had been growing concerned over her, she seemed to be getting carried away. I mean I liked the game we were playing but maybe Linda was too into it. I decided to tell her the truth and maybe impose a little self-will back into her.

"Lyn," I began, "I have to tell you something. It's about the pillsShe laughed, "Well I wondered when you would get around to it!"

I must have looked like a puppy watching a ceiling fan. She continued, "You don't really think I'm that dumb do you?"

"Wha.., how long have you known?" I asked her, still mystified.

"Since about the tenth day." She replied calmly.

"You didn't say a thing!" I choked out.

"Why should I, and have you think I'm just another horny little slut? You know what a nosey body I am. Well after about ten days I wanted to see these miracles of modern medicine. So I went poking around Al's stuff looking for them. He's not very devious, they were in the top draw of his desk, in plain sight. Well they were in plain sight after I picked the lock, moved the files and drug them out from the back of the draw."

"I should have known," I sputt

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