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Mom helps her son get some sleep.

As I watched his pale flesh reveal itself from under his shirt, I saw, if only for a second, hairline scars where the knife's blade had surely struck him. But even as I stared, these faded and vanished until his skin was smooth and perfect again. Not a trace of them remained.

I stepped forward as if in a daze, gaping with hand outstretched. Ricky said nothing as he dropped his button-up rag to the floor, watching me as I did him. My fingers grazed his chest, searching for a remnant of the scars I'd just seen, of a hole that had to be there, but they found nothing. Just skin as soft and flawless as polished marble.

My eyes found Ricky's again, which were full of unexpressed mirth. "Doesn't that hurt?" I croaked.

"Of course," he replied lightly. "But my pain tolerance is far above yours, personally. I hurt. But not like you, oh no. Your pain fascinates me, Shay. Your masochism." His voice was a whisper now, soft and tantalizing, and I felt myself falling into it. "The way you react is beautiful. Your cries of agony. Your pleading. I like that very much."

Ricky's fingers were running along my jawline, lifting the hair of my neck in shivers. I could no longer doubt what he was telling me. I opened my mouth, struggling to speak.

"You're... really a vampire?" I breathed tremulously.

He smiled. "Afraid so," he told me. "You should eat, Shay. Shall I order you something?"

My body was starving, but my mind was so full. I didn't know how I could possibly eat like this. I thought about running. I considered it, just turning and leaving this place, never to speak to Yorick again. But I found his eyes in my gaze, his beautiful iron eyes, and my fear dissipated instantly. What was I afraid of? I felt safe... so very safe. I nodded to him, mouth open slightly.

Ricky's smile broadened. "Let's get you something to eat, then."


Not wanting to be a burden, I had allowed Ricky, still sans shirt, to order me nothing more than a sandwich and chips from the shop up the street from his house, and felt rather strange as I ate my food in front of him. He merely watched me patiently as I polished off my dinner as if I had never eaten before.

"Are you-" I swallowed what was in my mouth, trying not to talk through a mouthful of turkey and cheese. "Are you going to eat anything? I mean... How do you... um..."

"How do I eat?" he finished, smirking faintly. "Actually, that's why you're eating now. You're going to need your energy if you're going to be with me tonight."

Energy! I finished off my remaining chips with trembling hands. "I'm.. going to feed you, aren't I?" I said, my voice shaking.

Ricky's smile widened, showing his teeth. His canines... I hadn't noticed before how sharp they were. I shuddered. "Only if you allow it," he said quietly. "But, Shay, understand this. If you do not allow it, this will be our last meeting. I mean that. I'm not interested in a platonic relationship with you. And a sexual one is impossible if you don't do as I'm asking."

"What do you mean?"

"I'm talking about the reason I couldn't allow you to undress me the day before," he said calmly. "I have no pulse of my own and no blood to pump through my veins. It goes without saying I can't get an erection because of this."

This information stunned me. "You... can't have sex?"

"I didn't say that. I said I don't have blood." Ricky leaned forward in his seat on the couch, arms crossed on his knees. "But you do, Shay. So what does that mean?"

I stared at him blankly. What was that supposed to mean? Of course I have blood... Then it dawned on me. "You... need to drink my blood... so you can get hard?"

Ricky's grin resurfaced. His eyes were shadowed with a hollow humor. "Now he gets it," he purred.

My heart had dropped somewhere around my liver and was beating furiously. I felt cold. Not only was Ricky suggesting that I feed him my blood... It was the only way we could have sex. I felt unconsciously for my throat. "Won't that kill me?" I said, my voice cracking with fear.

Ricky shook his head slowly.

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