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Adalynn is taken because of her fiance's past.

..I love it when they shake and move their hips just by using my hands."

"Have you ever kissed a hard penis? Have you tasted men's cum?"


"Why not? Why haven't you taken a hard penis in your mouth?"

There was silence then he said, "Well, it's because...uh, because no one ever asked me to..."

My goodness! That is a telling answer! He would have actively taken the next step if only someone had suggested it?

"If someone had asked you, or told you, you would have sucked their hard penis, wouldn't you?"

"Y-Yes, I guess so...if they'd told me to--I would have sucked their hard penises--"

"And make them cum in your mouth!"

"Yes, and make them cum in my mouth."

"And you would have swallowed their cum!"

"If they had told me to--yes, I would have swallowed their cum!"

"Good boy,'s good to tell the truth--you feel better for telling the truth, don't you?"

"Yes...I should always tell the truth--it makes me feel good!"

"How did you meet these men, Johnny, where did you meet them?"

"There's a park in my home town...late at night men go there to meet other men--'Loring Park'."

"Did you choose the men, or did they choose you?"

"They chose me...they'd walk up to me and say things like 'Hey, you're cute--want to sit in my car with me?' or 'Do you want to go home with me?'

"How many men did you go home with?"

"Just one--he lived nearby--we walked to his place."

"Tell me everything that happened that night--don't leave out a thing, okay?"

"Okay...we went inside his apartment and sat on the couch...somehow we decided to play strip poker...during the game he kept passing me a joint...afterwards, when I was naked and he still had his shorts on, he led me to the bathroom...he had some sort of cream...he dipped his finger in the cream and made me spread my legs wide...I felt his finger on my hole--pushing against my hole until it went inside me...the cream was cold--it felt cold inside my hole...he made me push down his shorts and put cream on his hard penis...he took me to his bed and had me get on my hands and knees on the far end of the bed...he stood behind me--he put his penis against my hole and pushed it into was too big--I didn't think it would fit...I told him I couldn't do it--he got mad and called me a cock-teaser--I felt bad for not going thru with it...we sat on the couch; he had a towel over his hard penis...I stroked him until he came in the towel."
"If he had told you to suck his cock, you would have done it right? You would have sucked his cock and swallowed his cum?"

"Yes...I would have sucked him off and swallowed it all--if he had asked me to."

A loud moan escaped his lips as Johnny's excitement became evident. I smiled in the darkness: this boy loved pleasing men...he would be providing me with many-many orgasms for months to come (so to speak).

I reached over and squeezed his erection thru the jeans. He moaned and didn't stop me. I slowly moved my hand up-and-down his small shaft.

"How many times a day do you masturbate?" I asked him.

"Oh, uh...once in the morning and just before I go to bed at night," he whispered.

"Tell me the truth, Johnny--how many times do you masturbate every day?"

"I ah, don't really know...maybe five-six times a day...when I get a chance to do it."

"Do you look at porn when you play with yourself?"

"I-uh, yes...I have porn on my computer."

"Is it gay porn, Johnny? Do you like to look at pictures of men having sex with other men?"

"No-no-no...I couldn't have that on my computer--somebody might find out..."

"What do you look at? What gets you excited, Johnny?"

"No, uh, I can't say--it isn't right!"

"You must tell me the truth, Johnny...I will never say a word to anyone about what you tell me--what do you look at when you masturbate--what do you think about?"

This was going to be the most difficult thing for him to admit. I stroked his tiny cock harder and faster. He did the same for me.

"Sometimes I stare at pictures of women on their knees with hard penises in their mouths...I, uh..."

"Yes, you wh

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