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LJ and Hope visit the new property.

fat knees"

She slowly lowered her heavy figure down. She actually had to first fall on her hands, and then lower herself eventually. It hardened me a little more to see how clumsy and embarrassed she was. She was unsure with what to do. I didn't have any underwear, but she was probably waiting for me to take my dick out for her. When I didn't do anything, she fished her hand, tentatively, until she touched it. Taking my slight moan as an approval, she took it out.

"Start with your tongue"

Sania stuck her tongue out, while pushing my foreskin back to expose the head. She did the amateur mistake of starting at the base of head. With all the rotten cum, and years of piss, it probably was the least tasteful part of my dick.

I shoved a finger inside the top of her sleeve. A tugged it tight. Her right tit responded by getting raised awkwardly. We were near her desk. Thankfully, the desk had a small scissor.

"Sania," I took the scissor to the sleeve I was tugging at "remember, I said that you'd not be wearing this top too long?"

I lingered with the metal, near her neck. With each tiny movement of the scissor, I could feel her goosebumps, and the increased number of sharp breaths.

"Why did you stop working on my dick?" I made a cut on the sleeve of about an inch "Don't you know that you've to suck it before you fuck it?"

Her fat head started mimicking the porn girls. With years of training in eating shwarmas and wraps, she was doing my dick like a champ. Her brown skin was bursting out from all the places. She was squatting now, stretching the seat of her tight pants. With every suck-like motion she made, her thick thighs moved laboriously.

Her hands were innocent victims in all this. They were at one moment on her thighs, the other, by her side, and then on my thighs.

"Don't touch my thighs bitch" I took both of her hands, and put them on her tits. "Take one of them out"

With my dick in her mouth, and trying to keep her fat body in balance with a hand, she started towards one of her tit. The tit she was trying pull out, was on the same side as the cut I had made. When she tried to take it out, the top tore quite a lot, resulting in the whole of that side exposed.

So, a fat brown chick, with one tit out, was squatting and sucking my dick. She wasn't enjoying this though. With Sania, everything was spread out. Her brown tits showed every bit of wave that her body felt. Their loose quality, along with the dark areola, made it hard for me to judge if she was actually aroused.

I could've simply pinched the nipple, or asked her to do it, but I had the scissor. With its blunt side of the blade, I started caressing her nipple. The cold metal, and her hot lips on my dick. She was getting a little messy with the sucking, once the scissor was involved. Her thrusts were more careful, and she had widened her eyes, trying to look at me. I made the faux action of trying to shave off her nipple with the blunt side. It was a firm piece of flesh aching to be sucked on.

Her tiny fat ankles were being tried to their fullest. Her belly had protruded considerably, from the squatting. I reached for the hem of her top, and raised it. Raised it high enough, so that it'd rest on top of her belly.

Now that I'd her fat belly and a tit exposed, I was aching to fuck. She was still working on the full length of my dick, as if it'd get longer by her sucking. The poor pig had to make do with the dick she deserves. Before she could gain some confidence, I had to humiliate her a little more.

"Come on, get up." I held out a hand, while still having the scissor on the other. I guided her to her bed, "get on your fours." She simply stood there, with one of hands awkwardly trying to cover the exposed tit. I brushed aside that arm with the scissor, scratching her with the tip, in the process.

I shoved her to the bed, "Come on! Be on your fours, so that I can fuck you like a pig that you are!" She fell on her face.

When she didn't get up, I took it upon myself to actually hurt her.

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