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Jason's sexual education continues.

"Where you still waiting for the female deputy?"

"Yah, I never even thought about what was about to happen, happing!"

"Which was?"

"You simply, asked me to take off my shirt and hand it to you."


"I know, what was I feeling," she interrupted. "Well I was pissed, I was thinking, certainly you didn't except me to get naked in front of you, so I asked about the female deputy."

"What did I say?"

"Some BS, about this being Vermont and being behind the times in all...Yah go a head and laugh asshole!" She snapped, as I couldn't help myself.

"Sorry, but everyone always says that, after the fact."

"Well yah, at the time I was to scared to think straight. I was literally shaking, and my face felt like it was on fire, sort of like it feels now. I mean I was 19 and only one boy had ever seen me naked, but I thought I loved him, and we were always in a darkened car, but this room, it's lit up like a fucking library!" She said, her voice crackling.

"And then you started?"

"Well yah, after a short stand off, I figured let's get this over, but I was still holding out hope that I would only have to take off my shirt and skirt."

"Let's not get ahead of ourselves here, so you start to unbutton your shirt."

"Yah... Geez, now you want to take it slow, typical," she said with a laugh.

"Stick to the story, please."

"Ok, yes I started to unbutton my shirt. I mean you saw me in my bra anyways and then I handed it to you. And then you asked for the skirt, which I figured was coming, but it still wasn't easy slipping it off and handing it over, as I cursed myself for my underwear selection."

"How were dressed now?"

"Gee, the what are you wearing now question... Well Beavis, I was only wearing a lacy blue and white bra, some bikini like panties. They were black, it was also a thong...Hey I was on a date. Oh and I had my sister's high heels on. I never figured I would be standing in front of..."

"ME...And what was going on in you head now?" I said enjoying her rattled description.

"I was back to praying, but again it didn't help, as you just looked me over, up and down. Oh and you even had me turn around slowly, it wasn't lost on me that my naked ass was on display now, and then you had me turn back around. I was still praying when..."


"Please you know what happened!"

"I know, but continue."

"Well, you stood back and asked me for my bra...I felt like you punched me in the stomach, and God had let me down, yet again tonight." She said, back to mumbling.


"Yah...Yah, well what was I going to do? I unsnapped it and handed it over."

"Front latch, if I remember. Speaking of God, God bless the person who came up with the front latch."


"If I remember you were standing with you hands over your breasts now."

"Well yah, even though you had already seen one, it wasn't like I wanted to flash'em."


"But...Oh yah this was a good one, you had me lift up my breasts by the nipples, to check underneath, but as humiliating as that was, it was noting compared to the hands behind the head, lean forward and shake'em. Where did you come up with that one?"

"I ask the questions here...And your feelings."

"Feelings right, I felt like I was in for a long night, as you obviously were hell bent on humiliating me, I mean really, have you no dignity!" Linda cried out.

"Just doing my job, well please continue."

"Oh certainly...Well you ordered me to turn around again, which I was almost happy to do, as your eyes were burning a hole through my breasts, but it was short lived, cause you asked for my panties... I remember almost laughing. I mean, my breasts were one thing...But I bit my tongue and pulled them down, and handed them over."

"You made that sound easy."

"C'mon please, this is almost like going through it again.

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