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Lesbian Mistress and slave enjoy Sunday morning.


With that he ripped open the back of Chun-Li's dress exposing her naked back. Lifting away the frills of the skirt he exposed her panties.

'Wha..?' She said.

Then she felt his fingers stroking between her legs, touching her pussy lips through the thin material of her panties and tights. Soon he placed his whole palm there feeling the warmth.

'No.' She said, but through the numbness of the pain and the confusion, she began to feel warm and realised she was raising her ass to meet his strokes. For so long all she had known was pain, it felt good for him to touch her there. Every time he stroked she pushed back onto his hand, murmuring the word 'No.' or 'Stop.' As if to make herself feel better.

He ran his fingers around her pussy lips and she shivered.

'Please stop. I hate you. Stop it.' She gurgled as puddle water swashed into her mouth.

For a terrible second she thought he might as his hand pulled away, and so with considerable effort she arched her back towards him even more, opening her legs slightly wider.

Bison laughed to himself. 'There's a dark patch on your pretty blue panties Chun-li, are you sure you want me to stop?'

'Yes.' She replied. 'I hate you.'

'Then ask me to stop.' He said.

'I want you to...' But then she felt his tongue licking at her pussy through her panties and although she said 'stop' she also opened her legs wider for him.

Bison smiled and ripped off her panties in a single motion, then tore off the crotch of her tights. The air felt soft and gentle on her lips.

He pulled away and she lay there, ashamed of herself. Her father's killer was behind her and she was showing him her pussy; he excited her. She longed to be dead, but then she felt hot breath on the back of her legs and a second later his tongue was inside her. This time she didn't she didn't even say 'no' just bucked back against his face. He licked her for a few moments and stopped.

'You taste good, did you like that?'

'No. Stop it.' She lied.

'You know,' he said, 'your pussy is drooling back here.'

'Is it? Is it ... really?' she asked.

'Yes. It's in your pubic hair, and there's a thread dangling down from your lips.'

'I'm so, so... wet.' Chun-li said.

'Do you want me to go down on you again?' He asked.

'No, I hate you. Leave me alone.' But she lifted her ass towards him.

'You've got a really great ass and pussy you know?'

'Do I? Really?' she asked.

'Yeah.' He replied and then she felt his hard cock pressing up against her slit. He rubbed the tip backwards and forward along it, opening her lips but not going inside. She moaned to herself opening her legs as wide as she could in preparation for her fucking.

'Please don't.' She said with little conviction.

'You'd love me to rape you wouldn't you?' He said. 'So you could get out of this relatively guilt free, but I'm not going to rape you Chun-li.' He said. 'I'm not that sort of guy.' All the while he continued rubbing his fat prick against her pussy lips. 'Ask me.' He said.

'No. I don't want it.'

'Ok.' He said and stood up suddenly.

'No.' She said at once. 'I'm sorry.' She moaned. 'P... Plea...please.'

'Please what? Please fuck me? Is that what you mean?' he asked.

'Uh-huh, please Bison.'

'Say it.' He demanded.

'Please fuck me, I ... I want it.' She said.

'You want me to have sex with you?'

'Yes, come on.' She pleaded and to her own horror she reached back with her one good arm and splayed the folds of her cunt for him. 'Please fuck me Bison.'

No sooner had she said it than he was in her. He was so gentle, but his cock was so big and hard.

'I told you I wouldn't rape you.' He said.

'You've got a nice cock.' She managed between moans.

He almost made love to her to begin with, as he gently caressed her back and built up his rhythm. Chun-li arched back against him and she soon came.

'Keep going?' he asked.

'Fuck yes.' She said. 'Harder. Please harder.'

'You know what bitch? Now I'm going to take from you what you took from me.' He laughed.

His mood changed in an instant as he began merciless

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