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Sam and David get off together, 10 000km apart.

They start me in the chair on the platform. At one point I'm kind of perched on the front edge of the seat with my feet flat on the floor, my knees well apart, my arms kind of raised out from my side with my hands up near my ears like I'm trying to impress someone by making a muscle with my biceps. Perched up like this on the seat, the pouch holding my dick and balls is not resting on the chair but is just hanging there out in space between my spread-eagled thighs. I could swear they're all just staring at the pouch and sketching what's hanging out there between my legs. They're all working pretty seriously.

Later on they have me go directly to the mattress on the floor, and begin my poses with me kind of kneeling and twisting my torso this way and that to show off the muscle definition in my chest and abs and back. Then they have me lay on my side resting my head on my elbow with my legs kind of crossed. Eventually they get around to having me laying on my back. Before I know it I'm back in the exact same pose I was before with one knee raised and my legs well apart and I guess by force of habit I look up to take a peek at Donna's legs, and there they are, just as I remember them, firm and slender and smooth as silk and I can see right up her skirt to her panties which are white and look to be about as small and flimsy as the suit I'm wearing. I feel myself starting to get hard immediately and I start to move to hide myself but as I do I hear Linda say, hold it, I need another minute on this pose and the other three girls immediately jump in and agree with her. I feel my dick rising even as I realize I'm trapped. My hands are tucked behind my head. My crotch is totally exposed behind a tiny piece of fabric. Donna's doing nothing to hide her fantastic thighs and sexy panties from my view and I'm too hypnotized to look away. What can I do? To my total chagrin, my dick starts to grow right before the girls eyes, straining at the tight little pouch holding it in place.

Nobody says a word. The girls just keep on sketching, looking up at me and then back down at their pads like nothing's going on. The fact that I'm lying on this mattress with four cute girls staring at my almost naked body while my dick is getting hard starts to stimulate me even more and I feel myself getting even harder. Donna's still flashing her cotton-covered crotch at me but by this time it wouldn't matter if I looked away or not. I'm just so excited by this whole situation, to my huge surprise, that I couldn't get soft now if my life depended on it. Well, ok, maybe if my life depended on it. But it doesn't. As I said, the girls act as though nothing is going on and pretty soon they have me doing all different kinds of poses on the mattress and on the stool and the chair, and the whole time my engorged cock is pressing hard against the thin fabric of the bikini and it's even started making a small wet spot where the pre-cum is leaking out. At one point they have me back in the pose on the chair where I'm perched right on the edge with my arms up in a body-builder pose and my balls and dick hanging out between my spread-eagled thighs. By this time I'm so hot I can barely keep from rubbing myself to get some relief. It feels like I might even cum without any manual stimulation or physical contact at all which would be a first for me as you can imagine.

Now Linda says, let's just do a few more poses on the mattress and we'll call it a day.

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