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Joanna, the ruthless maid, was my first mistress.

"Tell me. Say it again," Damien bellowed. His voice creeping over her exposed flesh like a strip of warm velvet. She knew he was talking about her misdeeds of the day. Once again she struggles against the ball obstructing her speech and stretching her jaw unimaginably. When she failed to speak properly, the flesh of her backside was scorched with another snap of the whip. The welts burned and she screamed against the rubber sphere.

"Louder, girl. LOUDER! I CAN'T FUCKING HEAR YOU YET!" Damien emphasized his demands with sharp cracks from the single whip in his hand. Pausing momentarily, he dropped the whip onto the metal table with the other toys and leaned in front of Chloe. Gently tracing her tear marks, he ran his ran to the back of her hand, yanking out the gag. Damien traced her lips lightly with his finger before standing again.

"Now Kitten," he said calmly, "how do you think we should solve this little issue of ours? Huh?" Damien stood above the quivering figure on the concrete floor. He carefully fingered each whip, each belt, restraint and toy. Taking a moment to carefully decide, he picked up a cat o' nine tails. "Not going to answer me, slut?" Damien brought the cat o' nine tails down hard over her skin. The blades tore at the fabric of her panties and bra, slowly stripping the screaming girl. The strips of cotton fell off her trembling body and into little piles below her. Damien flipped her over onto her back, baring the tender skin of her belly, tits and slit. With excess pressure, the whip flew through the air with a whistle, landing over her large breasts and slender tummy. Chloe screamed out, crying, yet refraining to say a word. She knew if she made any effort to speak, it would only be worse.

"Good girl. You stay quiet and this will all be over soon, my love." Damien swung the whip again, landing over her pussy and clit. She wailed loudly, wanting to scream and shout to stop. Another swish through the air and her navel was bleeding from the tiny barbs in the whip, then an abrupt halt. Chloe opened her clenched, tear-soaked eyes. Her eyes searched for her suddenly missing master. She heard his footsteps on the other side of the room but she dare not move. Damien returned with nothing on but his birthday suit. He grabbed the restraints and helped Chloe sit on her knees.

"You're going to pleasure me, slut. You're going to make me jizz in you." Damien pushed his long, erect penis into her face. Chloe reluctantly opened her mouth before her master shoved the length into her awaiting orifice. Chloe tightened her pretty lips around the width as much as she could while he thrust into her mouth. Damien stroked her hair, gently rubbing her neck. Chloe lightly grabbed his balls with her hands, kneading gently while taking Damien's dick deep into her mouth. Damien moaned loudly and grabbed her hair, pushing her closer down on his cock.

Damien pulled out, grabbing Chloe violently and throwing her onto the makeshift bed. The old mattress squeaked even through it was on the basement floor. Damien drew two fingers into her awaiting pussy, feeling the warmth and moisture before slowly sinking his cock into her. Grabbing her hips, he sunk balls deep into her wet little snatch.

"You're such a dirty little girl, aren't you, Chloe. You're naughty and bad and need to be disciplined. I think you like a little control in your life, kitten." He said each word with a hard thrust into her hole. He started rubbing her asshole lightly, circling the tight rim before sinking his first finger knuckle deep into her. Chloe moaned and whimpered, arching her back to make the fucking feel better. Damien sunk another finger into her ass, then another. He groaned loudly, his cock twitching ready to explode inside of her. Damien pulled out and stuck his whole dick into her tight little asshole. Chloe screamed when he started thrusting brutally. His cocked spilled out all him cum into her little hole, some seeping out when he jerked out his dick.

"You can cum, only if you beg, kitten.

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