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Sisters instruct blindfolded boys.

It was then Mr. Richards walked to the door, locked it and sat in a chair next to me. "What I am about to tell you is private and very personal. It is strictly between you and me." He explained that for the past few years he had a mistress but she had recently married and was moving out of the state.

He said they had met at least once a week and had shared an active and varied sex life. Looking directly into my eyes he asked, "If you will agree to take her place, you will experience wonderful evenings out, box seats in the theater, fine dining several times a month and periodic gifts. Of course you would agree to have any form of sex, anywhere I ask, any time and any way I tell you. You would also have your job teaching for another year, including a 10% raise for your longevity with the school.

I know your husband has been out of work for two years. We do not have any available teaching positions, but we can bring him in as a substitute teacher, giving him a few days work every week."

I was shocked. I did not know what to say. If I said no, I would be fired and my husband and I could be out in the street. If I agreed to this sinful, adulterous agreement, I would be rehired, get a raise and John would have a part-time job which would certainly pay more than the gas station and help our finances.

Mr. Richards waited a moment then added, "Your husband must also agree with this arrangement. I don't want any problems with an angry husband." He told me he had to make the decision right away and asked me to call John, explain everything and to get his approval. He told me he was going to the Administrative Office for about 30 minutes and would be back for my answer. He turned and walked out and down the hall.

I sat in silence for a few minutes considering the options. It seemed I had no choice except to agree. This was especially difficult as I have never had sex with anyone except John. Yes, John and I had fantasies that we had shared and have done some role playing about him watching me have sex with a strange lover. I never considered them actually happening. I would have to talk to John and leave the final decision up to my husband.

When I called John, he exploded. "Hell No!" he said. However, as we discussed the current situation and the limited options we had, he finally, reluctantly agreed. I could hear the pain in his voice as he told me how sorry he was to have us in such a sad state of affairs. I told John that there were MANY people in basically the same condition, but we were actually fortunate to have a way out.

I told him it was certainly not his fault and that as a couple, we love each other and both have to do things at times that we don't want to do. I told him we would work it out and hung up.

My timing was about right as Mr. Richards walked in as I hung up. He asked if I had talked to John and if he had agreed. I told him that we discussed it and agreed that it was the only option we had at that time. I asked him what he expected from me.

"First of all I want you to fully understand that you will do anything and everything I ask you to do. If you hesitate or reuse, then the deal is off and you are heading for the unemployment line."

I agreed, got up and started to leave, saying I would see him Monday. Mr. Richards told me I wasn't going anywhere right now. He told me that he wanted to be certain that I would comply and be his mistress. He pulled out the master keys to the school and told me to follow him.

We walked to the end of the main hall and then down the stairs to the basement. It was dark and moist as we descended the stairs. He led me over to the south corner of the huge room. There were no chairs or sofa, just a couple of tables of various sizes. He pointed to a large one and told me to "have a seat."


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