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Donna and Jackie seek revenge on Laurie.

His hands went up the back of my shirt, and a lump formed in my throat. He fumbled around for a bit until he found the clasps that held my bra together, and with one swift motion my breasts were free of their imprisonment.

"Raise your arms.." He slowly ordered, to which I shyly complied.

Both my shirt and bra were brought over my head, up my arms, and off of my small body. I shivered at the sudden cold, but he began to pull and tease one pointed nipple with his fingers, while he took the other in his mouth, licking and sucking. Shock after shock went through my body, I could hardly believe that we were doing this. I began to moan and stroke the top of his head, calling him a good boy. I became aware, suddenly, that the door was wide open. My heart began to pound even harder, until I realized that my entire family had gone out for dinner, while Aar and I decided to stay home.

My attention was completely undivided as I felt one of his hands eagerly traveling up my leg under my skirt, making it's way to the soaking wet pussy that was hidden underneath. Aar always made me hot and wet, no matter what he was doing, and so of course I was dripping by the time his fingers worked their way up my long legs and thighs. I let out a loud moan as he softly ran his finger up my wet slit. He grinned, "Do you want more?"

I nodded and urged him on with a hushed, "Yes!"

He pushed my skirt up around my waist and smiled as he noticed I had no panties on, as was tradition with me -- Just another unnecessary article of clothing you can skip putting on in the morning and no one will notice. He urged me to get onto my back and spread my legs open for him, which I eagerly did. He bent down, spread open my pussy lips, and blew cold air slowly across the swollen skin. I bit my lip and moaned in approval, and before I knew it, his tongue was slowly massaging my swollen clit. My hips bucked as he inserted one, two, and then three fingers deep inside of me. "Ohhh!" I stated in surprise as he pumped his fingers in and out of me as fast as he could. Cum came squirting out of my body in no time, and he happily licked it up.

"You taste so good.." He whispered. I weakly smiled at him.

"You don't believe me? Come here..." His hand guided my face towards his and we kissed a long, seductive, wonderful kiss. He was absolutely right, I did taste good. I had never tasted my own cum before that. My hands shook as I reached to unbuckle his belt and pull his pants down. His pre-cum had already oozed out of his rather large and thick penis, causing the front of his boxers to be slightly wet. I tugged down his boxers and slowly began to jerk him off by moving my hand up and down over his cock. He moaned, "Yeah baby..." as I jerked faster and faster, keeping my mouth open, prepared to catch his streams of cum in my mouth.

His hand went to the back of my head and pushed it towards his cock. I had no choice other than to suck him, even though I had no experience doing so. I tried to take my time, savoring the taste of sweat and pre-cum, but his hand forced my head down several times. I learned to just suck him hard, moving my head up and down as quickly as I could. The reward was sweet jizz spilling down my throat, filling up my stomach with his sperm.

"Ohhhhh my God... I thought you never gave head before..."

Slurping on his flacid member, licking up the remainder of his jizz, I innocently stated, "I never did..."

His penis twitched at the touch of my hands as I stroked his sensitive head and underside. I fondled his balls, too, which he seemed to like an aweful lot. A virgin as far as my pussy and ass were concerned, no, but orally... Well, I was before that. And I discovered that I really, really liked it. As I lowered my head to give his now hard cock another bathe of spit, he pulled away from me. I looked up at him with curiousity, and smiled as he gazed at my still soaking wet pussy.

Positioning myself on my hands and knees in front of him, I looked up and pouted, "Don't

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