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They turned bath time into playtime.

The water had finally settled to a normal level and the room was quiet as her hand slide down his torso. Her other hand had moved up to his neck-shoulder-along his arm to his large hand which she guided to her breasts.

She nodded, figuring for some reason that nodding was a universal sign of agreement. Margaret leaned in against him and after scanning his face for signs of approval she kissed the clean skin of his neck. She had seen the hunger in his eyes and she vowed to not be afraid of him in any way.

"I know you do not understand what I am saying but I hope you will be gentle. It has been some time since I have lain with a man and when he died I thought my chances of a full life were over. That was a silly thought of course, but then the fire took away my entire life, my future." She planted soft little kisses between words and she could feel his need as she looked back into his eyes.

Bastion did not understand the soft words she spoke to him, but the nod and the soft kisses at his neck were more than clear enough. Unable to contain his passion any longer, his hands began caressing her body, running up and down her smooth wet skin. He allowed her to continue kissing his neck, and when she stopped, his mouth was back on her, first her mouth, then her face, kissing her cheeks. Then moving to her neck, biting her strong muscular shoulders playfully.

His hands stroked her pert nipples, and he hoped that his hands were not too rough on her skin. His cock swelled massively underneath her as he pawed at her flesh. Despite his attempts to be as gentle with her as he could, he knew that he was probably still being rough, probably rougher than she deserved, but he could not help it. His overly large frame and massive hands pushed into her as he reached back and cupped her ass in both hands, squeezing and kneading it. Pulling her body against him, he again locked his lips onto hers and shifted his rock hard cock so that it lay directly underneath her. The topside of his long hard rod pressed into her. He could feel the heat from her pussy against his shaft, the feeling of her crinkly pubic hair pressing into his under the water.

Bastion shifted in the large tub, sliding forwards so that she could wrap her legs around his waist. He slid his hips back and forth a bit, rubbing his shaft along her slit. He pulled his face back from hers and said to her in a deep, soft voice, "I want to be inside of you Mahr-gah-ret. I NEED to be inside of you. I am afraid of hurting you, but I can not resist any longer."

Then with his left hand he reached behind her and lifted her up off his lap a bit. With his right hand he pulled his throbbing dick so that the head of it stood positioned at her entrance. He then let go of her ass with his left hand, so that she could lower herself onto him.

"Some things," he prayed, "Had better not need words."

It was a strange feeling being wanted so badly; she was lucky her body was responding despite the roughness. She had not thought about how much he needed this until his hands moved her so she was poised upon him. She moved a little getting used to the feel, he was big all over and she worried about being able to accommodate him. She leaned in to kiss him again, gently pushing down, frustrating by how the tip refused to slide in. Margaret finally moved one hand down to hold him in place as her body took the tip in. She growled into the kiss, moving slightly getting used to the feel, finding the most comfortable position. She felt his hand on her back, it was a mix of being comforted, soothing, passionate, and things she could not name.

Her body knew what to do better than she did and so she listened to every odd sensation, every feeling that guided her up and down and up again as she slowly wiggled her way upon him. It was different as Bastion was much larger than any man she had been with and it took time to accommodate his massive girth, but it was a good feeling, and between kisses she smiled at him and moaned softly.

His instincts were to thrust, to push in

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