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The Dragon's journey.

When it reached her wrist, she lifted her arm to free herself of that side of the dress. He watched because that's what she wanted him to do.

One breast was revealed in its shimmery, see-through bra cup. The dark nipple was very clear, even in the dimly lit room. She paused to make him wonder what she'd do next.

The other side of the dress slipped off her body in a similar fashion. She sat now with her hair still up and looking glamorous, and her upper body adorned only by the flimsy bra. Rather than unhooking the bra, which he wished desperately for her to do, she reached into one cup at a time and lifted each breast out, slowly revealing each handful as the freed breast settled outside the bra. When both breasts were out, she took a nipple between the fingers of each hand and squeezed.

She gasped with pleasure. Her nipples swelled and puffed, erect and ready.

"Do you ever wish you could suck them yourself?" He blurted, unaware that his fantasy was so close to the surface of reality.

She shrugged, smiling. "It's okay that I can't. That's what I have you for."

She stood and wiggled out of the dress, revealing the matching g-string, then walked over to him. Straddling him, she fed him one buoyant breast at a time. Her nipples, salty with sweat, grew in his mouth. He gummed and sucked to make them bigger, and then tried to fill his whole mouth with tit. When he could fit no more in his mouth, he licked her nipple and ran his hands along her sexy back. His intention was to suckle her breasts until she begged him to fuck her, but the longer he sucked, the more he realized that he was just as likely as she to need immediate satisfaction.

Lost in the voluptuous softness of her flesh, he was surprised to hear her speak at last. "You know what I really want?"

"Hmmmmph?" He refused to stop sucking.

"I want you to lay me down on that bed of yours and ram me so hard that I have to hold on for dear life."

A plaintive request, to be sure, and one that he was delighted to oblige, even though it meant releasing the beautifully pliant tit from his mouth.

He carried her to the bedroom and relieved her of her bra. In his impatience, he tore the delicate g-string as he attempted to pull the garment down her legs.

"Ooooh. I love a man who tears apart expensive lingerie," she said, grinning.

But she was naked and nothing else-not her attempted seduction of the black man, nor her ruined panties-mattered. He laid her on her back and took his time removing his own clothes as she watched with that wonderfully wicked gleam in her eyes. When he was naked, he knelt at the altar of her fragrant pussy. He loved it when she danced so hard for so long-her sweat intensified the odor of her cunt. He inhaled slowly to savor the aroma of it. Then he took her by the ankles and spread her legs wide, revealing the juicy slit and slightly matted hair between her legs.

His cock had never been bigger or harder. The horrible weight that he'd felt at the dance club was gone but the sheer girth of his dick remained and now that he could see it, it surprised him. He was thick enough for two erections, and driven to empty his straining balls as soon as possible.

"Fuck me, Ed. I'm so horny, I can't think straight."

He stroked himself first, relishing the thickness in his palm. Nikki stuck her index finger into her hole and showed him what she wanted his cock to do to her. She plunged her finger way down deep into her snatch and took her time withdrawing it. She did this several times while he enjoyed the feel of his own swollen meat in his palm. Each time she withdrew a finger, more juice spread over her labia, and now there was so much cream at her fingertips, that it made noise as she pleasured herself.

"You'd better stick that beautiful cock in me soon or I'm going to finish the job myself," she said, half-kidding.

Her clit looked back at him, challenging him to ram the cunt it crowned.

"That black guy would've had me screaming for more by now," she purred, winking at him.

"You want some

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