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Lost and Found, the conclusion to Adam and Amy's love story.

Jamie handed Camille two key cards and gave another one to Meagan.

"I want to relax in the hot tub," she said, "so, let's go up and change. I put something in there for each of us to wear."

"I'm kinda tired, babe," I said still a little buzzed. I didn't think the hot water would be a good idea. "I think I just wanna crash for the night. Maybe tomorrow before we leave?"

She shrugged. "That's fine. Meagan, you wanna join me?"

"Sure!" she said cheerily.


"Um," she said hesitantly, "I think I'd like to just hang out with Jason if that's okay. We'll join you both tomorrow," she promised.

"That's fine," Jamie said, hearing the sadness I picked up in Camille's voice as well. The situation with her husband was still weighing on her and she just wanted to spend time with me for comfort. I squeezed her hand reassuringly and she smiled at me in return.

We went up to the rooms, Jamie dug through the bag and found her clothes before kissing me and then heading into the first room with Meagan so they could change for the hot tub. Camille and I went on to the next room. She pulled out the key card and stuck it into the slot to unlock the door. It unlocked but she gave me a suspicious look. She handed me the card and pulled out the other one and tried it in the door; it worked as well. Jamie had given us each a card to the same room; had it been on purpose or had she gotten them mixed up before giving them to us.

"Seem a little suspicious to you?" Camille asked.

"A little, but who knows what she's thinking half the time," I joked, trying to lighten the tension that was beginning to grow between us again. We entered the room and found a single, king-sized bed in the spacious suite. I didn't realize just how well off Jamie was financially. I knew her job allowed her to do what she loved to do most, which was travel, but I just didn't realize how easily she was able to afford it until now.

My phone buzzed with a call from Jamie. "Hello?" I answered.

"I thought you two would like some time alone tonight," she said soberly, as if she hadn't been drinking all night. "After seeing you two interacting today, I can tell it's more than just a crush between the two of you."
"But, Jamie, I love you."

"I know you do. I'm not breaking up with you, silly. I'm allowing you to explore your heart and hopefully giving Camille the opportunity to do the same. I don't care about the stigmas society, or our religion, has about family relations. You two are beautiful together and deserve to explore a new side to your relationship," she explained as I stared at Camille wide-eyed. Could she hear what Jamie was saying? From the look on her face, I think she hear every word.

She didn't seem scared or upset, she looked curious about my reaction to what Jamie was saying. I reached for her and she left the side of the bed where she'd been standing and accepted my hand in hers with a warm smile.

"Jamie, you know I love you more than anything, right?" I asked her.

She laughed. "You told me so already, baby. I'm doing this for you. Meagan and I will have a good time just us girls in the hot tub. Who knows? Maybe there can be something there with her as well."

"Who are you and what'd you do with my fianc__e?" I laughed.

"Shut up. I was just scared after our threesome with Tracy that you might like another girl more than me. After what happened with Jeff, and how much you begged for my forgiveness, I realized you're never going anywhere and holding onto you too tight will only change that. I think we need to be free and open to explore our sexuality together. The only reason I'm letting you explore thing with Camille alone is because she's your cousin and I don't want to come between you two. If it leads to sex with you two, I think your first time should be just the two of you. Maybe it can be all three of us later."

"Are you serious right now?" I asked just to be sure.

"Dead serious, Jason," she said.

"I don't know what to say," I told her.

"Then don't say an

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