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Wife hooked on drugs by a pimp husband deals with the problem.

Kneading her bottom Master was pleased to hear her panting along with the sobbing. Eve was now completely slick across her sex and it was seeping down her bare thighs towards her stocking tops. As the pain and delicious torture continued for the following four blows Eve's excitement built with each caress of Masters gentle hands. There were drips of her moisture on the floor between her feet and her stocking tops were soaked. Master breathed in deeply and smelled the heady perfume of a woman in ecstasy. He smiled as he brought the final stroke down upon the now squirming panting girl. He hit her as hard as he possibly could.

Eve bucked, writhed and screamed out as the orgasm hit her. She could not believe that she could have an orgasm without her clit being touched let alone one of the strongest climaxes she had ever experienced. Her thighs and stockings were soaked and there was a pool of her juice on the floor. She lay there panting and shaking, not trusting her shaking legs to support her.

Master stroked her bottom gently and leaned down near her ear and whispered "you were magnificent."

Eve strangely felt pride rather than the humiliation as master told Joan to dismiss the other girls who quickly clacked out of the room.

Master spoke to Joan as if Eve was not there although he kept a hand on her bottom.

"You have found a ripe little treasure here Joan. Her body is magnificent and that response we just witnessed was extraordinary. I'm sure that she will be an exceptional asset to our organisation once she is trained. I will organise a bonus for you and after the others have interviewed her we may increase her wage as well."

Eve almost purred with pleasure. Master James left the room. Joan led the girl to a restroom.

"Dry yourself and fix your make up. Unless you want another painful lesson, I suggest you straighten that stocking. Of course, now I've seen how you react to a master, you may start breaking the rules just to get a spanking. Be warned, that was a very mild punishment. I bet most of the stripes will be fading by tomorrow," Joan laughed.

"I might change my stockings and thong. They smell of me. I really need a shower," Eve rashly blurted out.

"Oh I wouldn't do that. Your masters love the smell of fresh cunny juice on their slaves, I mean girls. You will get ahead here faster by staying fragrant, trust me. Dry yourself, straighten the stocking and apply a good coat of makeup. Your make was barely adequate this morning so go heavy on everything. Once you are tidy, find me and when they are ready for you I will deliver you, don't rush."

Left alone Eve used paper towels to dry her legs and fixed the offending seam without noticing the small ladder that was developing on the other leg. After washing her face she applied a heavy foundation, mascara, blue eye shadow rouge and strong red lipstick. She thought it looked slutty but hoped that it was what was needed while swaying down the corridor looking for Joan. Every one she passed sniffed and smiled at her.

Joan was in her office working at a computer.

"Sit while I set up your interview." Pointing to a leather lounge.

"Yes mistress" Eve obediently complied.

Lifting her phone she said "she's here." Eve heard an indistinct response." Oh yes, even at this distance. Ok in ten."

While Joan ignored her, Eve mused about the one sided conversation but made no sense of it until a quiet alarm sounded on the computer.

"Come," Joan beckoned and walked briskly out of the room, leading Eve to an imposing oak panelled door labelled Board Room.

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