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A young intern's first day at her idol's studio.

" She said softly.

"Mmm, time for you to get dressed for supper then. You will find your clothes laid out on the bed for you, Robin." Carl pulled his hand back and Ann stood up and walked out of the living room toward the master bedroom.

After she had gone Carl looked over at Jeremy who sat in his chair still looking shocked. "Now did that look abusive or bullying to you?" Carl asked.

"No, not at all. Uh, she really likes being submissive like that?" Jeremy said still staring at the door after Ann.

"Oh yes, actually most women do. As in all things there are exceptions to every rule. There are some very dominant women and there are some just plain bitches. If you have the last kind all I can say is run for your life. If you like the dominant kind then by all means find one but I have met Christy and I am positive that she will make a wonderful submissive. I am just as positive that she does not know it yet." Carl watched Jeremy's face as he told him this, looking for a reaction.

"So how do I tell her?" Jeremy asked. He couldn't help but think that he could get to like the kind of lifestyle Carl and Ann enjoyed.

"Oh, no. You don't tell her Jeremy. You show her and I'll help you with that." Carl said.

Both men sat in awkward silence until Ann reappeared, dressed for dinner. She had changed out of the t-shirt and tight shorts and into a see through white silk blouse and a very short white skirt. She was not wearing a bra and both men could clearly see her erect nipples under the sheer material. The skirt was not at all tight, more like a cheerleaders skirt and it was short enough that when she walked it bounced up revealing that she had no panties on under it.

Ann walked through the room pausing only for a second. "Master, shall I serve supper now?" She asked.

Carl smiled. "Please do."

"Yes, Master." Ann said and turned and went into the dining room.

Carl looked over at Jeremy. "Please try to keep your composure, Jeremy." He said smiling at his young friends incredulous expression.

"Uh, yeah, oh holy shit. She is hot!" Jeremy said.

"Just wait, it gets better," Carl promised.

The two men rose and went into the dining room. The table was sat with just two plates and Ann stood to one side looking down. When she saw Carl enter the room she hurried to his chair and drew it out for him. She held his chair as he sat and then returned to the same spot she had been in.

"Aren't you going to eat with us Ann?" Jeremy asked.

"No, she will eat another time." Carl said. "Right now her job is to serve us." He picked up his knife and fork and cut a small bite of the thick steak that was on his plate. He put the bite in his mouth and nodded. "Perfect, Robin. You have done a magnificent job again. Now get under the table and suck my cock while I eat."

Jeremy had also begun to eat and he nearly choked when Carl said the last sentence. He regained his composure and watched as Ann happily crawled under the table. Very soon he could hear the obvious noises of her slurping on Carl's cock. He could not help himself and he looked under the table.

"Oh where are my manners tonight." Carl said when he noticed Jeremy bent over. "Robin, you should do our guest first."

Jeremy almost fell out of his seat when Carl said that, but he sat still as Ann crawled over to him and then unzipped his pants and pulled his mostly erect cock out of his pants.

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