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White lady discovers sexy Asian man's secret.

I reached out and turned the bedside light on. Expecting to see Vanessa, but had my brain been working properly I would have realised that it could not have bean her looking down at my sleeping partner I must have instinctively shouted out.

"Gracie what the hell do you think you are doing"

She looked up at me and said, "Oh Uncle Bob I have had such a bad night I just needed to be close to someone,"

With that she threw her arm across my chest a sobbed, "please don't send me away," and she cried as if her hart would break.

Against my better judgment I put my arm around her for reassurance, while I waited for the sobs to die away. After five minutes or so I asked if she was going to tell me what it was all about thinking it must be something serious. so I listened to her tail of wo. It transpires that she had caught her best friend [the one she was fucking in my apartment] fucking her boyfriend in the car park, they had all had a furious row and they had left her stranded in town.

This however did not explain why she was in my bed, her reasoning was having lost her boyfriend and best pal in one night she needed to feel close to someone. How mallow dramatic and pathetic is that I thought. However I had to refrain from saying so. I know that I should have insisted she use one of the gust rooms, but she begged me to let her stay and wrapped her arms around me and stared to blub again so I gave in. I kissed her on the forehead and told her to go to sleep and it would all look different in the morning.

I turned on my side away from her; bad move as she snuggled up close her tits were pressing into my back, the lace bra she wore did in no way diminish the affect those beautiful orbs pressed into my back were having. Her bare arm was draped across me with her hand close to the waist band of my boxer shorts, so every time she moved it an electric pulse was sent straight through to my groin which was not good.

Thinking she had fallen asleep I tuned over to lie on my other side so now I was facing her, she then turned over and was facing away from me. Thank the lord for that I thought and drifted off to sleep.

I was having a fantastic dream but sadly I was woken before its conclusion. I had A steal hard erection that was almost painful which was a direct result of that little minx grinding her panty covered arse into my crutch.

What could I do as I have said before a standing prick has no conscience. I just put my thumbs into the waist band of her pants and pulled them down and slipped my cock in to her hot little snatch.

To Which Gracie said,

"Uncle Bob you are such a naughty boy,"

She was not to know that the last person to say something very similar to me was her mum as I pushed two fingers into her cunt.

Although my Vanessa is still a wonderful fuck, I am sure there is nothing that will get a forty year old male's hormones racing quicker than having a naked nineteen year old female grinding her arse on his prick?

She not only looked like teenage version of her mum I would soon find out she had the same insatiable appetite for hard sex as well.

I dragged her over edge of the bed and was slamming into young nubile cunt from behind with all the force I could muster and she grunted and squealed just like her mum I kept going as long as I could but I knew I was getting close so I screamed at her.

"I hope you're on the pill young lady because you are about to get a cunt full of my spunk,"

Her reply was,

"don't talk about it you horny old bastard, just do it."

With that I exploded, sending pulse after pulse of my seamen deep inside that beautiful nubile young cunt.

When Gracie climaxed she squealed and hollered as if she was being murdered.

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