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"Would I ever be able to have kids?"

The doctor thought for a moment before responding.

"Your testicles should be fine. There shouldn't be any issues with producing sperm. It'll be harder to achieve orgasm and ejaculate but it's possible. Sexual intercourse will be impossible for obvious reasons, but we can easily take your semen and implant into a woman for fertilization."

For some reason my heart lifted slightly. I could still have kids, but never again would I ever feel the warm pleasure of my fianc__'s pussy again.

The doctor asked me to get in the wheelchair and before I realized it I was already laying down on the operating bed having my legs propped up by the contraptions that were probably used to hold women's legs apart to give them vaginal exams. A sharp pain in the back of my hand meant an IV was in place. It was chaos as doctors went this way and that preparing equipment. One of the doctors had a shaving razor and flipped open the shirt to find I was already shaven. The doctor looked like he was going to say something smart but decided it was better not to and left with the razor. Soon after blackness consumed me as the anesthesia took effect.

Just a few hours later I woke in a recovery room laying in a very comfortable bed. Having had many visits to the hospital before I knew the buttons on the bed and propped the bed up so I didn't have to sit myself up. My fianc__ Sarah sat in a recliner beside my bed watching TV. She turned as she heard the machines in the bed propping me up and quickly got up to hug me.

"Randy! Oh my god you're ok. When I was told you were in the hospital I left work and came right over."

I hugged Sarah back and broke out in tears. Did she know why I was here? Sarah pulled away keeping a hand on my shoulder and the other hand wiped the tears from my face. Her hands were so soft and comforting.

"The doctor told me what happened."

My heart sunk yet again. My groin hurt a little bit but nothing like it had before I went into the operating room. For a moment all I could think about is what he looked like down there now. Then my mind righted course back to what Sarah was telling me.

"I want you to know that I love you no matter what. I don't care if you have a....." and shamefully whispered penis like it would hurt less if she said it softly. "I love you. We'll find ways to make sex work. For now you need to get better."

I didn't quite know what to say. I thought for a moment that she was going to dump me because I couldn't have sex any more, and here she was promising that we'd find a way. Maybe sex really wasn't everything in a relationship. For the longest time I thought that if a couple didn't have sex the relationship would go bad but maybe it wouldn't after all.

"You don't care that my dick is gone?"

"Well....yeah it'll suck that we can't have sex like we used to. But I love Randy, you, not your...dick."

That was all the assurance I needed. I no longer cared if I was without a penis. It was a couple days later the doctors removed the bandages around my crotch and I got to see what I looked like with balls but no penis.

A catheter protruded from a shriveled opening above my ball sack and the skin around where my penis used to be was red and swollen, stitches kept the wound shut around where my penis used to be. The opening looked like I could fit my thumb in it but that was because they removed that much of my penile shaft and left all of my scrotum. A sharp pain erupted inside my pee-hole as the nurse removed the catheter and I was told to go to the bathroom and that don't try to pee standing I'd just make a mess all over myself and the floor. Great....just what I needed I have to pee like a woman for the rest of my life.

As I sat on the toilet I quickly found out I had to pee pretty bad.

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