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Janet practices her new skills.

" Again, not necessary to say that, I'm sure he could FEEL me coming all over him. As I was soaking his cock, his thighs, my thighs, and the bed sheets with my simultaneous clitoral and G-spot orgasm, I asked him to come WITH me. He throbbed, further increasing his already very nice two-inch thickness, and then he thrust down hard into me and he EXPLODED! MMMMMM! God, that was FANTASTIC! I felt so DELICIOUSLY naughty, and so completely fulfilled as a woman.

He slowed his thrusts to a gentle in-and-out rocking, and after a few minutes of that, he thrust all the way in and stopped. Parked deep inside of me, his two-inch-thick cock pulsed, throbbed, expanded even thicker, and he oozed a FRESH stream of semen into me--his SECOND orgasm in less than ten minutes. Not as explosive as his first, but nevertheless a nice volume of ooze that felt warm, deep, and wonderful inside of me. He wrapped his arms arond me, kissed me softly but passionately, massaged my breasts and my hard nipples, and continued to throb deep inside of me. I kissed him back, sweetly, gently, lovingly, letting our tongues playfully entwine, reveling in the feel of his spent cock still slowly pulsing and throbbing away deep inside of my tight, hot, wet, deeply-satisfied, and thoroughly-contented love tunnel.

He raised himself slowly, almost but not quite all the way out of me. Before he could completely escape, I flexed my pussy muscles and slowly drew him back in again. He began slowly easing his cock in and out of me, and after five or six strokes, I could feel him hardening again, against my tight, wet, slippery walls. Still buried inside of me, he rolled us both over, until I was on top. I eased my wide-open pussy lips slowly down over him, and he thrust upward to meet my descending pussy. Soon, I was riding him with complete abandon, he was thrusting up and down, and we were both moaning loudly enough that we probably woke the neighbors halfway down the block. I am so glad and proud of my capacity for fully, naturally, and ecstatically enjoying love, lust, and sex with my husband, devoid of any artifice, pretenses, or deceptions.

As he thrust into me, his thumb gently, playfully massaged my hot, horny little clit, until I just about couldn't STAND one more second of his exquisitely pleasurable torture! He must have sensed I was more than ready, because just then he thrust hard and deep up into me, his thumb pressed tightly against my clit, and he came for his third time of the evening. Before he finished exploding, I came for about my seventh or eighth time. I'm told I'm very rare for being multi-orgasmic, but Frank is even rarer, as he doesn't just come and roll over and go to sleep. He can and often does come 3 or 4 times in one night's session! And even one those occasions when he comes just once, he continues to throb inside of me, hold me lovingly, kiss me sweetly, and caress me tenderly, even long after our mutual orgasms have subsided. He has such a sexual, sensual, and sensuous intelligence, that more men would do well to learn.

All day today, my co-workers have been asking me about my big, wide, idiotic, goofy grin. Is it because of last night, I wonder to myself? Or because I can still feel his warm residue deep inside me, and I can still taste his sweet explosions in my mouth? Then I suddenly KNOW why I feel so GREAT: because I realized that Frank and I have the house all to ourselves for another two whole weeks, before our son returns! And I still have a dozen or more sexy outfits Frank has bought me, that I haven't worn lately!

Even now, as I write this, I am still going CRAZY, because it will still be two whole HOURS before I can again be in my wonderful Frank's loving arms! I can't STAND the wait! Just THINKING about last night, replaying and reliving it all in my mind, has got me DESPERATELY horny for my Frank all over again. I'm just going have to DO something about that!

Phew! Made it to another day.

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