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Feedback from Lit reader starts wild fling.

I kept the envelope on the table and then proceeded to take a shower--she handed me a towel as I went in. My cock was gorging with excitement the moment I took off my clothes. It stayed that way until I finished the shower and proceeded to walk out in my towel.

Lily giggled, "I see you ready?" She motioned to my anxious member. She was sitting on the edge of the bed and motioned me to come closer. Her soft hands pulled the towel away and my cock was inches away from her face--I could already feel her breath on it. She took it in her hands and licked from my ball sack all the way up to the tip. The soft, moist, sensation was unbelievable. Her lips opened as my cock entered her mouth--in the silence of the room, I could hear my breathing and her soft sucking sounds. Her mouth was incredibly warm and wet, something my cock really agreed with. I put a hand on her shoulder and then slid the other into her towel. She pulled her towel open just as my hand cupped her breast, fingers instantly finding the nipples and tweaking them. Her lips traveled further down on my cock and I let out a gasp.

"Are you okay?" A trail of her saliva stuck between her lips and my cock.

"Oh I'm doing great, please keep going."

Her hands snaked their way over my ass as she bobbed her head up and down my cock, stopping ever so often to slurp loudly around the head. Both of my hands now found their way onto her breasts--I squeezed them hard and she moaned around my cock. It was strange and it was heavenly. As if things couldn't go better for my cock suddenly even more so. Pulling back to just her lips around my cock she immediately swallowed it--in one swift motion her lips were at the base of my cock. And my cock was being squeezed ever so by the back of her tight, warm, wet throat. It was too much for me. A bolt of electricity shot up from the base of my spine all the way up to my head. My toes curled and that all too familiar sensation began in my balls as I started to cum.

"I'm cumming!" She immediately pulled back, just in time for the first few spurts to hit her on the lips. All the while her hands were stroking me and milking me till the very last drop. Ropes and spurts of cum splashed between her breasts and on her chin. She might have had some in her mouth too because she was drooling over my cock just to make it seem more porno. Anyways, I wasn't too bothered with that thought at the moment. I just had an incredible blowjob and had now collapsed on the bed next to her.

For some reason my hands weren't satisfied with her body--and as she sat there wiping cum from between her tits, her face and on her thighs, I ran my hand over her back. It was as if my hand was eating up the texture of her skin. I saw my fingers trace each freckle on her back as if to connect the dots. She didn't seem to mind. Suddenly, she got up. Drat, I spoke too soon. She disappeared into the washroom and left me alone in the room.

It was as if I saw the room for the first time. It was adequate and homely with all the necessary things to make you believe you were at a hotel. Nothing too posh though. Very, very average. I got up and checked out the window. It seemed that most of London didn't want to get out. The road was terribly empty and the wind seemed to pick up. I heard the bathroom door behind me and I turned to see Lily in all her glory. She was slender for a tall girl, her frame marked by her breasts and her hips which held between them her neatly trimmed sex.

"First time?" Again, it took her two questions to ask me as I was totally engrossed in her body. And yes, it was my first time--or would be in a bit. You see, I was the shy guy. The guy who would talk to girls all night long and then in the end--you guessed it--got labeled the Best Friend. Well, my patience ran thin and then just went out the window--or as the case may be, all over Lily's tits and face. Anyway, I still listen to all my female friends all night long. Though thankfully now I just don't drive myself up the wall with their banters.

I nodded yes.

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