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Cazi's journey continues.

If Condom had been left so frustrated that he kept stoking the fires like he had been, the whole place could have burned down.

Grope had advanced a step. "How many was it last time, Virginia?" He flexed the cane. "Ten, master," she whimpered, head to the floor, arse raised high.

"This time it shall be twelve." With no other ceremony, he brought the cane down on her rump with a hearty thwack. I yelped almost as loudly as she did. The blow was not so hard, but it striped Virginia's flesh across he buttocks. It was followed by three or four more such strokes. After each, Grope allowed the cane to linger on Virginia's ass.

She took her punishment bravely, more bravely than I would have, I think. In fact, as I watched her wriggle her cute little fanny, and rub herself against the cane where it lingered, she seemed to be almost enjoying herself. It occurred to me that as a method of restraining Virginia's wanton desires, caning her ass was as productive as throwing oil on a fire.

I took my eyes away from Grope and Virginia, to look once more at the withered creature in the bed. She was grinning toothsomely, her knowing eyes glittering. After the eighth stroke, she barked out a command __ "Harder!!" __ and Grope landed a more punishing blow on Virginia's backside. The harridan cried out again __ "HARDER!!" __ and Grope swung mightily. Virginia gave out a loud wail, and begged for mercy, but the crone was not yet satisfied. "AGAIN!!" she yelled, and "AGAIN!!" The last two strokes were delivered, and Virginia lay sobbing across the bench while Grope mopped sweat from his brow.

"Take her out. I shall speak with this other whore." Grope hesitated for a moment, then picked Virginia up by the shoulders, and led her out through the door. As it closed behind them, I swear the temperature dropped two or three degrees.

"Come closer," barked the woman, and I obeyed at once.

"You are Nina?" she asked, and I nodded in what I hoped was a deeply respectful fashion. "Your mother owns the Humped Back Beast Inn?" I nodded again. "What are you doing here in the Palace of his Majesty, the Irresistible Harrdon?"

I told her my story, editing it a great deal. I was pretty sure she wouldn't want to how I had enticed Tumescence to bring me here, let alone my reasons for doing so. I also managed to skimp over my encounter with Titania, my escapades in the Temple and the cell above, and my ravishment by person unknown in the Library. In particular, I chose to leave out the various ways in which I had entertained Grope.

All told, my story took about eight seconds.

The skeleton in the bed listened intently, without interruption. She grimaced once or twice, which made my buttocks blush and my heart skip a beat, but I was pretty sure I hadn't incriminated myself by the time I had completed my account. Grope returned to the room just before I finished, crossing to the bedside to pour the woman a glass of water, which he held to her lips for her to drink.

"Have you told her that she must come to live here in the Palace?", the woman asked. Grope nodded. "The arrangement has been explained to her."

"It is for your own good, child. Here, you can be kept under our guidance and supervision. We can ensure your moral and physical well-being." Grope leered at me. I had no doubt what guidance he would provide, but I still had no idea who this ghostly woman was.

"In the meantime," she continued. "You can provide us with some assistance. Our duties are many, and very onerous. I have seen the Chamberlain look quite exhausted after a day instructing some new maid __" I didn't doubt it __ "and there is so much that we must keep our eye on. So much that we must guard against."

By now, I expect my quizzical expression had frozen in place.

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