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A wet, hot American summer.

If you are doing this for my birthday, it must be special. So yes, we can continue and I will really try to follow these rules. And thank you in advance!"

She paused for a moment, and I'm not sure if she was just re-thinking what we were doing or what. With her hand trailing down my body, she moved towards my feet and got off of the bed. A few seconds later, she got back on the bed straddling my knees, slightly stroking my cock. She pulled it straight up and I felt her lips against the top of my cockhead. With a bit of pressure, it popped through her lips, sinking all the way in, stopping only when I felt myself hit the back of her throat, and felt her chin resting on my balls.

Karen stayed there until she couldn't hold her breath any more and came up for air. I groaned as she left me, and I could hear her breathing deeply as she recovered. She crawled up my body and sat on my stomach, her arms crossing over mine, holding me down tightly.

She whispered softly "now it gets interesting" and leaned down to kiss me.

As her mouth closed on mine, our tongues intertwining, she almost took my breath away with her passion and ferocity. Her arms lifted off of mine as her hands roamed all over my upper body. She pulled my head closer, and stroked my arms and chest.

Even though right now we were just kissing, after the teasing she had done to me, my cock was going crazy. Completely held down, I could do nothing. It wasn't that this was anything too kinky, but the newness and teasing had me going crazy.

Pulling my head back from her grasp, I caught my breath. "Dammit, if all you are going to do is tease me like this, I am SOOO going to make you pay."

"Easy big boy, don't get all worked up. Just give it a second, you will see. I thought I told you not to talk."

She pushed my head down into the bed and smothered me with another kiss, and as I started to moan into her mouth, what little breath I had left caught in my throat. I felt another touch on the top of my thighs and thought it was her feet moving to hold me down more, but then I felt a hand holding my cock. As the sudden shock of what could be happening hit me, the new hand fed my cock into a waiting mouth.

The moan I had started came back in force as my cock hit the back of the throat of the unseen woman down below. Her hand massaged my balls as she expertly sucked me off. Just the right amount of suction, and most of the time my cock was buried down the back of her mouth. If Karen hadn't had her tongue in my mouth, I would have thought it was her down below. All the sounds, feelings, and teasing had me going crazy, and this new development pushed me over the edge.

All tied up, I couldn't move, and my mouth was too occupied to say anything different than I had already, only in the form of moaning. My legs locked up as the feeling of intense pleasure raced up the inside of my thighs and my ballsack tightened up. My stomach muscles all locked as I tried in vain to thrust my hips further up into the velvety-soft mouth.

Only good for three or four spurts, I shot my cum into the unknown woman's mouth as my body roiled in pleasure, my unseeing eyes rolled back in my head. This must have been the first time since I was in my early 20's, but having just cum, I was still so incredibly turned on my cock never went even partly soft. I didn't hear anything from this mystery lady down below, and did not feel anything fall back down on me. Knowing she just drank all my cum, plus the fact she was still trying to swallow my cock had me still raring to go.

Breaking off the kiss, I whispered to Karen "baby, my hand, I need to feel you." Kind of surprising me, she instantly reached up and pulled the rope from one wrist. Putting my hand on her cheek I pulled her back to me and had enough time to whisper "I love you" before our lips locked again.

With one hand free to run up and down her body, the erotic feeling of being tied up was still there, I just had the added bonus of being able to squeeze her breasts and tweak her nipples as I enjoyed two women's mouths

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