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Nicole Miller sat down slowly on the edge of her bed, her pretty face confused and shocked. She had come home earlier than expected and heard her parents' voices coming from her dad's study. The lights, with the exception of the light in the entrance foyer, were off and she made her way through the dimly lighted house to the study. She had meant to drop by briefly but when she got to the door, the sight of her parents took her by complete surprise.

She saw in her mind's eye how they had sat coupled together in her dad's desk chair, going through the pictures her boyfriend had taken of her for his new adult website. She was surprised that her parents had found the pictures but more surprising was the fact that they were obviously aroused by them. She could still hear them talking, their voices filled with lust; dad telling mom that he wanted to eat his little girl's asshole, mom wanting to eat her pussy and watch her husband fuck his little girl's ass with his big daddy-dick.

Then, standing in the darkened hallway, Nicole had watched as her parents had role-played. Her mom's hair in pigtails just as her own had been during the photo shoot, bouncing up and down on her husband's big hard cock. She had stood in the hall listening to their lust-filled words, her own pussy becoming wet and slippery with her juices as she watched.

She heard the dim sound of the shower in the master bathroom shut off. She knew because she'd heard them talking, that they would be in their bed soon and probably recreating the lust and passion they had shared moments ago in the study. Her mom would most likely pretend she was her young teenage daughter and her dad would pretend he was fucking her. The thought brought mixed emotions to her mind: the young girl realized such desires were wrong, that desiring their daughter was taboo. But something inside of her, something a little darker than she had ever realized was within her, whispered softly to her, and Nicole found her pussy wet again.

She groaned softly and got the toy she loved best from her nightstand. Stripping down, she crawled onto the bed and spread her long, silky-smooth legs wide. The toy, a long thick rubber cock with a massive head felt nice as she touched it to her wet, burning lips. She worked it slowly up and down the slit of her pussy, rubbing it lightly between her spread lips. She pressed the head gently and gasped softly when the head began to spread her lips wide to accommodate the huge girth. Slowly the big cock sank into her pussy until it bottomed out.

A thin sheen of sweat covered her smooth brow as she slowly pulled the toy from her pussy, and then pushed it back in. She repeated the slow process several times while a succession of low, guttural grunts of pleasure came from between slightly parted lips. As she leisurely pumped her burning pussy with the toy, Nicole toyed with her hard nipples, gasping with delight each time she pinched one of them. The fire within her began to roar inside her pussy, consuming and driving her mad with desire.

The images and words of her parents stayed with her, as she loved her body. Even though she knew it was wrong, Nicole wanted them and needed their touch. Her gaze was on the closed door as she pumped her pussy and pinched her nipples, and she called silently to her parents, willing them with her mind to come make love to her. She was losing control, accepting and needing what was wrong.

The young teen dropped her left hand between her legs and found her sex-swollen clit. She began to rub it, slowly at first, as she matched it to the tempo of the toy she thrust easily into her pussy. The sensations were incredible, breathtaking, and Nicole began to whimper softly.

"Oh, mommy...daddy..."

Her eyes were glazed with lust as she stared at the closed door.

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