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I get invited to a swingers club.

This force sent the bra fluttering to the floor. The only thing now keeping her breasts from view of the entire crowd was the man's hands. He slowly pulled his hands to the side, his palms and then fingers, dragging across her nipples. Finally, he stopped with just his middle fingers covering her now standing at attention nipples.

As the crowd came to life with this excitement the man moved his hands completely to the sides of her breasts giving the entire crowd a shot of her pink areolas and erect nipples.

As he did this, just under the TVs, a clock started to click down from 60. The man saw this and got to work. With his left hand he reached around Lynn's body to her right breast and began playing with the nipple. He then bent his head down and took the left nipple into his mouth, sucking and biting. As the clock clicked down the zero he bit down hard on the nipple drawing blood and pulled his head back pulling the tit and nipple away from her body.
Lynn gave a loud scream in pain. The left nipple now purple with spots of red from the sucking and biting. Despite the harsh end to the minute the pink panties now had a much darker circle in the fabric and the people at the front of the stage could smell her excitement.

"Alright, last piece of clothes." Madison said and was blasted around the room.

The bidding started again with a fervor and stopped when the total reached $2,000. The winner was a large, heavy set man with a long grey beard. The man sauntered up, taking his time to take in every inch of Lynn with his eyes. Her nipples were at full attention, beads of sweat rolling down her body as the large men continued to hold her in place.

The bearded man walked up standing right in front of Lynn, towering over her. As he looked directly into her eyes he waved over the other two men that were standing on the stage. They quickly walked over and each grabbed a leg and raised them into the air, the four men holding Lynn horizontally at the level of the bearded man's chest for easy access to her last vestige of modesty.

The man pulled the band of the thong up and looked straight down to Lynn's horizontal smile. A small landing strip of pubic hair running right into her glistening pussy. A small amount of stubble surrounded her lips. Lynn shaved and maintained her vagina regularly but hadn't planned on showing it off this even so some hair was just starting to peek through.

The man took all this in and looked directly into the camera and licked his lips. He motioned to both camera men to come for a closer look. One set up over Lynn's shoulder looking down her body between her breasts and onto her panty clad prize. The other positioned himself just to the left of the bearded man, focused directly in between Lynn's legs.

The bearded man grabbed one of the thong straps and pulled them apart with a snap. The front of the thong sat and covered Lynn still but the string on the back started to swing away to the other side of her body. The man then grabbed the other string and snapped that one as well. There was now just a small piece of fabric that was keeping her wet pussy away from the crowd of hundreds of men.

The bearded man stopped short though. The crowd waited with anticipation as he motioned Madison over.

"For $2,000 I should get more than just these panties."

"What did you have in mind?" Madison asked coyly.

"I am hungry. I want to eat this pussy clean."

"You can have 2 minutes to eat your fill." Madison responded.

"No 5 minutes, we hungry!" The crowd cheered at the man's response. Lynn was clearly shaking her head no.

Madison thought for a minute before responding. "I will give you 3 minutes but there are 2 conditions. First, the camera gets the first up close and personal look before you devour her."

"No problem," the man quickly replied licking his lips again.

"Second, our guest of honor John needs to be the one to remove that last stitch of fabric covering his wife."

The crowd howled with laughter and cheers of applause.

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