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Following in Her Mom's Footsteps.

This was clearly one of those hugs. Maybe that's why I enjoyed it so much.

After we go the booze from my friend ("Have fun" she told us with a suggestive look in her eyes), we met Roger at the parking garage (Roger's a commuter so he has a car).

"I'll sit in the back with Ashley," Justin said and Kyle took shotgun. Kyle lived on the other side of the city and I spent most of the time flirting with Justin but by the time we were almost to his house I started to feel carsick.

"Shh, we're almost there. Close your eyes".

Justin took my hands in his and then put them against my eyes. Even after the car stopped, we continued to hold hands for several minutes longer.

When we got to Kyle's, we went right to the backyard where some of our friends were already there sitting up for the fire. Justin let me go in front of him even though I was unsure where I was going and as I moved he brushed his hands and legs against my ass several times.

Our friends had already got the fire started but the night was pretty cold so I stood in the garage with my thin jacket, shivering. Justin stood next to me. Very close I noticed.

"You sure you guys don't want to come out to the fire?" asked Kyle.

"Nah," said Justin moving directly behind me, "we are fine in here".

Kyle evidently took the hint and left.

Roger, on the other hand, was oblivious. He stayed there the entire time, sipping from a bottle of Malibu and making small talk with Justin.

Justin wasn't drinking; his hands were otherwise occupied. One hand gently squeezed and cupped my ass between my thin leggings and the other hand moved between my thighs. In the dark garage, Roger (who was well on his way to getting hammered) couldn't see as Justin moved his hands between my thighs and rubbed. At one point in the evening some of our other friends came in. Justin took advantage of the distraction.

Gradually, he slipped his hands under my underwear and pants. He trailed his fingers gently between my ass cheeks and all the way down to where I was dripping wet. As he entered me and stroked gently between my thighs, I heard him give a sharp intake of breath. I knew he hadn't realized how turned on his advances were making me, but I guess there was no sense in hiding any longer. He took his hands and wiped my wetness on my thighs as he pulled his hand out of my pants.

"You've gotten so fit since joining the army," Roger said staring at Justin, "Can I feel your muscles?"

I thought he was joking around but evidently he was so drunk he was serious as he started feeling Justin's chest through his shirt. I laughed but stopped when Justin fixed his smoldering eyes on me.

"It's your turn now. Wanna feel?" I did. I moved my hands underneath Justin's T-shirt feeling his hard body and his muscles beneath me. I just wanted to against him, needed to be against him, to feel his bare chest against mine. My hands dipped lower. God, I wanted to grab him.

I had been drinking also. And the more I drank the more conscious I became of the aching need between my legs and the less I cared that our friends were all around us. I began finding excuses to rub up against Justin. Whenever I felt he wasn't paying sufficient attention to me, I would grind up against him rubbing my ass against his crotch until I heard his breathing grew labored. I didn't care how obvious I was, I just wanted as much of us touching as possible. Several times I stroked his dick through his pants. Justin did an excellent job of being in control (he probably learned all that self-discipline since the army) but every time I rubbed my hands across his crotch he would gasp and look at me with undisguised lust. It was glorious.

Roger was way too hammered to drive so our friend Tyler decided to drive us all home. Justin and I sat in the back, our fingers intertwined. When we got to the university, Tyler insisted on walking with Justin and me to my dorm.

"You really don't have

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