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A wife's revenge on a young prostitute.

One of the women was on her knees, lapping gently at the underside of her lover's cock with long, smooth strokes of her velvety tongue while another women who was stripped to the waist and whose breasts were jiggling enticingly was just beginning to lick the same man's ball's. Staccato 'ahh's ' and whispery 'mi amor's' emanated from the group, sounding for all the world like the movements of small animals in a fern choked jungle.

The Europeans were now prancing about in various stages of undress, and it seemed that in their group no genital was left exposed without some hand to cover it, or some mouth to engulf it in its warm, moist tunnel. I particularly remember the sight of one reed thin French woman, standing alone a bit apart from the group, her dress torn to tatters by her own fierce clutching, swaying to some invisible wind as she clawed at her pussy with her whole hand.

The German woman now seemed to be bent on out doing everybody. Her dress was hiked up almost to her neck, and she was being held in a horizontal position by two reluctant looking Indians who must have been her servants, while her elegant lover buried himself between her legs, sucking madly at her vagina as she threw her knees over his shoulders and began to kick him wildly in the back.

"Ja!" she screamed as she kicked him, her voice cutting like a knife through the general commotion. "Ja! Ja! Ja!"

By now even the stoic, silent Indians were beginning to shift their interest from the animals in the center of the room to the wild goings on along the peripheries. Two of them were casting hungry glances at the solitary French woman, and over near the cat cages I saw one elderly man unveil an astonishingly virile cock and start to stroke the hardened rod in easy, measured rhythm, his eyes glued on the Mexican woman with the bared breasts. He must have been sending her some kind of urgently sexual telepathic message, because just as she grew bored with playing with her companion's ample butt, her eyes locked with those of the old man across the room. Without hesitation she strode over to where he still stood stroking his proud cock, and with an ecstatic groan she knelt in front of him and buried his dark pole in the warm valley between her heaving breasts, which she then pressed tightly together to form a sheath around the Indians cock.

"My god!" I moaned as my senses registered the sights and sounds of the sensual banquet taking place all around me. I pressed back still harder against my wonderful little lover's loins, panting out my desperation as my buttocks rotated wildly in a frenzy that was rapidly growing out of control. I had to have satisfaction! The massive orgy going on in that room was stripping me of my sense of judgment was turning me wild with desire! I had to feel this man-child's luscious cock inside me, pushing at the resisting walls of my tight cunt! I had to have him, and to hell with the consequences!

"Tolerante!" I gasped. "Please! Touch me! Touch me all over! Touch my breasts, my ass! Make love to me!"

"Si, senorita," he said in a husky whisper. "Asi, mi amor! Asi!"

As he spoke I felt one of his hands snake around my waist and drift up my chest to gently cup the underside of one breast in his palm. At the same time the hand that had been rubbing my neck so dreamily now sought out my other breast, so that soon both hands were clasped over my heaving mounds, the fingers alive on me, pressing the cloth of my dress against my nipples until the little berries stood out proud and firm against the restraining garment.

"Yes," I sighed. "Yes, my little lover! Touch me like that! Oh, yes, you feel so good!"

He went on massaging my firm breasts, brushing and pressing at the nipples through my dress until I could stand the heavenly teasing no longer.

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