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A shy sister is using an unconventional means to blossom.

"Just a quick squeeze," said Pamela. "Nothing more."

"Sure thing, babe," said Harlan.

Pamela looked down as two beefy black hands came up to cover her breasts. The contrast between his dark black hands and her pale breasts was amazing. He squeezed them tightly, then kneaded her fleshy globes. She watched as her hard nipples appeared between his fingers before he started pinching them. The contact with her pink nipples sent more spasms of arousal down to her pussy. "E-enough p-playing with the nipples, Harlan. What's the verdict?"

"Real," he sighed, still squeezing them.

"You can quit touching them now, please," said Pam.

Harlan released her breasts, but placed his hands on her hips. "How about this tight ass, is it real?" He pulled her back.

"That's from yoga and some time at the gym... whoa!" Pamela quickly jumped forward as her ass came in contact with his crotch. She felt two little tugs on her hips as she pulled away. She turned in time to watch Harlan toss her bikini bottom well out of the Jacuzzi. Pamela quickly covered her red bush with her hand and sank down into the tub. Her bikini top was nowhere to be seen and her robe had somehow walked away.

"What are you doing?" she asked, her eyes focusing on the enormous bulge right in front of them.

Harlan laughed. "Just messing with you. I'll get your clothes when you're ready to go."

"I'm ready now," said Pam.

"Nonsense. We still got beer left," injected Gage.

"Well I'm not sitting in here nude, while you have your clothes on," said Pam.

"Fair enough," said Harlan, sliding his bathing suit down.

"That's not what I meant." Pam stared in awe as the giant black shaft revealed itself. "That's impossible," she muttered as Harlan's dark black cock sprang free. It was plump, nearly ten inches long and it wasn't completely hard.

"What's impossible?" asked Harlan, grinning broadly. His white teeth shined brightly against his black skin.

"Your... I mean... Just finding myself in this situation," she replied, confusedly.

"Come on and join the party, Gage," said Harlan.

Gage stood up. He was wearing white underwear and it appeared to contain a huge coiled black snake, partially visible through the wet fabric. He pulled it down and another giant black penis appeared to roll out of it. The tip looked funny. There was no helmeted head, just a bulging piece of skin. He wasn't as large as Harlan, but he wasn't as erect as Harlan either.

"So big," muttered a disbelieving Pam, eyes flickering between the two black cocks.

"What's that?" asked Harlan. "I couldn't hear you." Harlan's cock

suddenly extended another inch and rose a little until it was almost

sticking straight out.

"It gets bigger!" said Pam.

"Gage, it looks like Pamela Porci's a little fascinated with our

cocks," said Harlan. He took a step closer to Pam.

"I think you're right, Harl," grunted Gage.

"What's so fascinating about them, Pam?" asked Harlan, grinning. "They is just a pair of normal cocks."

"They're monsters!" said Pamela, loudly this time. She brought her voice

back to normal. "Nothing normal about them. I've never seen a penis as big as yours, Harlan."

"Oh," said Harlan wisely. "You've never seen a big black cock before.

I meant they was normal for black men."

"No wonder she thinks they is big, Harl," said Gage. "She's only seen

little white pricks."

"I don't believe it," said Pam, shaking her head. She half believed

it was the marijuana making her hallucinate. She shook her head

harder, but there was still a huge black cock pointed at her face when she stopped. She

sank a little in the water and found herself staring at the underside

which was crisscrossed by large blue-black veins. Her eyes focused,

then widened on his testicles. They were as big as coconuts! Each

black testicle was bigger then her husband's, Preston's, and even

Scott's entire scrotum.

"Touch it. It gets bigger," said Harlan.

"Can I?" Pam lifted one arm out of the water. She hesitated, holding

it back.

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